The Life-Changing Multipurpose Charger Has Finally Presented Itself

If you've been searching for the most high-quality and absolute must-have charger on the market, look no further as we now introduce you to the Anchor Cable.

Finding the perfect charger is not easy by any means. Most break within a couple months, end up ruining the battery life on our phones, plus many more avoidable issues. Apple charges a pretty penny for their brand name chargers and let’s spare the conversation on gas station chargers. Lucky enough for you, we’ve found the perfect charging cable that comes at an affordable price and defines high-quality.


ANCHOR’s Cable Stainless Steel Magnetic Cross-Device Cable is awesome for so many reasons. Known for its durability as its made out out of stainless steel casing and its design to avoid wear and tear, this game-changing cable’s magnetic feature is what really stands ous as this allows for a 3-1 charging abilities. Instead of lugging around three different charging cords, use its magnetic tip to easily power up your Macbook, iPhone, and Android accessories with one simple cross-device connector cord.


Another example of how ANCHOR’s Cross-Device Cable has mastered the craft of charging devices is that you no longer have to waste the time you simply do not have to wait for your device to charge. With its fast-charging and data-reading speeds made from an 18 AWG high-quality copper core interior, the wait is over. As this is clearly your go-to charging set now, also know that ANCHOR has realized that chargers tangling up is a total pain as they specifically designed it to stay tangle-free while you’re on the go. No more waiting - step up your charging game ASAP with ANCHOR!


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