Life in space

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You need to watch the most masterful sci-fi epic on HBO Max ASAP

This 1972 masterpiece contains multitudes.

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An overhead view of the moon's south pole.

Human life on the Moon could depend on a substance deadly to animals on Earth

The solid carbon dioxide could be used as fuel for a sustainable human presence on the Moon.

NASA dart impact test didymos

NASA's Double Asteroid Redirection Test: Launch time, how to watch, and asteroid impact

The DART mission will test out if we can really deflect a future incoming asteroid.

let it flow

NASA finds ancient lava flows deep below Mars’ surface

The new finding raises the chances of the planet's past habitability.


A new telescope may finally find a livable planet around nearby Alpha Centauri

Alpha Centauri could have some habitable planets around it.

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Have aliens visited Earth? These scientists want to look for their trash

An alien civilization may have already sent a probe to study our planet.

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December 2021 celestial events: How to see 3 planets in the evening twilight

Jupiter, Saturn and Venus will shine bright on these winter nights.

Is that it?

Planet 9: Old data could uncover the Solar System's newest world, 38 years late

A dig through 38-year-old data showed potential hints of the hypothetical planet.


Look: NASA’s Mars rover just uncovered “something no one has seen”

Perseverance uncovers the mysterious insides of a Martian rock.

to the moons

Scientists may have just discovered the Moon's large adult son

A new study examines Kamo`oalewa, one of Earth's quasi-satellites.

Dark Matter

A new twist on dark matter is challenging our understanding of the cosmic mystery

Scientists used a new set of data to disprove the dark matter signal detected by the DAMA experiment.

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You need to watch the fall's most unpredictable meteor shower in November

Some years it rains meteors. Other years it pours.

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How this winter’s Eiffel Tower-sized asteroid compares to other cosmic flybys

The potentially hazardous asteroid orbits the Sun once every 664 days.

bone breaker

Element found in human teeth discovered in distant galaxy

This marks the most distant discovery of fluorine in the universe.

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What organic molecules found on Mars mean for the existence of life

The rover's predecessor discovered a new set of organic molecules, and Perseverance will help paint the full picture.

ancient water

Scientists just found water in the most distant part of the universe so far

How it got there remains a mystery.