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Stave off social-distancing boredom and learn 7 new skills for free

Being alone doesn't mean you have to be bored.

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By now, you have heard of social distancing (unless you’re Jared Leto and spent the last two weeks silently meditating in the desert).

It’s unclear how long we will need to practice social distancing — it could be weeks or even a few months — but it is known that relative isolation may slow the rate of COVID-19 infections.

And that’s great.

But it’s also true that avoiding gatherings of more than 10 people, not going to restaurants, and staying home from work or school can make the day-to-day very, very boring.

Luckily, it’s 2020 and 9 in 10 Americans have access to the internet (why everyone doesn't is a whole other problem).

That means if you have internet, you can learn something new while you are stuck inside. It’s easy to start — and it might help keep your COVID-19 related anxiety at bay.