Amazon Life Hacks That Solve Everyday Home Problems

Thanks to Amazon, the solutions to even your most debilitating problems are just one click and two days away.

New year, new solutions! That’s the motto. No longer are we dwelling on the problems of previous years. This year, we’re finding solutions and fixing things. We’re finally facing all of the annoying issues in our lives and remedying them. But don’t worry, it’s really not as hard as it sounds. Thanks to Amazon, the solutions to even your most debilitating (only a little dramatic) problems are just one click and two days away.

From PROBLEM to PROBLEM, we’ve got all the solutions. Think SOLUTION, SOLUTION, AND SOLUTION. And voila, problem solved.

1. This Lockbox for When You Forget Your Keys


If you’ve ever locked yourself out of your house or apartment, you know it’s the WORST. Never get stuck waiting outside for hours for the locksmith to arrive. Attach this discreet lock box to the side of your house for easy access in case of emergency.


2. This Drain Snake for When Things Get a Little…Hairy


Everyone has experienced a clogged drain…Or at least everyone with hair has. It’s disgusting and can often mean you’re showering in a large puddle (or wading pool, depending on how clogged). No more paying way too much for a plumber to deal with it, this handy drain snake allows you to do the dirty work yourself. And isn’t that what life is all about?


3. A Humidifier for When You’re Dry as a Raisin in the Winter


The winter temperatures mean lots of internal heat and dryness in your house/apartment. Ever woken up with a sore throat? Dry skin? Stuffy nose? It’s probably because of all the dry air in your room. This humidifier will bring some moisture into the air and keep you feeling better on all fronts during the winter months.


4. A Citrus Squeezer So You Can Stop Getting Juice in Your Eye


Everybody does it. It’s almost impossible to squeeze a lemon or lime without blinding yourself with acidic juices. There’s a pretty easy way to avoid it, though, and it’s called a citrus juicer. This press will make sure all the juices go downward (where they belong) and out of your face. It also gets way more juice out than your hands ever could.


5. This Underwear Organizer So You Can Separate Your Sexy Panties From Your Granny Panties


Underwear is an underratedly disorganized garment. It usually gets stuffed in a drawer only to be lost, mangled, or otherwise confused for some other garment. Messy drawers be gone with this fancy underwear organizer. Put it in a drawer or on a shelf in your closet and enjoy beautifully displayed, easy-to-find undies.


6. This Drawstring Makeup Bag So You Can Stop Digging For Your Mascara


Rooting around in a massive cosmetic bag for one product is the biggest time waster in a woman’s life. OK not really but almost. Why put yourself through the torture of digging and digging and digging when you can get a makeup bag that collapses, like this one. Just open the drawstring and lay the bag flat, so you can see all of your products at once. It’s genius. Oh, and it’s also waterproof and comes with mini pockets.


7. This Snap-On Strainer So You Don’t Need to Store 10 Different Pots and Pans


Who really has storage for a million different pots and pans? Not us. That’s why we’re all about this snap-on strainer. Not only does it mean one less pot to wash, but it also means that we’re not spilling pasta all over the sink while trying to drain it. The strainer clips onto the pot so it drains the water without having to transfer the pasta to a different pot or colander. It’s collapsible so it’s easy to store and plastic so it’s easy to clean. Winner winner pasta dinner!


8. This Multi-Jar Opener So You Can Stop Fighting With Lids


Too many lids, too little arm strength. Stop fighting with jar lids and get yourself this multi-jar opener. It works on jars and bottles of all sizes and is easy to store in a drawer because it’s all one tool. It’s ideal for people with weak arm strength, arthritis, and a habit of banging jars against the counter for all of eternity.


9. This Umbrella With a Built-In Flashlight for Dark and Stormy Situations


When it’s extra dark and extra stormy, this umbrella with a built-in flashlight will light the way on early-morning dog walks, camping, or hiking. The flashlight is even angled so that you can hold the umbrella upright and the flashlight will light your footpath.


