September 2023


Next in Tech

The future is in yours hands. Whether it’s the AI Chatbot on your phone, the battery in your car, or the e-bike beneath your seat, the most disruptive technologies — the innovations that will shape the future — are already here.


The Future of Cars Looks a Lot Like an E-Bike

The electric vehicle revolution is already here — sporting two wheels and a pair of pedals.


The Rocket That Could Take Humans to Mars Has Been 50 Years in the Making

Most of today’s rockets are chemical rockets, generating immense energy from chemical reactions. But if we want to go to Mars, we need nuclear energy.


What Will Replace Smartphones? Experts Reveal the Unsettling Reality

Is the future more screens or fewer screens? Nobody is certain yet.

Electric Bungalow

The Most Powerful Home on the Block

ByAndrew Moseman

Homes that create and store their own energy are cheaper, safer, and could save the neighbors in times of disaster. They’re also a lot closer than you might think.


The Future of Gaming Looks a Lot Like This Classic Nintendo Console

ByJon Irwin

After going all in on power-guzzling home consoles, the video game industry is shifting gears to a more elegant alternative: the handheld.