The 8 best coffee maker under $200

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by Scarlett James
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Coffee fanatics rejoice: Studies have found that the world’s favorite liquid stimulant packs a bunch of health benefits — but, it turns out, certain brewing methods are better than others. To make the most of your joe, research indicates that filtered coffee, aka that from a humble drip machine, results in a healthier cup. The good news is that some of best coffee makers under $200 make use of that brewing method, delivering premium cups in a range of different capacities.

All of the coffee makers below will brew a fantastic pot — and are backed by tens of thousands of Amazon reviews — but prices range from under $25 all the way up to $199, so finding the right one for you will come down to the features you can't live without. A more advanced setup may be worth it if you plan to drink a lot of coffee at home. That might look like springing for the coffee maker with a built-in bean grinder if you’re really into the most nuanced aromas and flavors, or a high-speed single-serving coffee maker with legendary efficiency. More advanced rigs might also be scientifically calibrated to maximize coffee’s bloom, with meticulous temperature and saturation settings. For those who prioritize a machine that's programmable, with automatic shutoff, there's good news: those features typically don't run the price tag too high.

You can also consider whether you want a glass carafe or a thermal one. A thermal carafe, often made of stainless steel, keeps your coffee tasting just-brewed for hours on end without a heating element underneath. However, the downside is that thermal carafes tend to be heavier and you can't see in a flash how much coffee you have left. You'll also want to make sure to get the capacity that works for your lifestyle: the options below range from single-serve to 14-cup carafes, with some options offering multiple serving sizes.

Ahead, eight seriously great coffee makers under $200 that work for every budget.

1. An under-$100 workhorse with over 17,000 ratings

  • Capacity: 14 cups

For a high-octane, all-purpose appliance, the Cuisinart Perfectemp coffee maker is worth considering: It's racked up over 17,000 ratings on Amazon for its ability to deliver truly robust cups. There's an adjustable brew strength function, which can be programmed up to 24 hours in advance, as well as an adjustable automatic shutoff, ranging from one to four hours. It includes a separate setting for brewing smaller batches, and the brew-pause function means you don't have to wait for a cup. It comes with a permanent GoldTone filter, so you never have to worry about running out of paper again. It features a glass carafe, although a thermal option is also available for a bit more. "Bottom Line: This is the best coffee maker I have ever owned," one in-depth review concluded.

  • Available options: 12

2. This 12-cup drip machine with a charcoal water filter

  • Capacity: 12 cups

Coffee purists after the crispest cup will appreciate this coffee maker with a charcoal water filter — it even boasts a cleaning function that self-adjusts to your home's water hardness. It's fully programmable with a brew-pause function, and it has a setting for smaller amounts, too (you can brew an 11-ounce cup all the way to a 12-cup carafe). Built-in cord storage is another nice feature, and it also comes with a good permanent GoldTone filter if you want to avoid paper filters. The glass carafe is designed with an extra-tight seal to preserve your coffee's flavor at peak brew. Grab a six-pack of charcoal water filters and you're guaranteed amazingly clean-tasting coffee for at least half the calendar year. "It's as close to perfect as a coffee maker is ever going to get," one reviewer declared. "This is a great looking coffee pot and it makes great coffee. Love all the features and it is easy to use," another satisfied shopper remarked.

  • Available options: 1

3. A coffee maker with a built-in bean grinder for the freshest cup

  • Capacity: 10 cups

Freshly ground coffee beans make the best-tasting cups, but it can be a hassle to deal with a separate appliance in the morning. Cut out the middleman with this programmable Cuisinart Grind-And-Brew, a 10-cup coffee maker with an automatic bean grinder that saves you time and counter space. That said, if you're in a pre-ground kind of mood, there's also an option to forgo the grinder entirely. Either way, you can have pre-programmed freshly ground coffee every morning. One fan noted, "Nothing like waking up to the sound of the coffee grinder, then emerging from the shower to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee filling the house." This deluxe machine features the standard one- to four-cup setting and automatic shutoff. A thermal carafe keeps your coffee tasting just-brewed for hours on end (although it's also available with a glass carafe), and it comes with a reusable GoldTone filter. What's more, it has a built-in charcoal water filter, so you're getting all of the bells and whistles. Dozens of reviewers admitted they were repeat buyers, and one shopper summed it: "This is the best, most efficient and most cost effective way to get coffee from freshly ground beans every day! Won’t buy anything else."

