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What new weightlifters need to know about strength training programs

With much of training built on improving and peaking, some lifters can get left out in the cold.


Flavonoids: 5 things to know before taking supplements

These bioactive, botanical compounds can help sweep up your free-radicals

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Why cheating on your diet could be exactly what you need

Holiday eating doesn't have to be a source of anxiety.

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Meditation and weightlifting: An odd couple that’s so very right

A close look shows how enmeshed the two practices really are.

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Air Force exercise study teases the recipe for enhanced performance

New research explores the power of targeted nutrition.

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The science of pre-workouts: What you need to know before you supplement

The best pre-workout supplement might be the one not taken.

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The protein shake and beyond: What to know about eating and exercising

The ideal post-workout meal is not so different from a pre-workout snack.

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An incredibly popular health stat might not have any muscle behind it

We all might work out more if we’re not trying to lose weight.

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The macros diet has one overlooked benefit you need to know about

The macros diet is, of course about the food you put in your body. But it's also about how it expands your mind.

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Intermittent fasting: The weird history behind powerlifting's longest-lasting diet

Its origin helps explain IF’s limits and goals, and how it evolved past an athletic curiosity.


Study pinpoints 2 critical factors driving male Covid-19 fatality rates

"We need to figure out a way to induce that immune response earlier... "

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Home fitness: The pros and cons of going back to the gym

As gyms reopen in the US, the question is: Do we actually need them?