Joshua Topolsky

Joshua Topolsky is a journalist, editor, and podcast host. He worked as editor-in-chief of Engadget before leaving to co-create The Verge. He also worked at Bloomberg as Chief Digital Content Officer and founded The Outline and Input.

At BDG, Joshua served as Chief Content Officer for Culture & Innovation, which included Inverse, Input, Gawker, and Mic.

Before getting into journalism, Joshua was a DJ and trance music producer under the name Joshua Ryan. His 1999 single "Pistolwhip" charted in the U.K.

My life hasn’t been the same since I got this perfectly square monitor

Open your eyes and see the truth. The Eizo FlexScan EV2730Q is about to change everything you know about monitors.

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Leak: This internal Facebook benefits video may be its greatest crime

Can a person die from cringing? We’re seriously asking.


The greatest Garmin watch strap in the world is only $16

The public needs to know about this incredible watch band. And the manufacturer needs to make it in more colors.

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Apple tells Parler it has 24 hours to clean house or be removed

In an email obtained by Input, Apple has warned the social network to rework its moderation policies if it wants to avoid a ban.

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It's time for movie theaters to die so movies can live again

Theaters are shuttering. Blockbusters are getting shelved. Studios are scrambling to find their way. That could be a good thing.

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I rode the Zero SR/F and I will never get on a gas motorcycle again

It's so fast and so furious and so electric that you'll never look back.

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There are too many emoji and it has to stop

We've gone from creative innuendo and artistic interpretation to literalism that feels more like Newspeak than the future of communication.

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The hottest phone of 2020 is the BlackBerry Classic

It was made in 2014, doesn't have many working apps, and it totally rules.

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Apple has no excuse not to bring Touch ID back with the iPhone 12

In the midst of a pandemic that requires face masks, we need Touch ID more than ever.

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This De'Longhi Super Automatic espresso machine changed my life

You've been making coffee all wrong. I can help.

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You'll finally be able to set third-party apps as a default in iOS 14

In a landmark move, Apple will allow third party email and browser apps to become your default choice for your most important apps.

WWDC 2020

'Wild Palms' predicted the future in 1993. Too bad no one was watching.

Bruce Wagner and Oliver Stone's ABC mini-series foretold Trump, VR, the creep of corporations into politics, and the end of reality as we know it.

The Backlog's game bundle has raised $3.4M for racial justice, is now 1,400 titles deep

The independent game store is showing the power of community, and offering one of the greatest gaming deals of all time.


Apple is going to turn the silicon world upside down at WWDC

A report says the company will trash Intel CPUs in laptops and desktops, and announce a switch to its own, ARM-based chips at the developer conference.


Mark Zuckerberg, resign from your role as CEO of Facebook

Zuckerberg is not the leader billions of people need right now, showing time and again he is unfit and unequipped to navigate the complex issues he's created.

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Virtual reality is about to have its iPhone moment

Almost two years ago, I thought VR was on its deathbed. Then something amazing happened.


'Leather Metropolis' is currently the best video on the internet

"In my religion, god is a computer. And his only son is Master Chief."


What is wrong with Elon Musk?

The Tesla CEO can't stop saying dumb things. The reason why won't surprise you.


'Hyper P.T.' is a remake of Hideo Kojima's 'P.T.' in HyperCard

The 'Silent Hill' that was never made comes to life again thanks to developer Ryan Trawick. And it's spectacular.


Sony reveals DualSense, the new controller for the PlayStation 5

A surprise reveal of a whole new kind of controller.

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