Life in space

mystery solved
Scientists finally figured out what that gel-like stuff is on the Moon
Passant Rabie
This was likely the result of a meteorite impact.
8 stunning pictures of comet NEOWISE, and how you can see it
Passant Rabie
Sky enthusiasts across the world are sharing in this comet's journey through outer space.
The Abstract Podcast
Undiscovered stories of weird space discovery
Inverse Staff
In this episode, we discuss the unexpected surprises in the universe that astronomers continue to find.
This is what the universe would look like if you had x-ray vision
Passant Rabie
Astronomers are using this x-ray map to figure out how fast the universe is expanding.
The secret's in the stars
The universe is expanding — and we may finally know just how quickly
Passant Rabie
This is a crucial way to understand in more detail how the universe evolved.
The Abstract
Life lessons from untold Covid-19 stories
Inverse Staff
In this episode, we discuss “vet detectives” and NASA recruiting participants for isolation studies.
galactic mystery
Where does the Milky Way get its energy? Scientists may have found the answer
Passant Rabie
A new study provides clues to how much energy flows through the center of our galaxy.
On Mars, the NASA Curiosity rover begins a new era of exploration
Passant Rabie
The robot explorer will reach its destination by fall.
wait, what?
A new exoplanet discovery has astronomers confused over its very state
Passant Rabie
Is it a large, unusually dense planet or the remains of a gas giant?
Astrobotic: Could a small Pittsburgh company actually win the moon race?
David Grossman
“We’re all dreamers, big kids doing what we love to do.”
Astronomers have found the source of life in the universe
Passant Rabie
We're all made of stars.
dead center
Scientists found the center of the Solar System, and it's not where you think
Passant Rabie
The Sun wobbles out of place.
5 unsolved mysteries of space
JoAnna Wendel
From disappearing stars to possible parallel universes, these weird space phenomena have got scientists stumped.
look up!
July 4 Lunar Eclipse: You need to see it this weekend
Passant Rabie
The Moon will shine at its fullest on July 4-5.
Eater of worlds
The fastest-growing black hole feasts on one Sun a day
Passant Rabie
That's a hefty meal.
countdown to mars
Mars 2020: This is what the next generation of rovers may look like
Passant Rabie
NASA is developing a more autonomous rover to explore life on other planets.
NASA astronomers glimpse the harrowing inside of a planet for the first time
Passant Rabie
The first exposed planetary core can teach us about the interior of other planets firsthand.
It's a stellar mystery: How did this giant star suddenly disappear from the sky?
Passant Rabie
Astronomers are torn between one of two scenarios.
solar feature
Watch 10 years of the Sun in 68 minutes
Passant Rabie
Things start heating up by minute 6:20.
The Abstract Podcast
What we look (and sound like) to aliens
Inverse Staff
In this episode, we discuss how science is helping us understand the concept of aliens — and vice versa.