John Wenz

John is currently science editor for Inverse. Prior to this, he was digital producer at Knowable Magazine, associate editor at Astronomy Magazine, a news writer at Popular Mechanics, and a long-time freelancer. He is based in Oakland, California.
red dawn
Ingenuity first Mars flight: NASA teases date, time, and how to watch
John Wenz
The first controlled flight to take place on another world is getting ready for liftoff.
rock on
SpaceX is ready to give you the skylight of your dad's dreams
John Wenz
The Crew Dragon capsule now comes in a variant with a large window atop — a sight familiar to ISS astronauts and Midwest homeowners alike.
all good things
SpaceX Starship explosion: Elon Musk explains the surprising cause
John Wenz
The bright, silver rocket has yet to complete a successful flight.
Seattle fireball: Video reveals SpaceX behind "UFO" burning in sky
John Wenz
A failed Starlink launch gave us quite a fireworks show.
tune in
Listen to these 9 stunning sounds from outer space
John Wenz
By converting light data into sound, scientists can gain beautiful insight into the splendor of the universe.
visitor from another world
Oumuamua update may be bad news for alien truthers
John Wenz
The enigmatic object isn't aliens. But it could be a “messenger” from another world.
A blazing hot ‘hellworld’ may be lurking in our galaxy
John Wenz
Contact made its host star Vega famous, but don't expect life on this scorching world.
cosmic slumber
NASA's Hubble telescope may be in trouble
John Wenz
The telescope went into safe-mode this weekend — and isn’t out of it yet.
NASA’s Mars 2020 rover takes its first test drive
John Wenz
"We can do so much more."
SpaceX Moonshot: How to win a seat on Yusaku Maezawa's trip to the Moon
John Wenz
This Japanese billionaire is ready to be the Willy Wonka of the Moon.
click cam
NASA Perseverance rover releases epic 360-degree Mars panorama
John Wenz
Say 'hello' to Jezero Crater.
Bad internet
"Mars, fascinating:" Why a garbage video went viral before NASA could release the real one
John Wenz
A rotten ecosystem of science social media accounts is pushing hoax content to gin up audience numbers and sell low-rent affiliate ads. The Mars rover is the latest victim.
essential viewing
Mars 2020 rover video: How to watch, date, times, and link
John Wenz
Relive the moment Perseverance rover touched down on Mars.
sound on
NASA just revealed 4 stunning new images from Mars' Jezero Crater
John Wenz
NASA has given us our clearest view of Mars 2020 Perseverance rover's surroundings on the Red Planet yet.