51 things under $25 that are SO good you'll regret not buying them sooner

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I have a habit of using my Amazon cart as a storage closet of sorts for things that catch my eye (but end up buying later). Lots of times, when “later” rolls around, I’m bummed to see those items are sometimes no longer available. Over time, I’ve learned that some items you just have to click “Buy Now” on or you’ll regret it — especially when those in the know have already purchased said items and left glowing reviews on their usefulness.

Amazon offers thousands of products — updating daily — that are worthy of a purchase. But how do you tell the difference? Glancing at ratings and reading through reviews can often let you in on some great deals for things you’ve just got to have. I’ve been looking for a set of wireless rechargeable headphones that won’t get tangled up while I’m at my desk, and I’ve found them with thousands of positive reviews. While I was searching, I also found this reusable smart notebook to replace the five stacked up on my coffee table. You can find virtually anything you need — and even things you simply want — without having to budget for the expense. All of these practical and pretty cool items are less than $25.

Come along for the scroll as I share my absolute favorites.

1. This sleek charger pad that works without wires

I often forget to plug in my phone for charging overnight. This wireless charging pad makes it simple — because don’t we all keep our phones on our bedside tables? The universal design is compatible with most wireless-charging-enabled phone models. Simply set it on the built-in rubber ring for slip-free charging. It only lights up to let you know it’s on.

2. These reusable rubber twist ties for organizing cables & other things

Over 18,000 people have given these reusable rubber twist ties — that I might have otherwise overlooked — a 4.7-star rating. Bold colors make them a no-brainer for organization. Use them to keep cable clutter down or to secure various items in place. One reviewer wondered why someone hadn’t “thought of it sooner.”

3. A cooling towel that handles the summer heat

Stay cool on the beach or during tennis matches with this clever little cooling towel. Mesh construction is lightweight for easy wear. You just need to run this cloth under cold water, wring it out, and wrap it around your neck for heat-beating comfort when you’re out and about.

4. This pour-over coffee maker that delivers barista-quality results

Break out your inner barista with this pour-over coffee maker. Varying drip hole sizes regulate water flow for the perfect cup every time. Use the measurement markings to brew a big or little cup to get you going. With a wide base, this pour-over coffee maker fits a range of mug sizes.

5. This set of wireless rechargeable headphones with easy 5-button controls

Keep cables from cluttering up your desk with this set of rechargeable wireless headphones. Comfortable ear cups help block out ambient sound so you can focus on conversations or your playlist. The five-button controls let you easily control volume, your track list, and your phone calls. Choose from seven colors.

6. An alarm clock that projects the time on your ceiling

Check the time without having to roll over when you have this projection alarm clock on your nightstand. The 4- to 12-foot projection range delivers clear reading, while the 180-degree swivel supports a range of projection positions. Choose your favorite alarm tone and feel free to hit the snooze button for some extra rest.

7. This gooseneck phone mount that clamps on to your chair, bed, or desk

Set up your phone for hands-free use virtually anywhere with this extra-long phone mount. A flexible telescoping arm supports a range of positions, and a simple clamp secures this mount in place. The universal fit works with most phones from 4 to 6.3 inches. It’s a great idea for video chatting or streaming your favorite shows.

8. A trash can for your car that offers extra storage

If you spend a lot of time in your car, it could be difficult to keep it clean. This car trash can was made to handle the clutter that comes from daily life. The leakproof lining keeps messes at bay, and built-in pockets offer extra storage space. As one reviewer shared, “It’s a must-have for any mom taxi or ride service.”

9. An item finder that clips onto your keychain

Find your keys or other lost items with this tiny Bluetooth tracker. Simply attach the tracker to a keychain or stick it on laptops, cameras, or other valuables. When you need to find them, open up the app. The tile — itself — can even find your phone by simply tapping it once.

10. This simple stamp that helps keep your identity protected

Protect sensitive information from prying eyes with this identity protection roller stamp. It’s simple to swipe across a page to keep addresses and other information from view. The setup is ideal if you reuse shipping boxes, and it even includes three refills at no extra cost.