10. This Silicone Dish Sponge That Won’t Get Moldy or Mildewy


Mildewy sponges are one of the grossest things to ever happen to your kitchen. But throwing away sponge after sponge feels like throwing away money. Instead of buying six-packs of sponges if and when you remember to, buy these silicone sponges. They have little bristles that clean dishes super well and you can clean them in the dishwasher so you don’t have to throw them out or run the risk of using a mildewy sponge.


11. This Laser-Guided Robot Vacuum So You Can Never Clean Again


Robotic vacuum cleaners are nothing new, but THIS one is. It’s not your standard robo-vac. This vacuum one is directed by lasers, so it maps your entire house and cleans in straight lines and patterns, rather than randomly bumping into walls until it learns the spacial layout. It’s super powerful and it captures more pet hair, dust, and allergens with core and side brushes. You can also set up no-go territories, so it won’t crash into things like pet bowls or fine china.


12. This Eyebrow Razor for When You Have Stray Hairs That Won’t Get in Formation


Everybody has eyebrow issues. They’re hard to shape, annoying to maintain, and they never just stay in place. This eyebrow trimmer is ideal for full-browed men and women alike who are looking for an on-the-go way to keep your brows “on fleek.” It also comes with a three-pack so you can stash one in every bag.


13. This Battery Tester and Organizer So You’ll Never Be Without Power


When are you even supposed to store batteries? In the fridge? In the junk drawer? With this large organizer, you can store them in a handy organizer tray that fits neatly into a drawer. It separates batteries out by size and stands them up so you can easily find what you need. It also comes with a battery tester so if you’re worried about how much charge you have left in a flashlight or alarm clock, you can pop out the batteries and test ‘em.


14. This Car Seat Gap Filler That Prevents You From Losing Things Under Your Seat


If you have a car, you’ve probably lost something in that crack between the seat and the center console. Whether it was your phone, a ring, or a really good bite of food, you were probably devastated and had to dig around for a while (and bend your hand in some seriously uncomfortable positions) to recover what was lost. This Drop Stop is a strip of material that closes that dangerous gap and prevents your prized possessions from every falling into the crack again.


15. This Temperature-Controlled Mug Will Keep Your Coffee Warm All Day


Sometimes there’s just not enough time in the morning to drink your coffee while it’s hot. That’s where this Ember mug comes in. It’s temperature-controlled through an app so you can decide how warm you want your bev. It has a sensor that monitors how much liquid is in the mug, and it stays warm until it’s empty. It comes with a battery that lasts an hour as well as a charging coaster to keep drinks warm all day.


16. This Six-in-One Kitchen Tool So You Can Be a Master Chef


This six-in-one kitchen tool does literally everything you could ever want to do in the kitchen. It comes with a meat slicer with a built-in cutting board, food-grade scissors, a bottle opener, a vegetable peeler, and a finger guard. It boasts an ergonomic handle for comfortable gripping and it’s electric green so you’ll definitely never lose it.

17. This Natural Stain-Remover So Your Clothes Will Look and Feel Amazing


Stain-removers are a key ingredient in every household, especially those in which kids are involved. Unfortunately, many stain-removers are full of harmful chemicals and dyes that are rough on skin and damaging to fabrics. This natural stain-remover is made entirely from plant-based enzymes and is safe on even the most delicate of fabrics. The longer it lingers on fabrics, the better it works, so spray your stained clothing before throwing it in the hamper and then wash at the end of the week. You don’t have to worry about bleach stains ruining other garments or chemical odors stinking up the room.


18. These Scented Trash Bags So Your Kitchen Doesn’t Stink


Nobody takes out the trash every single day, so food remnants are guaranteed to start smelling after a few days in the can. But why would you take out a half-empty trash bag? You wouldn’t. You’d buy these scented trash bags instead. Glad partnered with Febreeze and Gain to create a lightly-scented trash bag that masks food odors so you can take out the trash less and enjoy the scent of freshness, not table scraps.


