Life in space
Ear pop
Astronauts experience these common, Earth-like symptoms in space
Passant Rabie
A new study gets scientists closer to understanding the effects of spaceflight on the human body.
Frequent flyer
NASA’s Perseverance rover is "taking" nearly 11 million people to Mars
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You get a ticket to Mars!
The dark side
Scientists are on the hunt for dark matter in the Milky Way
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A new study put one key element of dark matter to the test.
A new look at Voyager’s Uranus flyby reveals something unusual about the planet
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The spacecraft witnessed something extraordinary.
Astronomer advice on connecting with the cosmos
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A beginner’s guide to stargazing with the help of amateur astronomers.
Comet ATLAS: When, where, and how to see the "hyperbolic comet" from Earth
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Inverse has put together an ATLAS guide.
Selfie game 💯
New NASA video answers a curious question about the Mars Curiosity rover
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If this rover is alone on Mars, then who is taking the picture?
New photo
New photo: NASA Mars rover image shows just how large the six-wheeler is compared to a person
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The robot is putting together its summer body.
space jam
This is how NASA ground control stops spacecraft crashing while working from home
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It is like social distancing, but in space.
Lonely planet
Social distancing: 5 satellite images show a lonely Earth due to COVID-19
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These once popular spots are now completely bare.
Shine a light
Black holes’ infinite rings reveal how massive these behemoths really are
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The rings are like ‘frames of a movie.’
Chaotic homes
In one of the Solar System's unlikeliest places, scientists find signs of life
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It probably wasn’t a fun place to live, though.
Protein space
Study: Structure of 3.5 billion-year-old molecules could help us find aliens
Sofia Quaglia
This may be the biological signature we need to find life on other planets.
Brave new world
Neil deGrasse Tyson wants people to talk about astrophysics the same way they talk about Beyoncé
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The astrophysicist offers a guide to the future of humanity on Earth — and in space.
clear for landing?
NASA's mission to the the rocky asteroid Bennu just got a wee bit trickier ☄️
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The spacecraft is gearing up for a rocky landing.
Same, but different
50-year-old lunar rocks have upended a common belief about the Moon
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Scientists are one step closer to finding out how our closest neighbor formed.
microgravity swag
Sneakers and slime: Why these 5 products were launched to the ISS for experiments
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The shoes will journey to the International Space Station aboard Friday's SpaceX CRS-20 Mission. Why? Science, of course.
Farm-to-space cooking
To prepare for life in space, astronauts are starting to grow their own food
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And it tastes just as good!
My name is...
Perseverance: NASA’s Mars 2020 rover finally has a name
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"We will meet many setbacks on the way to Mars. However, we can persevere."
NASA’s newest telescope to peer into dark energy and search for alien worlds
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WFIRST, the telescope destined to replace the Hubble, just got the official green light.