Nina Pullano

Nina is a writer covering climate, health, and all things related. She lives in Brooklyn among a multitude of indoor and outdoor potted plants.
Double Trouble
The cutest animal in the world has a rival
Nina Pullano
What creature is bushier-tailed, brighter-eyed, and fluffier than a red panda? The answer may surprise you.
Shop & Go
Is online shopping eco-friendly? New study reveals the inconvenient truth
Nina Pullano
Where and how you shop may make a huge difference to your carbon footprint.
Happy kids, happy planet
Mental health study reveals the unexpected importance of sustainable habits
Nina Pullano
Connecting with nature can make you (and the planet) happier.
Plant Prototype
A billion-year-old seaweed fossil has completely rewritten ancient history
Nina Pullano
"Our study tells us that the ubiquitous green plants we see today can be traced back to at least 1 billion years."
This duck f*cks
Anti-bacterial duck semen is evolving the species in a way that's totally unexpected
Nina Pullano
"The diversity is just incredible."
Reduce, Re-shoe, Recycle
Can you recycle shoes? 4 climate-friendly ways to trash your old sneakers
Nina Pullano
Sneaker drop offs, upcycling, and more: How to green your next Spring Clean.
Take a break
How one weird fish's incredible ability to suspend aging could help humans
Nina Pullano
The African killifish may be the best hope we have for reversing — or even halting — the aging process.
Icy Pete
Viral video researcher reveals the fascinating glacier science behind it
Nina Pullano
The acoustics are cool, but the scientific discoveries that come from ice cores could be planet-saving.
Lion Eyes
Can better tracking save India’s endangered lions?
Nina Pullano
Indian researchers come up with a new way to count and track Asiatic lions — one of the world's most-endangered big cats.
Future Adults
Report reveals the 10 best countries for kids to grow up in now
Nina Pullano
How well does your country protect kids from climate change and other threats?
Start fresh
Where to recycle plastic bags near you? Your guide based on where you live
Nina Pullano
These ubiquitous plastics can not go in your bin a home. But recycling them is not impossible.
Breathing easy
Which houseplants purify air? A 1989 NASA study has the answers
Nina Pullano
Six science-backed plant purifiers could make all the difference to your dank apartment air.
Hot Blooded?
Dinosaurs: New study upends a belief many learned in elementary school
Nina Pullano
These dinosaurs were adapting to their environments earlier than we realized.
Saving Earth, STAT
How to watch Joaquin Phoenix's star-studded climate change film
Nina Pullano
Guardians of Life
Foodies Unite
When it comes to sustainable diets, peer pressure can make a difference
Nina Pullano
If you love talking about food as much as we do, this should be easy.
Study reveals food waste is worse than we thought — and which group is most to blame
Nina Pullano
We should be ashamed.
Turtle Power
Badass prehistoric turtle used its shell in combat
Nina Pullano
Life during this gnarly time in Earth's history called for some serious protection — even for turtles.
Flying low(carbon)
Beyond flight shaming: Scientists propose fix for flying's climate problem
Nina Pullano
By changing just a small percentage of flight paths, planes' emissions can drop dramatically.
Personal Growth
Best houseplants for beginners — 7 resilient plants that survive neglect
Nina Pullano
Good luck trying to kill these tough-as-nails plants.
Ain't no mountain high enough
Scientists find 240-year-old pollution from humans at ‘highest point on Earth’
Nina Pullano
The Himalaya's highest peaks have never been studied, but that doesn't mean they are untouched by humans.