11. This laptop stand that also has a phone holder

Work comfortably — with your phone nearby — when you’ve got this folding laptop table. Eight adjustable angles deliver customized viewing, and compatibility with most laptops ensures proper support. The stand is vented to keep your computer cool. Best of all, the whole thing folds up for convenient travel.

12. A laptop cooling pad that works with your computer’s USB port

Cool off your computer so it works at optimal speeds with this handy cooling stand. Six fans deliver even impact across your laptop’s base. Adjust the stand for comfortable eye-level viewing. This simple solution works with laptops up to 15.6 inches, with raised edges for secure placement.

13. A clever pad that turns your table into an ironing board

Ironing boards are clunky, and it’s hard to find a place to keep it when it’s not in use. This magnetic ironing pad fits on top of your washer or dryer so you can iron right out of the wash. It’s weighted, so you can also turn your table into an ironing board. The thermal construction also helps keep your surfaces protected.

14. This universal car phone mount with one-touch release

Provide a stable, secure spot for your smartphone as you drive with this adjustable car mount. It’s universal by design — so it fits most phones — and the one-touch release makes it easy to grab your device. The strong suction cup base holds tightly to your dash, keeping your phone from tumbling over bumps and around bends.

15. This 3-in-1 press for stuffed burgers, burgers & sliders

The art of gourmet burger-making is quick to master with this three-in-one stuffed burger press. The clever design creates a well for your favorite ingredients, while the top part presses down sealing your creation. Nonstick surface offer easy food release and even easier cleanup.

16. A set of luggage packing cubes that maximize your suitcase space

Go ahead and overpack for your next vacation with this set of packing cubes. Small, medium, and large cubes keep your clothing organized, while included laundry bags keep clean clothes separate from dirty. Each cube features two-way zippers for quick access to your stuff.

17. A hardworking hand cream for your working hands

If your hands are susceptible to wicked weather or they simply work a lot, you need this tub of hand cream in your medicine cabinet. An intensive formula creates a layer of protection on your skin, letting them heal and keeping in moisture. Apply this cream after washing up and before bed for near-instant results.

18. This fogless mirror that lets you shave in the shower

Get your shaving — or your eyebrow tweezing — done before you step out of the shower with this fogless mirror. It attaches easily with a strong twist-to-lock suction cup, staying in place no matter how damp the wall gets. A built-in hook provides a handy spot for your razor.

19. A smart notebook you can use again & again

What to do when you like to put your thoughts on paper, but want to keep organized notes and files? Pick up this reusable digital notebook. The ingenious design lets you write with a pen and then scan to the cloud for easy storage. You’ll never lose another thought, and the surface wipes clean for use again.

20. This battery storage case that comes with a battery tester

You can finally get all those loose batteries organized with this storage case. It even features a charger so you can test them before you do. A clear construction lets you know when it’s time to repurchase. This case holds up to 93 batteries of various sizes, offering a single clever solution to your power problems.

21. These microfiber cleaning cloths that have a range of uses

Do everything from dusting to washing dishes — and all those pesky tasks in between — with this pack of microfiber cleaning cloths. They’re lint-free and super absorbent, leaving behind a streak-free finish. Toss these colorful cloths in the wash when you’re done for quick, easy maintenance and effortless reuse.

22. This credit card wallet with two layers of RFID protection

Leave bulky bags behind with this small zippered card case. Thirteen card slots provide space for ID and credit cards, and two additional slots offer room for your cash. The whole thing attaches to your belt loop or keys with a simple keyring. You can pick from over two dozen colors and patterns.

23. This multifunction microwave mat that keeps your oven clean & your hands protected

Scrubbing microwave oven interiors of splatter and stains is no fun. These multipurpose mats make that task a memory. They fit on the turntable to create a barrier against drips and dribbles and keep your hands cool for removal. Use these versatile mats to open stubborn jars or as an in-a-pinch trivet for steaming supper dishes.

24. This full function wall-mounted bathroom organizer

Reduce clutter on your countertops while keeping your toothbrush close at hand with this convenient wall-mounted bathroom organizer. With spots for your brushes, toothpaste and even a razor, the smart setup attaches to a wall to keep it in reach. Two hooks on the bottom are ideal for scrubbies or loofahs.

