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'Wild Palms' predicted the future in 1993. Too bad no one was watching.

Bruce Wagner and Oliver Stone's ABC mini-series foretold Trump, VR, the creep of corporations into politics, and the end of reality as we know it.

In 1993, ABC aired a five part, ambitious mini-series called Wild Palms. The show — based on a comic from the pages of Details magazine by Bruce Wagner, and produced by Oliver Stone — was a sprawling treatise on polarized politics, hallucinogenic drugs, religion, and the rise of technology.

The show was unlike anything ever put on American television and was lauded by critics. To the surprise of the network... it was a commercial disaster.

“It’s the kind of show that would have instantly birthed a cult, had Twitter and the Web been around to support one.”

Alex Pappademas, writing about 'Wild Palms' for Grantland