Josh Broadwell

Josh is a freelance writer who specializes in games and entertainment, and he’s appeared in publications such as PC Gamer, Input, IGN, and Fanbyte among others. When he’s not writing or brushing up on the latest RPG, you’ll probably find him outside playing with his Belgian Malinois, Oliver.

You can keep up with Josh on Twitter @FionnTheBrave or check out more of his work here.


2024’s Video Games, Ranked From Worst to Best

It’s already been a big year for gaming. Here’s every title Inverse has reviewed so far.

ByRobin Bea, Hayes Madsen, Shannon Liao, Kai Tatsumoto, Diego Arguello, Josh Broadwell, Willa Rowe and Kazuma Hashimoto

Persona 3 Reload Is a Messy but Necessary Remake

Inverse score: 7/10

ByJosh Broadwell
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