Leak: This internal Facebook benefits video may be its greatest crime

Can a person die from cringing? We’re seriously asking.

If you thought Mark Zuckerberg’s worst offenses were relegated to content that causes depression in teens, helping to spark civil wars in foreign countries, and coming up with the idea of the “Poke,” you ain’t seen nothing yet.

A new leaked video has emerged from Facebook, first shared on Twitter by BuzzFeed News reporter Katie Notopoulos, which details — in a truly painful manner — how employees at the company can enroll themselves for new benefits packages. Listen, there’s really no point in trying to describe this, so just watch the video. But maybe have some smelling salts on hand or 911 dialed up on your phone, because if you can die from cringing, this is the video that will do it.

Also, hat tip to this great edited version.