The 20 Most 'WTF' Science Stories of 2020

Pobytov/DigitalVision Vectors/Getty Images

The end of 2020 is in sight. To celebrate the close of a historically turbulent year, Inverse is going back to the 20 most WTF science stories from 2020. As you consign 2020 to the annals of history, we invite you to remember that nature is truly weird, animals can be disgusting, and the cosmos is beyond understanding.

Curious about what ketamine does to sheep? We have the answer. Want to know if antigravity is possible? We did, too. There are stories on these topics and more strange science from 2020, from the great saga of chloroquine to the truth about the Megalodon.

Dive in. The water is floating on the ceiling.

Did we miss anything? Email us your favorite WTF science moment from 2020.

Watch this space all month long as we add increasingly WTF science memories from 2020 to monthlong countdown.

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