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An amateur groomer sees the difference after trying a super premium 360 shave

Shaving doesn’t have to be difficult with Braun’s Series 7 electric shaver.

Like many men, I have always chosen to have a beard over a fresh “baby skin” face, mainly due to my difficulty in achieving the perfect clean shave. With a history of sensitive skin, I decided my best bet was to grow my beard thick and bushy to cover up any unpredictable patches.

Fortunately, there are now razors on the market that make shaving easier than ever before. Take, for instance, Braun’s latest electric razor, the Series 7. Not to mince words, the Series 7 is a seriously smooth shave and offers many updates to the electric razors of yesterday that make it a cut above the rest.

BDG Studios recently partnered with Braun to take a deeper look at the Series 7 and all of the updates that make this razor the best shaver on the market.

360 Flex

One of the biggest improvements Braun is offering with the Series 7 is a patented 360 Flex system that allows the shaver to capture more hair with every stroke, achieving a smooth shave that adapts to the counters of your face and neck — even in tricky areas. The key to a clean-looking shave is making sure your razor has constant contact with your face, and with a flexible three-blade shaving head, you can hit all the angles, getting an even shave every time. Also, the Braun’s shaver head is separate from the body thanks to a newly modeled drive system, which allows the razor to go back and forth, up and down, left and right, giving you optimum contact with ease.

The Series 7 also uses AutoSense technology, which allows it to understand beard density and automatically adapt its power usage to give you the best performance.


Some like it hot, some like it cold, but whatever your preference, the Series 7 can dish up your shave whether you want to use it wet and dry. Being 100 percent waterproof allows the Series 7 easy access, allowing you to get grooming wherever you want, whether in the shower, over the sink, dry, or with foam or gel.

Adapts To Different Beard Types With A Click

Whether you are doing a daily touchup or a more transformative beard trim like myself, the Series 7 comes with several different easy to clip trimmer attachments. Whether you are like me and going all in with the Beard Trimmer attachment (0.5mm to 7mm), touching up straight lines alone your mustache and sideburn area with the Precision Trimmer, styling your beard with the convenient Stubbler (.25mm to 2.3mm), going in on your chest or arms with the Body Groomer, or getting deep pore clean after your shave with the Cleansing Brush, the Series 7 has you covered, and then some.

Revolutionary Battery Power

One of my biggest woes with previous electric razors is the amount of time one can shave on a single charge, which would sometimes fall flat of finishing the job. This worry is a thing of the past with the Series 7, which guarantees three weeks (or 50 minutes) of shaving in a single 60-minute charge. If your battery is dead and you need a fast fix, the Series 7’s quick charge feature will give you some crucial shaving time after a five-minute charge, so you can get moving in an instant even if your battery is low.

A Smartcase That Does It All

Speaking of charging, the Series 7 comes complete with an amazing Smartcase that not only charges, but does so much more. Simply put your Series 7 in the Smartcase after you're done using it and snap on the button on top, and this device will charge your razor as well as hygienically cleaning your blade with an alcohol solution and lubricating the device ahead of your next grooming session. Its smart programs will be one step ahead of you, giving you the ability to decide to shave whenever you feel like it.

Investing in high quality gear is crucial. From your soap to your razor, it helps to have science and technology on your side, especially for those of us with sensitive skin. Braun’s Series 7 electric shaver is here for you, whether you want a clean shave or even a five o’clock shadow. I would highly suggest this device to anyone, with or without sensitive skin, as it gives you that good as new electric shave each and every time you pick it up. Grab a Braun Series 7 electric shaver today here or at your local Walmart.

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