Nina Pullano

Nina is a writer covering climate, health, and all things related. She lives in Brooklyn among a multitude of indoor and outdoor potted plants.
Grow Guide
The best gardening tools and plants for beginners, from a horticulturalist
Nina Pullano
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Emerging "Life"
Are viruses alive?
Nina Pullano
The science behind virus evolution.
They're back
Brood IX: Why 2020's cicada visit will be different than past arrivals
Nina Pullano
The 17-year cicadas are spreading across the Eastern United States.
Paleontologists discover rare signs of dinosaur cannibalism in Colorado
Nina Pullano
Theropod dinosaurs like Allosaurus likely resorted to scavenging and cannibalism to make it through the toughest times finds new research.
Cultural Cues
Camera footage reveals "unexpected cultural diversity" in groups of chimps
Nina Pullano
Humans' closest primate relative are proving the point with their cultural differences.
Dolphin Delivery
The science behind why dolphins in Australia are delivering "gifts"
Nina Pullano
With fewer humans around, Australian dolphins are turning to an old trick.
Animal instinct
Animal evolution explains why social distancing is so difficult
Nina Pullano
"Challenging social environments can directly affect health and well-being."
Life, uh, finds a way
Bumblebees have learned to hack plants
Nina Pullano
Bumblebees nibble on flowerless plants to make them bloom early, reports a new study. This potentially helps struggling bee populations find more pollen.
Color Me Coral
Vibrantly colorful coral revealed as a last-ditch survival response
Nina Pullano
A new study finds that glowing bluish-purple or neon pink is a reaction some corals have to the effects of climate change. This transformation could help them survive.
Waste not
Covid-19 & cooking: The factors you should know to reduce food waste
Nina Pullano
Treat your home like a restaurant: Make brunch!
Circle Up
Viral social distancing photo spotlights an enduring cat mystery
Nina Pullano
A cat behaviorist explains why felines love circles.
Slow Eaters
For the surprisingly slow T. rex "life was a marathon, not a sprint" — study
Nina Pullano
When you're on top, you can take it easy.
Shake It Up
Scientists discover a surprise rumbling beneath a sacred Hawaiian volcano
Nina Pullano
In the time it takes you to empty the dishwasher, a tiny earthquake has erupted in Hawaii.
Litty Kitty
Catnip's double-evolution explains why cats love this plant
Nina Pullano
Catnip's evolutionary history is key to its powerful effect on felines.
Bug Fight
6 bugs more metal than the “murder hornet"
Nina Pullano
Oh, you're afraid of the "murder hornet"? It's time to expand your horizons.
An animal once linked to Covid-19 could be the key to better treatment
Nina Pullano
Researchers are still learning about the unique animal's immune response to the coronavirus.
Bugging Out
“Murder hornets" explained: Their scariest threat is not their venomous sting
Nina Pullano
Everyone is bugging out about a nasty, giant hornet — but the ecosystem has the most to worry about.
Cold Snap
Polar vortex 2020: The science behind the spring cold snap
Nina Pullano
After a mild winter, some of the United States can expect to see snow.
Baby Boom
Strange science explains why some animals are cool with cannibalism
Nina Pullano
An ancient way of life may explain a larger, morbid trend.
Feed Me
Why sourdough is having a moment
Nina Pullano
NYC bakers show you the how and a microbiologist reveals the why.