19. This Essential Oil Diffuser That Also Adds Moisture to the Air


Want moist air that also smells good? This diffuser is for you. It not only diffuses essential oils into the air, lightly scenting any room, but it also distributes larger, stronger mists than traditional diffusers, so it adds a significant amount of moisture to the room, which is ideal in winter months. It’s small and sleek, so it won’t take up tons of space like larger humidifiers, and it also has seven color-changing lamp options, so you can set the mood.


20. This Travel Pillow That Won’t Give You Neck Pain Tomorrow


Travel pillows are a significant improvement from having to sleep on our arms with our heads leaning on the car/plane/train window. But there’s something about them that still isn’t quite right. This fancy J-shaped travel pillow fixes everything. It provides support in all the places you weren’t getting it before (chin and neck) and it packs up even smaller than standard travel pillows.


21. This Wallet-Finder So You Can Stop Replacing Your Credit Cards Every Time You Lose It


Losing your wallet is an absolute travesty. Despite all of today’s technology, there’s literally no way to find it unless a kind stranger turns it in somewhere or drops it off at the address on the license (if that’s even where you live anymore…). If you find yourself having to replace all your credit cards more often than you’d like, you need this [Tile] Just slip it into a credit card slot in your wallet and use the Bluetooth-enabled app to see where your wallet is. It also interacts with other Tiles to give you real-time updates on your wallet’s location.


22. This Mini Skillet So You Can Finally Take The Perfect Avocado Toast Photo


Eggs are one of the most delicious and reliable breakfast foods. Unfortunately, they’re not as reliable when it comes to making them…sometimes it’s a broken yoke or burnt whites, other times the whole egg spreads too thin in the pan and can’t even be salvaged at all. Thanks to this mini skillet, however, you can experience photo-ready sunny-side-up eggs every single time.


23. This Electric Lint and Pill Remover So Your Sweaters Will Look Brand New


Just because a sweater gets pilled or covered in lint, it doesn’t mean it’s time to throw it out (or even wash it, because sweaters in the washing machine is a DANGEROUS game). Instead, give this electric lint roller and pill remover a try. It has two speeds and shaves off extra/loose fabric hanging off of garments to make them smooth and clean. It also cleans off lint, hair, and pesky fluff.


24. This Tablet Stand So You Can Go Hands-Free


Tablets are great, except for the fact that they can’t stand up on their own (which is pretty much the only thing that separates them from computers). If you find yourself wishing you could use your tablet as a cookbook while cooking, a television screen for watching while eating snacks, or anything else that requires your hands to be doing something besides holding your tablet, try this tablet stand. It’s adjustable and can hold tablets of all sizes and models both vertically and horizontally.


25. This Lunch Box That Warms Your Food So You Can Eat a Hot Meal Anytime You Want


Lunch bags are a great way to BYO lunch and save a couple bucks. But if you’re getting sick of eating sammies or cold leftovers, you need this Crock-Pot portable food warmer. It’s basically a personal-sized Crock Pot that warms your food at your desk (but the exterior doesn’t get hot, so it’s safe to touch and carry). Just plug it in and enjoy a hot meal whenever you want!


26. This Hands-Free Dryer Stand So You Can Blow Dry Your Hair Without Getting a Cramp


Blow drying your hair can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour and 10 minutes. And that means major hand cramps. If you’re sick of holding a heavy object over your head for an extended period of time, this blow dryer stand is here to save your life. It clamps onto a shelf or counter top and securely holds your blow dryer so you don’t have to. It swivels 360 degrees so you can guarantee every single hair gets dried.


27. These Headphones Specifically Designed For Wearing to Sleep


Listening to music or a guided meditation before bed is a super popular way to fall asleep faster. Unfortunately, regular headphones (even the Bluetooth kind) aren’t very comfy to wear to sleep. This headband has headphones built into it, so you can fall asleep comfortably while listening to music. It plugs into any device with an AUX jack or an adapter and lays flat against your head, so you basically can’t even feel it.