25. A 2-pack of computer glasses that block out blue light

Work away without worrying about your eyes when you have this pack of blue-light blocking glasses. The lenses help block harmful blue light, reducing strain and squinting so you see easier. With an ergonomic design, these glasses are comfortable for all-day use in the office or at home.

26. An under-desk headset holder that frees up your workspace & charges your phone

Take it from one reviewer: This under-the-desk headset holder is “way better than those overpriced headphone hangers.” Two posts offer room for two sets of headphones or your smart watch, and two USB ports make it easy to charge your phone and tablet. This holder mounts by tap screw or adhesive for versatile placement.

27. This set of resistance bands that come with their own bag

A busy schedule doesn’t mean you have to skip a meaningful workout. This full set of five resistance bands makes it easy to exercise when you’re on the go. Color-coded resistance levels support a varied regimen. These bands come with a carrying bag for convenient travel.

28. A neck-mounted reading light with 6 brightness levels

Finish just one more chapter without disturbing your partner when you have this brilliant neck-mounted reading light. Bright LEDs provide reliable illumination, and six lighting modes let you customize for comfort. This reading light comes in your choice of color from gray, lake blue, and pink.

29. This compact USB humidifier with 8 hours of runtime

Battle back against dry office air with this USB mini humidifier. Ideal for your desk, side table, or your little one’s nursery, this compact humidifier offers up to eight hours of relief on a single charge. It’s even small enough to fit in your car’s cupholder for use on the road.

30. This leakproof insulated lunch container that comes with a spoon

Hot lunch at lunchtime — even if that’s five hours away — is totally doable with this convenient insulated lunch container. The double-wall stainless steel constructions keeps hot foods warm for up to 12 hours and also ensures cold items stay cool. A built-in spoon and wide mouth make it easy to eat. This container comes in five bright colors.

31. This computer monitor side panel that has space for your phone

Keep important notes and reminders at eye-level so you don’t forget with this transparent monitor side panel. Strong adhesive holds it in place, providing a convenient spot for notes that isn’t directly on your monitor. Store a pad or two in the holder at the bottom or attach a notepad with the convenient clip.

32. A one-touch electric water dispenser that works with 5-gallon bottles

You don’t need a contract or a clunky dispenser setup with this electric water dispenser. It attaches right to the top of 5-gallon water bottles and a single charges lasts up to 40 days (or six bottles of constant dispensing). This pump is BPA-free and made with food-grade materials for your peace of mind.

33. These impressive little sheets that help keep your food fresh

I inwardly cringe each time I think of how many times I’ve had to throw out fruit that’s gone bad before I’ve had a chance to use it. These reusable food saver sheets ensure that doesn’t happen. Simply place them in your fruit bowl — or a bag of veggies — and extend produce life by up to four times longer. So go ahead and make that trip to the farmers market.

34. This splatter cover that helps keep your microwave clean

Stop splatters from messing up your microwave with this vented cover. The collapsible construction stores easily in your cupboard and pops open to 3 inches to handle plates and bowls. Vents in the top help release steam for perfect results on every reheat. Pick from charcoal, red, or blue. It’s dishwasher-safe, too.

35. This really grippy shelf liner that keeps your kitchen drawers organized

Line shelves, drawers, or even dresser tops with this versatile shelf liner. It’s grippy to keep your tools, utensils, or plates in place — and it doesn’t need adhesive. Cut it to size from the convenient roll. This nonslip liner is available in a range of fashionable colors, including mint, taupe, and teal.

36. A thoughtful organizer for your chair’s armrest

There’s never a need to get up from the sofa with this nonslip armchair organizer. Multiple pockets offer space for your remote, book, phone and other items, while a silicone backing and hook-and-loop attachment holds the organizer in place. This couch companion comes in a variety of colors to match your upholstery.

37. This digital thermometer with a humidity gauge

Track the temps inside your home with this indoor digital thermometer. The large backlit display is easy to read in any lighting, letting you see the exact temperature and humidity levels in your home. The 24-hour tracking with trending monitors changes so you can react by adjusting the thermostat. Mount it on a wall, table, or fridge for viewing.