  • Available options: 2

4. This no-frills 12-cup with rave reviews

  • Capacity: 12 cups

You can still get a great cup of joe at a lower price point if you're willing to forgo some technical features, as this one-touch coffee maker with a major fan base demonstrates. Over 12,000 Amazon shoppers have left reviews for this humble appliance. Many praise it for being effortless to use, just as easy to clean, and for making seriously great coffee. "We are avid coffee drinkers and the coffee is good, hot and fresh. No risk here," one shopper summed up of the simple machine. It has a single-button operation with a basic on/off light, although it's not programmable. You can grab a cup in the middle of the brewing cycle thanks to a brew-pause function, but there's no automatic shutoff so you'll have to remember to hit the off switch. What you won't have to remember to do is buy filters, since it comes with a reusable GoldTone version — and a double-sided window on the reservoir adds convenience.

  • Available options: 2

5. A high-end coffee maker that packs all the bells and whistles

  • Capacity: 10 cups

The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is the coffee nerd's next step; this high-tech piece of equipment is certified by the Speciality Coffee Association for the even saturation and consistent, precise temperature that creates the perfect coffee bloom. It can brew four different concentrations — this is the closest thing to a high-end espresso machine for the price — including a setting for iced coffee and a retractable milk frother for perfecting your foam. The water reservoir is removable for easy cleaning and refills (another really nice convenience that's actually worth paying for) and it comes with a massive 50-ounce thermal carafe — but there's an adjustable platform for brewing individual cups of four different sizes as well. "Spot-on in design, function, and flexibility," one shopper noted. "I just finished running it through its paces and can say I am duly impressed. They seemed to really have thought of everything." (The version with a glass carafe in the same listing is slightly more budget-friendly, as well.)

  • Available options: 2

6. A versatile coffee maker with single-serve or full carafe options

Capacity: 12 cups

This multifunctional coffee maker brews a full-sized glass carafe (up to 12 cups) and has a separate brewing station for single servings (up to 14 ounces), for the convenience of a Keurig with the capacity of a large coffee pot. It's also a peacekeeping option for households with different opinions on what constitutes a good cup — you can even use it for a mug of tea. It includes many of the same features as the more expensive models above, including two different brew strengths and a programmable clock with a brew-pause function and automatic shutoff. It doesn't have any extras in the way of a water filter or removable water reservoir, but if you're after versatility above all else, this machine could be for you. "After using this product for two and a half years, I can’t imagine having any other coffee maker," a reviewer commented. "It’s versatile yet sturdy—you really can’t go wrong with it." The single-serving side includes a reusable mesh filter but you can also opt for soft pods — and you get paper filters for the large carafe. Pick up a reusable GoldTone basket filter to go with it if you're not into paper.

7. A pod-style coffee maker when convenience counts

  • Capacity: 1 cup

As a one-and-done coffee maker, the Keurig is legendary for a reason — and this one has over 38,000 ratings. Fill up the 48-ounce removable reservoir, then you're good to go for multiple hassle-free rounds of fresh single cups of coffee. It makes anywhere from six to 10 ounces in under minute, and a smaller pour makes for a stronger cup so you can customize your brew. It's tall enough to fit a standard travel mug, and includes nice features like an 'add water' indicator, auto shutoff, and even descaling to self-clean mineral deposits from tap water. "This is the third Keurig we have purchased. They work well and withstand heavy use, home or office. Tried other brands which didn't work out as well," one shopper reported. Short on counter space? Try the Keurig K-Mini. For an eco-friendly upgrade, grab these reusable coffee pods.

  • Available options: 2

8. A compact 5-cup coffee maker that's less than $25

  • Capacity: 5 cups

This surprisingly hardy little five-cup coffee maker got top marks for being "the perfect size" according to Amazon reviewers, and turned out reliably good coffee every morning. It has a one-touch interface, along with a stop-and-pour function, plus a permanent reusable filter. The extra-long 36-inch power cord accommodates even the strangest kitchen outlet placement. "Cheap, simple, and makes great coffee as long you use good coffee grounds to begin with," one fan advised.

  • Available options: 1
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