John Wenz

John is currently science editor for Inverse. He's interested in all matters of space, robots, space robots, and fossils. Prior to his time at Inverse, he was digital producer at Knowable Magazine, associate editor at Astronomy Magazine, a news writer at Popular Mechanics, and a long-time freelancer. He has written one book, "The Lost Planets," published by MIT Press in October 2019. He is based in Oakland, California. He enjoys hiking, lichen hunting, photography, and collecting weird folk art chickens.


Covid-19 vaccine booster shot: Schedule, side-effects, concerns, and effectiveness

Covid-19 booster shots are set to be released to the U.S. public. Here's everything you need to know.

Lucy Liftoff

Lucy mission: NASA goals, October launch date, and Beatles Easter egg

Plus: a Beatles Easter egg is coming along for the ride.


Blue Origin lawsuit: 4 facts revealed from released court documents

A redacted court document is out and shows Blue Origin's objections to NASA's lunar lander decision.


Inspiration4 crew: 5 updates from their first space broadcast (Video)

The crew is the first all-civilian, privately-funded group of spacefarers.


SpaceX: How to watch the Inspiration4 crew in space

SpaceX's first all-civilian flight will stream live from 300+ miles above Earth. Here’s how to see it.

Watch: Civilian astronauts depart Earth on Inspiration4 mission

“The door is open now. The view is pretty incredible.”


The Pentagon UFO Report is just the beginning. Here’s what happens next.

Four big mysteries remain, and three groups can solve them.

Goodnight Moon
Methanol, y'all
out there

Why 3 of the best cases for UFOs might not be in the Pentagon report

Inverse sits down with the science director of the Center for UFO Studies to learn which sightings have the best evidence behind them.

Galactic honeycomb

Look: NASA's massive telescope takes last steps toward monumental launch

The James Webb Space Telescope will analyze planets beyond our solar system.

out there

UFO evangelist: Pentagon report is just the "tip of the spear"

Luis Elizondo is a leading voice calling for the Pentagon to release a report on UFOs. Elizondo spoke to Inverse about what might be in the report.

orbital decay

Here are 5 ways to track the uncontrolled Long March 5B rocket re-entry

Chinese rocket Long March 5B is falling to Earth, and no one knows where it will land.

fire in the hole

SpaceX SN15 clears a huge hurdle on the road to Mars

SpaceX's newest rocket marked its first successful landing.

spectacular views

Ingenuity photo shows a spectacular new view of Perseverance on Mars

Ingenuity gazes upon its mother, knowing not it will soon die.

Future Earth 2121
free bird

Mars helicopter photo shows Ingenuity's most audacious flight yet

The tiny companion to the Perseverance Mars 2020 rover made a second flight over Jezero Crater.

red dawn

Ingenuity first Mars flight: NASA teases date, time, and how to watch

The first controlled flight to take place on another world is getting ready for liftoff.