Nina Pullano

Nina is a writer covering climate, health, and all things related. She lives in Brooklyn among a multitude of indoor and outdoor potted plants.
What is an earthquake swarm? California's tremors explained
Nina Pullano
The chances of a big quake on the West coast are "significantly greater than usual."
Deep Down
Blue Hole: The strange ocean phenomenon scientists are exploring
Nina Pullano
Meet the "Green Banana."
Blood Brothers
Dolphin study could lead to strategies for slowing down human aging
Nina Pullano
Similarities between humans and dolphins could help us delay the process of getting older.
7 extinct birds that were extremely metal
Nina Pullano
They don’t make ‘em like this anymore. Thankfully. Learn about some of the most terrifying birds to ever walk the planet.
Low Oxygen
Why a "smaller than expected" dead zone isn't good news
Nina Pullano
Annual summer hypoxia points to global trends.
Ammonium nitrate: Beirut explosions underscore the need for better regulations
Nina Pullano
How regulating ammonium nitrate can prevent future explosions.
You can see American air pollution inequality from space
Nina Pullano
Satellite images reveal distinct boundaries in nitrous oxide pollution.
Lost and Found
Satellite images reveal unexpected colonies of a beloved animal
Nina Pullano
Earth has up to 10 percent more emperor penguins than we realized.
Can dogs understand you? What a viral challenge means for animal science
Nina Pullano
"Dogs learn words that mean something to them."
Inside Job
Watch: This animal uses "predator defecation" as a way to escape death
Nina Pullano
These beetles get devoured whole — then live to tell the tale.
Twirling Tails
Scientists shatter the accepted view of how sperm swim — in 3D
Nina Pullano
Models of a sperm's eye view upend centuries of fertility science
Pet-friendly houseplants: 5 that are safe, 5 to avoid
Nina Pullano
Looking for a new houseplant and have pets? Consider this list first.
Chimera Love
Strange anglerfish sex is teaching scientists about the immune system
Nina Pullano
Medicine's idea of animal models is expanding.
A solution to pollution is actually a problem, PFAS study reveals
Nina Pullano
A potential solution is exacerbating our plastics problem instead.
Gorilla cliques mirror human relationships in 1 very relatable way
Nina Pullano
Like humans, gorillas can only keep track of so many friends.
Pushing Limits
Ancient microbes in the "deadest" part of Earth redefine boundaries of life
Nina Pullano
“There’s probably not a limit to life anywhere."
Longevity study reveals why ancient trees can stave off death
Nina Pullano
New research "can help us better understand the concept of time in biology."
Bug Fight
6 bugs more metal than the “murder hornet"
Nina Pullano
Oh, you're afraid of the "murder hornet"? It's time to expand your horizons.
Reptile Sailors
Millions of years ago, crocodiles surfed from Africa to the Americas — study
Nina Pullano
"We found a species that could reasonably be the origin of the American crocodiles."
Bug Bites
How mosquitos got their taste for human blood — study
Nina Pullano
Two major factors make human blood extra appealing.