42 weird-as-hell products under $20 on amazon that are actually genius

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As the saying goes, “One person’s weird is another person’s wonderful,” and that statement is pretty true. What seems strange as hell at first may end up being the best idea or experience you’ve ever had. For instance, take all the odd products on Amazon that you can find just by browsing the site. I’ve clicked on many of them, and sometimes — even a lot of the time — they end up being pretty cool and totally usable, too. If I may say so, a fair few are even genius, and totally budget-friendly, to boot.

I’ve taken some time to gather up some of the weirdest – and most incredible – items on Amazon for less than $20. A few of them made me do a double take, but all of them come highly recommended by trusted reviewers on the site. For example, I’m all in for a blanket that resembles a giant tortilla or a pizza cutter that looks like a bicycle that rides through each slice. And while a lot of these may look like simple novelty gifts you’d pick up on a whim with actual use, they turn out to be pretty cool ideas I really wish I’d come up with myself.

Follow along as I share some of the top weird products that are actually pretty genius.

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