28. This Avocado Kit For People Who Don’t Mess Around With Their Healthy Fats


If you’re a regular avocado eater, you know that those puppies aren’t cheap. So if you accidentally slice one wrong or let half go bad in the fridge, you’re going to be pissed about it. This avocado kit is the solution to your avo woes. It comes with an avocado slicer, pitter, and cutter. It also comes with an avocado saver, so you can strap your unused avocado-half into the container and keep it fresh for another day.


29. This Collapsible Water Bottle So You Can Stay Hydrated and Save The Environment


Plastic water bottles are the environment’s worst enemy. If you’re using them because you’re too lazy to carry around your own bottle or you don’t have enough space in your bag or it’s too heavy, you’re out of excuses. This collapsible 750 mL silicone water bottle can fit in pretty much any bag and weighs nothing. it’s BPA free and comes in five different colors.


30. This Amazing Salad Bowl That Chops Veggies in Seconds


You’ve probably seen this salad bowl on TV, and for good reason. It makes salad-prep a snap, literally. Just toss all of your salad ingredients into the white bowl, snap the green lid on top, flip it over, and chop where the knife slits are. It chops up veggies and lettuce instantly, so you can just dump the salad into a bowl, dress it, and eat it. Now there’s really no excuse not to eat your greens!


31. This 2-in-1 Hair Straightener and Curler So You Can Maximize Your Style And Your Storage Space


Straight hair, curly hair, which one will it be? Why not both?! Instead of having to cram tons of hair tools under the bathroom sink, this 2-in-1 straightener and curler comes with floating heat plates that move when you do, so they straighten hair when you hold the iron straight down and curl hair when you wrap the hair around the iron and twist. It’s ingenious.


32. This Electric Wine Opener So You Can Pop Bottles With Ease


Fighting with a wine bottle is not a fun way to start a Friday night. Instead of inevitably cutting yourself on some metal apparatus, opt for this cordless electric wine opener. Just Put the opener over the top of the bottle and voila, cork removed. Bonus: It’s super sleek so it will actually look nice on your countertop.


33. This Multi-Port Wall Charger Will Keep You From Running Out of Outlets


If you have a bunch of electronic devices, you might find yourself running out of outlet space. A power strip is a great option, but it’s super bulky and will ruin pretty much any and all room decor. This triad of wall plugs will give you extra space for all your charging cords without taking up extra outlets or space on your floor.


34. This Runaway Alarm Clock so You’ll Never Oversleep Again


If you’re one of those people who sleeps right through your alarm or, worse, turns off the alarm in your sleep, you’re probably desperate for a solution. This runaway alarm clock is certainly the most annoying thing you’ll ever own, but it will make sure that you get out of bed. When it goes off, the giant wheels on the side are activated and it literally rolls off your nightstand so you’re forced to get out of bed in order to turn it off. Basically, it’s an evil genius.


35. These Zipper Headphones So You’ll Never Have to Deal With Untangling The Wires


These headphones are the best thing since Bluetooth headphones—the cord zips up so they can never get tangled or mangled. When you want to listen, just unzip the cord so you can spread out the buds. When you’re done listening and want to wrap them up neatly, zip them up and put them away. You never have to worry about accidentally breaking them or yanking out everything your bag as you slowly pull them bud by bud from your bag. Isn’t that nice?


36. This Easy Threader So You Can Wash Your Sweats without Losing the Drawstring


Washing sweats is always a gamble if they have drawstrings. Will they get stuck in the middle? Will the fall out altogether? Who knows! Instead of spending ours sitting in front of the washing machine trying to pull a stuck string through the band of a pair of sweatpants, use this easy threader to lead the string all the way through. It’s super flexible so it can thread through any shape of clothing and long enough to feed strings all the way through.


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