If You're Not Using a Password Manger, You're Putting Your Data at Risk

RememBear help generate, store, and auto-fill strong passwords to keep your info save.


Coming up with strong passwords is hard. Remembering them all is even harder. That’s why you need RememBear password manager to make things simple.

Just about everything you do online requires you to register and create a password. In fact, some experts estimate that the average consumer has over 100 different online accounts with banks, email providers, online retailers, social media sites, credit card companies, newspapers, telecom providers, airlines, travel fare aggregators, video and music streaming services, cloud services, food delivery services, employee portals, online classified advertising services, and pretty much every single app on your phone.

In order to keep all these accounts secure and safe from hackers, each one should have a unique password that’s at least 12-14 characters in length and includes uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. You should also change your passwords once or twice a year and avoid saving them online.

So, do you have a strong unique password for every single one of your online accounts? And do you change them all every six to twelve months? Probably not. And you’re hardly alone.

According to one recent study, 82 percent of U.S. adults use the same password for different accounts, 61 percent say they use the same password it at least half the time, 22 percent say they use the same password all the time, and 45 percent say they save passwords online. No wonder an estimated 60 million Americans have been the victims of identity theft.

If you want to keep your online data secure, starting taking your passwords more seriously and sign up for RememBear.


RememBear is like a lot of other password managers—only it’s a lot easier to use, with a more advanced security architecture and way more bear puns.

RememBear makes your online life simpler and more secure by generating, storing, and autofilling strong unique passwords for all of your online accounts. It also has support for face and fingerprint ID, and can store payment information so you don’t have to get up off the couch and grab your wallet every time you want to buy something. Once your account is set up, you only have to remember one password. RememBear takes care of everything else.

To keep your passwords secure, RememBear uses end-to-end 256AES encryption. That means your passwords are encrypted by you, on your device, before they are sent over the internet and stored on the RememBear servers. But the security doesn’t stop there. To ensure that only you can retrieve your encrypted information, RememBear uses a form of cryptographic key exchange called Secure Remote Password. This allows them to verify your password without their servers ever knowing what your master password is. In short, in the event that the RememBear servers were ever hacked, there would be no way for the hackers to decrypt and exploit your information, giving you complete peace of mind.

RememBear Premium

RememBear comes in both free and premium versions. The free version generates, stores, and autofills all your passwords, and offers the same level of security. It also features the same easy-to-use interface. However, it only works on one device, and does not include sync or backup.

The premium version of RememBear allows you to sync your information across all your devices and comes with priority customer service. And you can get it for as little as $3 per month when you sign up for a one-year subscription.

That’s a very small price to pay for a service that makes your online life easier and more secure. So click here to learn more about RememBear, today.

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