38. A portable blender you can use at work, at home, or anywhere

Blend up a smoothie or make a quick serving of healthy baby food for your tot with this portable blender. One-button operations and six sturdy blades power through fruits, veggies, and ice. USB charging connects easily to your computer for use right at your desk. This blender comes with two straws, letting you enjoy your shake right from the blending cup.

39. This tempered glass Apple watch case that keeps your screen safe

Boasting over 53,000 five-star reviews, the durable tempered glass case is a must for Apple watch wearers. Touch sensitivity isn’t impeded, and the seamless fit works with watches from Series 4 through Series 6. Simply snap it into place for defense against scratches, knocks, and dings.

40. A set of sneaker balls that deodorize shoes, gym bags & lockers

Freshen up your favorite fitness shoes with these iconic sneaker balls. The twist-open construction begins destroy odors immediately from the moment you drop them in. A life of up to 6 months means you can use them every day. Use these versatile balls in lockers, cupboards, and bags for reliable, lasting freshness.

41. A frying pan screen that keeps grease off your counters

I love bacon, but it really makes a mess of my countertops. This large grease screen helps keep the spatter in the pan where it belongs. It fits pans up to 13 inches for versatility, and the built-in feet keep this cover in place and also ensures your stove’s surface stays clean. The stainless steel construction offers years of use.

42. This all-purpose cleaning paste that even works on stains

Get a whole lot of cleaning from just one tub of this pink cleaning paste. A versatile vegan format works on everything from pots and pans to your ceramic tiles or outdoor grill. Simply apply with a damp cloth, rub in, and rinse off. It’s that quick and really that easy.

43. This USB car charger that’s also an FM transmitter

Make and take calls while charging your device with this wireless Bluetooth FM transmitter. Bluetooth compatibility lets you listen to your playlist even if your car isn’t compatible, and a built-in FM receiver scrolls through your favorite stations. This compact charger works with both Android and Apple devices.

44. A compact mug warmer you can keep on your desk

Don’t you hate when you have to dump out a perfectly good cup of coffee or tea that you forgot about until it got cold? This clever little mug warmer keeps that from happening. It fits most mug sizes and 17 watts heat up your coffee, tea, or cocoa quickly. An extra-long cord supports versatile placement.

45. A desktop vacuum cleaner that boasts powerful suction

Crumbs have no business in your computer’s keyboard, and this desktop vacuum cleaner ensures they stay away. It fits easily in your hand for easy operation, and a powerful battery supports 400 minutes of cleaning on just one charge. You can also use it to pick up glitter, eraser droppings and other small bits.

46. This portable lock box that you can take on your travels

Get big security for your valuables from the small form factor of this portable security case. Anti-pry steel overs an extra layer of defense, and a foam-padded interior helps keep jewelry and other precious items safe from harm. Set the combination and slip it easily into your suitcase or backpack.

47. A protective case cover that keeps your AirPods from harm

Add an extra layer of protection for your AirPods with this silicone cover that slips over the case. Wireless compatibility means you don’t have to remove it for charging, and the elastomer construction disperses the shock of a drop or bump. This cover includes a carabiner to clip your case securely to your bag.

48. This motion-sensing night light that only lights up when you need it

Everyone needs a little illumination sometimes in the night, and this set of night lights ensures you get that. Day-to-night sensing turns these lights on as darkness falls, providing a soothing glow that’s ideal for bedrooms and nurseries. Just plug them into standard outlets.

49. These easy-release ice cube trays that are perfect for entertaining

Make a lot of extra ice that doesn’t take up space in your fridge with these stackable, easy-release ice cube trays. Fill them with water and put the lids in place, and then stack them up in the corner of your freezer. Easy. The silicone construction releases frozen cubes without a lot of effort on your part.

50. A meat thermometer that delivers a read in just 3 seconds

Manual meat thermometers seem like they take forever to register. This digital thermometer provides an accurate reading in just three seconds. Use it for making candy, monitoring your Thanksgiving turkey, or deep-frying your favorites. With readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, you’ll probably never overcook another roast.

51. A pair of workout gloves that offer extra wrist support

Workouts are easier when you have these workout gloves. Padded palms protect your hands, while extra wrist support helps reduce the chance of injury — perfect for power lifting. The air-mesh construction is super breathable; one wear, and you’ll wish you had picked these up months ago.