Life in space

upper cut

Watch as NASA's OSIRIS-REx punches an asteroid

On Tuesday, the spacecraft snagged a piece of the asteroid to bring back home.


Watch the Moon photobomb the Sun in this ridiculous video

Talk about stealing the limelight.

blast from the past

Massive web of gas may solve major Milky Way mystery

The gas was likely leftover by ancient supernovae, retracing the history of our galaxy's formative years.

cosmic souvenir

NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission just snagged a sample from Bennu

This is history in the making.

Starship watch

SpaceX Starship: Watch the triple-engine spaceship fire for the first time

The SpaceX Starship has aced a major test, with a static test fire that shakes to the core.

fly guy

BepiColombo's first Venus flyby could help scientists look for signs of life

The spacecraft is on its way to its main target, Mercury.

Cosmic besties

The Moon may have acted as a protective shield for a young Earth

A shared magnetic field could have been key to supporting the origins of life on Earth.

they ain't heavy

Star cluster discovery stumps astronomers

Lurking in the Andromeda galaxy, a group of stars call into question fundamental ideas about how these stellar bodies form.

origin story

Scientists measured a key ingredient in star formation for the first time

This study fills a major gap in scientists' knowledge about how the universe' first galaxies formed.

The Abstract Podcast

Solar Cycle 25: How the Sun’s turbulent activity shapes life on Earth

In this episode, we explore how scientists are predicting solar activity in the cosmos — and using scientific evidence to calm hysteria here on Earth.

look up!

You need to see Mars at opposition tonight

This is the brightest the planet will appear to us for the next 15 years.


Scientists may have solved the mystery behind Pluto's snowcapped mountains

This process has never been observed before on any other planetary body.