Marya E. Gates

A native of California and of the internet, Marya E. Gates graduated with a degree in Comparative Literature and French Literature from U.C. Berkeley and an MFA in Screenwriting from the Academy of Art University. She has worked in editorial and social media for Warner Archive Collection, Rotten Tomatoes, Turner Classic Movies, FilmStruck, and NetflixFilm.

After ten years in marketing, she’s now embraced the freelance writer lifestyle. You can find her bylines at Moviefone, Nerdist, The Playlist,, Vulture, Crooked Marquee, Bright Wall Dark Room, Oscilloscope Musings, Letterboxd, InStyle, SlashFilm, Netflix Queue, Inverse, Emmy Mag, and more.

She’s seen over 8,000 films and has the receipts to prove it. Follow her movie watching shenanigans on Twitter/Tumblr/IG/Letterboxd at @oldfilmsflicker.