The 10 best headbands for men

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by Masha Vapnitchnaia
Best headbands for men: Under Armour Performance Headband, IGN1TE Ear Warmer Headband, Vinsguir Head...

While scientists use brain-imaging headbands to measure understanding, the rest of us are mostly using headbands as a handy accessory to keep hair in place. The best headbands for men include sporty styles made from polyester, spandex, or cotton, as well as fashion-focused metal or plastic options you can wear anytime. And whether you want a neutral color or a bold print, there’s sure to be a headband that suits your style.

If you’re primarily looking for a headband to wear during workouts, options made from polyester, nylon, and spandex will offer both stretch and moisture-wicking properties. Bonus if they have a nonslip silicone element to help the headband stay in place while you move. Another option is cotton, which is breathable and absorbent but may feel heavy when you get sweaty and be slow to dry. In addition, some sporty options are thin enough to wear under cycling helmets, while others have a thicker fleece texture and cover your ears, making them great for colder temperatures.

For more fashion-focused styles, thin metal and plastic headbands offer a lot of versatility. Options include comb headbands that create texture in your hair and classic thin headbands you can wear anywhere.

As for fit, fabric and metal headbands will be more flexible (and some styles can even be adjusted), while plastic headbands are usually more rigid. No matter which style you prefer, scroll on for the best headbands for men, and they’re all budget-friendly and comfortable.

1. The fan-favorite sports headbands

These sports headbands have garnered more than 8,000 positive reviews from customers on Amazon for good reason. Made from a nylon-spandex blend, the headband is sweat-wicking, quick-drying, and lightweight. It’s thin enough to wear under a helmet and also has a nonslip grip to help it stay in place. The four-pack comes in a choice of two multicolor sets.

One positive review: “After using this for several months now, I can honestly give this product a thumbs up. After playing ball for 45 min straight, it kept every drop of sweat on it. When I first got it, I was skeptical because the fabric was so thin. But after extensive use, it soaked up more water than any other headband I used so far.”

2. The metal comb headbands

Made from metal that has a black finish, these comb headbands have prongs that create texture while also keeping strands out of your face. The headband is also flexible, so it conforms to your head for the best fit, and it has a nonslip surface. Each order comes with two headbands.

One positive review: “This kept my hair tidy and I have it on all day long. Not uncomfortable at all and I have no issues! I used it while working out as well and it held my hair in place.”

3. A 6-pack of elastic headbands

Available in six color combinations, including all-black and patterned styles, these stretchy, thin headbands have a nonslip silicone strip to help keep them in place. The bands themselves are made from sweat-wicking polyester, and this simple yet effective design has earned more than 2,700 five-star ratings.

One positive review: “These have been really helpful to hold my hair back, even before it could be pulled back in a ponytail. The thin bead of silicone provides just enough grip to keep them in place.”

4. The minimalist metal headbands

These thin metal headbands have tiny coils that make sure the headbands stay in place while creating a slicked-back look without too much texture in your hair. The barely there headbands are flexible, lightweight, and made from a durable, rust-proof metal alloy. You’ll get three headbands per order.

One positive review: “Great headband that doesn't squeeze your head and could be worn all day. All black, hair never gets tangled.”

5. The classic sweatband

Made from a soft and sweat-wicking polyester blend, this classic sports headband has earned the approval of reviewers, who have given it more than 6,000 five-star ratings. The stretchy headband is also quick-drying and machine-washable. It’s available in six colors, including black, white, and royal blue.

One positive review: “Keeps the sweat out of my eyes and is not even noticeable to me when I have it on. I have machine washed it many times and it holds up well. The elastic is still strong and it is still highly absorbent.”

6. The retro plastic headbands

This two-pack of shark tooth headbands includes black and tortoiseshell brown styles that create textured lines in the hair for a retro look. The durable plastic headbands have rounded teeth that help keep them in place. However, while these headbands are lightweight, the plastic is not too flexible, and unlike fabric and metal, it may snap if stretched to fit the head.

One positive review: “They don't dig, they hold the hair, they're attractive and affordable.”

7. The ones that tie on for an adjustable fit

If you have a hard time getting other headbands to stay put or fit comfortably, try these adjustable headbands that can be tied for a perfect fit. Made from a polyester-spandex blend, the headbands are both moisture-wicking and fast-drying. They’re available in multipacks of different color combinations as well as individually in black, white, or blue.

One positive review: “Nice and stretchy, absorbent and dries fast. I can tie it to fit the way I like.”

8. The warm headband for cold weather

In addition to keeping hair in place and out of your eyes, this fleece headband has muffs to keep your ears warm in cold weather. The polyester-spandex blend has some stretch and creates a snug fit, and the wide headband even fits under most helmets. It comes in black, gray, and pink.

One positive review: “Warm, comfortable, fits well, handles sweat well, well-made. Fleece is also su[r]prisingly soft.”

9. The bandanna headbands

If you prefer the look of a classic bandanna, these paisley headbands have the added benefit of a stretchy elastic band at the back to keep them in place. The cotton bandannas are soft and breathable, and the fabric can be gathered at the front or stretched out over the top of your head for sun protection and sweat absorption. They’re also available in tie-dye.

One positive review: “These are extremely soft, comfortable, stretchy and easy to put on. They don’t give me headaches like a regular bandanna when I have to tie it tightly so it doesn’t slip off.”

10. A budget 4-pack of classic headbands

These plastic headbands have a clean, classic aesthetic and come in neutral colors that will match several hair shades if you prefer an invisible look. They have tiny, rounded teeth for a nonslip hold and rounded ends that won’t dig into the skin. The headbands have also earned more than 4,000 five-star ratings.

One positive review: “These are great. Tight enough to hold your hair back but not squeeze too tight. Thin and neutrally colored they go with pretty much everything.”

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