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Rebooting your health in 2021: A scientific guide

In this episode, we explain why plant-based eating and “Pesco-Mediterranean” diets are sound strategies to improve health and longevity.

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On average, Americans gain about one to two pounds between Christmas and New Year's. Already contending with the “Quarantine 15” and a year’s worth of stress eating, many of us are dreading a post-holiday diet in 2021.

While the wellness world suggests a sea of “body hacks” and food fads, dietary methods that are decades old may be the healthiest and tastiest — no calorie counting or total eliminations required.

Whether it’s a plant-heavy diet that delays the aging process and cuts the risk of death or a tasty Pesco-Mediterranean meal plan (rich in fruits, vegetables, and legumes) that can prevent or even reverse chronic diseases — evidence says modern tweaks on tried and true dietary traditions offer the best “science-based” strategies toward health and longevity in 2021.

In this episode of The Abstract, we explain why plant-based eating and “Pesco-Mediterranean” diets are sound strategies to improve health and longevity.

Our first story explores decades of research suggesting a “Pesco-Mediterranean” diet provides a game-changing path to longevity. With the most robust evidence for reducing the risk of heart attack, stroke, and premature mortality, researchers say this centuries-old dietary method is "ideal" for long-term health.

Our second story suggests eating a plant-heavy diet can significantly delay the aging process and stave off various illnesses. Proven to cut the risk of death by over 10 percent, studies show going plant-based can be a cost-effective approach to health that can help prevent age-related diseases and increase life expectancy.

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