Geoffrey Bunting

Geoffrey Bunting is a disabled freelance journalist, author, and book designer. He writes on a range of subjects including entertainment, gaming, accessibility, and history. Besides Inverse, he is featured in Wired, History Today, The Face, Daily Art Magazine, and others. He dreams of someone paying him to watch Korean dramas and or Pitch Perfect all day - he also often dreams about losing his car and he doesn't know why.

Phantom Thieves

The Best Tactical RPG of 2023 Borrows a Trick From Soviet Propaganda

With its references to early 20th-century art, Persona 5 Tactica makes its user interface part of the story. But how successful is it?

ByGeoffrey Bunting

'Quantum Leap' Redefined Our Relationship With Time Travel

Despite closing on a misspelled title card, “Mirror Image” understood the show’s underlying sense of grief.

ByGeoffrey Bunting
Star Wars

'Andor' Has Inadvertently Exposed 'Mandalorian’s Biggest Weaknesses

Andor is so good, it’s spoiled us for The Mandalorian.

ByGeoffrey Bunting
Inverse Recommends

You need to watch the best Korean sci-fi show on Amazon Prime ASAP

Both a primer and a loving satire, this wild show is accessible to K-Drama veterans and newcomers alike.

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Six questions All of Us Are Dead needs to answer in Season 2

The Netflix zombie series left us with many unanswered questions in its first season.

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Six questions Squid Game needs to answer in Season 2

We can’t stop thinking about what could happen next in Netflix’s biggest hit show.

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Streaming 101

‘All of Us Are Dead’ Netflix release date, time, cast, and trailer for the Korean zombie series

Netflix's new zombie series follows a group of South Korean high school students battling a horde of the undead. Here's everything you need to know about 'All of Us Are Dead.'

ByGeoffrey Bunting