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TikTok cadavers & human composting

Episode #1: You, Post-Life

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Right now, facts and science matter more than ever. Not spin or hoaxes or conspiracy theories or someone's definition of six feet. That's part of the reason for The Abstract, an all-new podcast from the Inverse staff that focuses exclusively on science and innovation. You can find The Abstract wherever you get your podcasts, and we hope you do. Three new episodes are released a week, and each covers one theme via two related stories. Each features audio of original Inverse reporting, where the facts and context take center-stage. It's hosted by the Tanya Bustos of WSJ Podcasts. Because we're Inverse, it's science and innovation reporting, but it's still slightly off-kilter. And it's made for people who want to know the whole story. Nick Lucchesi, executive editor, Inverse

Episode #1: You, Post-Life — Emerging science and technological advancements continue to change how we think about life itself. And as it turns out, how we think about death.

Our first story in this episode of The Abstract offers a look at how TikTok, the app best-known for looping videos of dancing celebrities and teenagers, became home to an account that has more than 4.5 million followers — and human cadavers are the stars.

Our second story is about a funeral concept that is becoming increasingly accepted as a green alternative to traditional rites: human composting.

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