Nina Pullano

Nina is a writer covering climate, health, and all things related. She lives in Brooklyn among a multitude of indoor and outdoor potted plants.
Pangolins: What are they and why are they linked to Covid-19?
Nina Pullano
Meet the curious animal linked to the novel coronavirus.
Back to nature
Coronavirus: 15 stunning photos show how animals are reclaiming human spaces
Nina Pullano
“There's something very beautiful about nature never giving up and showing us that we're temporary in the scheme of things.”
Veggie Tales
Beyond houseplants: 6 vegetables you can grow at home year-round
Nina Pullano
Use scraps from store-bought veggies to sprout new life.
Heat Wave
Study reveals just how much humans will pay to avoid hot weather
Nina Pullano
New research underscores the true cost of heat waves on our well-being, and our wallets.
Fixing Forests
An old-school fuel may be the future of renewable energy, but there's a catch
Nina Pullano
The environmental benefits of using wood for energy could outweigh the cost of cutting down trees, a new study suggests.
Roar reality
Can you tame a tiger? The science behind Netfix's Tiger King
Nina Pullano
“Although tiger cubs are small and cute, they will quickly grow up..."
Pigeon Power
Study reveals how pigeons came to dominate the world’s cities
Nina Pullano
Here's how these birds came to thrive in the concrete jungle.
Family Ties
555-million-year-old fossil may reveal human’s earliest relatives
Nina Pullano
It’s a squirmy family reunion.
Special Skulls
Amazingly high-res images reveal hidden details of frogs' evolution
Nina Pullano
"Their skulls show how strange and diverse frogs can be."
Counterintuitive study shows Pablo Escobar’s hippos aren’t actually nature-wrecking monsters
Nina Pullano
We may have it all wrong when it comes to this accidental invasive species.
Near Nature
During coronavirus quarantine, find inner calm with 7 real-time nature videos
Nina Pullano
Stay connected to the outside world, even while stuck on your couch.
Toad Tinder
In America’s Southwest, free love is vital to toad survival
Nina Pullano
Spadefoot toads are on the lookout for the fittest mates — species agnostic.
Chicken Bones
Meet the ‘Wonderchicken,’ the oldest-ever bird fossil discovery
Nina Pullano
"We almost had to pinch ourselves when we saw it."
Model up
Climate prediction study reveals a better way to prepare for natural disasters
Nina Pullano
New research shows how we can prepare for our future reality.
Saw 6-gill
Two bizarre new shark species discovered near Madagascar
Nina Pullano
These sharks certainly live up to their name.
Tusk Love
For narwhals, a big tusk means a sexual advantage
Nina Pullano
When it comes to romance, size really does matter.
Good neigh-bors
How Siberian horses became an unlikely climate hero in the Arctic
Nina Pullano
These adorable animals may protect thawing permafrost.
Fresh Fruit
Protecting California’s legendary wine may come down to one pollutant
Nina Pullano
Reducing ozone is a boost for agriculture.
Fun Guy
9 mushroom uses: Surprising uses for the fungus that improve your life
Nina Pullano
There's a lot you can do besides eat these incredible organisms.
Game On
Excavation of 3,400-year-old ballcourt rewrites the origin of an ancient, brutal game
Nina Pullano
Archaeologists may have been wrong for decades about this iconic and mysterious game's origins.