Life in space

climate crisis

NASA data reveals the truth about Covid-19's effect on climate change

"This is the warmest decade in the historical record without any question whatsoever."


Blue Origin steps toward human spaceflight with stunning launch video

Jeff Bezos' space-faring firm has completed its 14th New Shepard mission, with a slew of upgrades dedicated to human spaceflight.

ancient pair

Scientists discover the oldest supermassive black hole, and it's too big

Scientists can't explain how the black hole reached this size.

listen close

Scientists detect ancient cosmic 'background noise' hidden in old Arecibo observatory data

These faint ripples in space-time are billions of years old.

better half

Solar wind study explains why the northern lights are so spectacular

This may also explain why there are more blackouts in the Northern Hemisphere.

search party

NASA is doubling down on its efforts to find alien life at Jupiter’s moons

Mission not accomplished.

Pour one out

Astronomers get a glimpse of a galaxy on the verge of death

ID2299 is bleeding out gas.

cosmic navigation

Before NASA's biggest mission in decades, a critical update

Lucy in the sky

NASA is sending ‘Lucy’ to a mysterious celestial location

The first mission of its kind will explore the origins of the Solar System.

off the richter

NASA: Scientists may have unraveled the mystery behind sunquakes

Bon voyage

6 essential facts about Perseverance's trailblazing Mars mission

It's been a long journey for this robotic astrobiologist.

Walkin' on the sun

Two new NASA missions will help protect Earth from the Sun's raging outbursts