45 weird things under $35 that are wildly useful

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Being weird has its upsides. For one, you'll never get caught wearing the same outfit as someone else. And for two, you get to do whatever you want, however you want — your opinion is the only one that matters in your world. But there's a little-known third benefit when it comes to shopping: the weirder products are often priced cheaper than the trendy ones. And since each item I've picked for this list costs $35 or less, you might as well grab a few while you're here.

Still need a little convincing? Let me direct your attention to the roll of white marble contact paper I've made sure to include. Not only is it an absolute lifesaver for outdated countertops, but it's also made from tough vinyl. So go ahead — spill some water and leave it in a puddle overnight. I've done the exact same thing, and the paper remained completely unaffected after hours of exposure.

Shopping sprees don't have to break the bank — especially when all the weird items on this are priced at $35 or lower. So what are you waiting for? That roll of contact paper isn't going to update your counters by itself, you know.

1. The screen door that closes itself

With strong magnets running up and down the center, this screen door automatically seals itself shut after you’ve walked through. Installation is simple — just attach it to your door frame using the adhesive, then reinforce it with pushpins (included.) The best part? Your pets will now be able to go in and out by themselves, if trained.

2. These dipping cups that help prevent messes in the car

Eating in the car can be tricky — you still want to dip your fries, but you don’t want to make a mess anywhere. Luckily, these dip cups are designed to fit nearly any fast food condiment container, or packet. And since they clip into your air vents, there’s no need to figure out how to balance them anywhere.

3. These solar lights are almost too easy to install

With large solar panels built into the tops, these deck lights power themselves to give your outdoor space a warm, soothing glow. Each one provides up to 10 hours of light after spending as little as four hours in the sun — and since they’re also waterproof, there’s no need to worry about them when it starts raining.

4. A folding step stool that’s just plain helpful

It might not be the most glamorous buy, but you’ll get so much use out of this step stool that you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy one sooner. Two steps give you enough height to reach the extra-tall shelves in your living room — or even the tops of your kitchen cabinets. And since they’re lightweight, it’s easy to move them around the house.

5. These storage shelves made from tough steel

My apartment might be low on storage space, but I still managed to give myself a pantry by adding these shelves to my front hallway closet. They’re made from tough steel, making each cube so sturdy that it can support up to 10 pounds — and the frame is even powder-coated for a stylish finish.

6. A smart plug that adds voice control to your gadgets

Plug your gadgets into this smart plug, and you’ll be able to turn it on and off using voice commands once it’s been synched with Alexa. You can also set up schedules using the Alexa app — and unlike some smart plugs, this one doesn’t require a smart home hub.

7. The power strip that sits flat against the outlet

Some power strips have bulky plugs that unappealingly jut out from the wall — but not this one. Not only does the plug sit flat against your outlet plate, but the power cable also comes in three lengths: 3, 6, or 8 feet. “I am now able to have furniture placed anywhere around my apartment even if it might block the wall sockets,” wrote one reviewer.

8. A mop holder that can handle sports equipment

Got a messy garage or utility closet that could use some tidying up? This mop and broom holder’s grips are so sturdy that they can support more than 7 pounds each, making it perfect for shovels, rakes, baseball bats, and more. Plus, it even has hooks between the slots where you can hang scrubbers.

9. The portable lock that adds security to hotels & Airbnbs

Bring this portable lock with you when traveling, and it’ll add an extra layer of security to your front door — whether you’re in an Airbnb or a hotel. It’s made from strong stainless steel that won’t warp, even if someone tries to kick your door down. And once installed? It can only be removed by you from the inside.

10. A paint roller that holds paint in the handle

Not only does this paint roller feature a telescopic handle, but it also fills up with paint in order to keep the brush head wet. That means fewer drips from dipping it into a paint tray — and since it’s shed-resistant, you won’t find little fibers flaking away with every stroke.

11. These gap covers that help keep your stove clean

Place these gap covers over the space between your stove and counters — they’ll help prevent drips and spills from dirtying up the sides. They’re heat-resistant, and the non-slip silicone material is designed to sit in place without shifting around. Choose from two colors: black or white.

12. A kit that helps you clean out dirty lint traps

Many brushes aren’t long enough to properly clean out your lint trap. This kit, on the other hand, comes with both a brush, and a vacuum attachment to help you get every last bit of lint out of your trap. The best part? It’s designed to work with nearly any vacuum.

13. The staple gun with thousands of positive reviews

Fixing up tired furniture, putting up decorations for parties — this staple gun is good for all of it. Not only does it come with a variety of fasteners to get you started, but thousands of reviewers raved about how easy it is to use. “It is comfortable to hold for an extended time and most importantly, the trigger handle is easy to pull and pulls smoothly,” one wrote. “It even comes with a heavy duty staple remover making it easier to fix my mistakes.”

14. A kit that turns mirrors into Hollywood-style vanities

I’ve used this vanity light kit twice now — and I’m still as avid a fan as ever. Each LED bulb is backed with sticky adhesive, allowing you to stick them however you like onto your mirror. And with a dimmer switch built into the power cord, adjusting the brightness only takes a few quick taps.

15. This gadget that pushes buttons for you

This little button pusher is one of those gadget that’s absolutely brilliant in its simplicity. Stick it above any rocker switch or button using the included adhesive, then use the downloadable app to activate it remotely. Or, you can set it to a schedule — and use voice commands — if you pair it with Alexa.

16. A draft stopper that can help lower your utility bill

Not only is this draft stopper designed to fit on any standard door, but the thick silicone construction also helps insulate your home against cold, heat, and noise. That’s good news for your utility bill — and since it’s backed with sticky adhesive, installation only takes a few seconds.

17. The spray that erases mold & mildew stains

Even if those mold and mildew stains have become embedded in your drywall, this spray can help get rid of them. The fast-acting formula drives deep into your surfaces, working to remove unwanted odors and stains leftover from mold or mildew. And unlike some sprays, there’s no scrubbing required.

18. These heavy-duty bags you can use for anything

Planning on moving soon? These bags are large enough to fit your bedding, clothes, toiletries, and still more. Unlike moving boxes, the sides and bottom are waterproof — and the top zippers shut to keep everything dust-free. Plus, they also work great for carrying groceries, sports equipment, and more.

19. This flashlight can help you find invisible pet stains

Pet stains aren’t always visible to the naked eye — but this blacklight flashlight can help you find them. It’s made from tough aluminum alloy, and the waterproof construction means you can even use it while night fishing. Plus, each order even comes with batteries.

20. The furniture pads made to fit nearly any leg

You don’t have to worry about whether your chair and table legs are round or square — these pads will fit either just fine. The backs are coated with adhesive, allowing you to easily press them onto legs without any tools necessary. And if your legs have a unique shape? Simply trim the squares to fit.

21. A cap organizer that slips onto your hangers

With enough clips for up to nine hats, this organizer lets you put them on display in your closet so that it’s easy to see your entire collection. It slips onto any standard hanger — and the clips are even made from tough, rubber-tipped steel that won’t leave marks on the fabric.

22. The laser measuring tape with a built-in level

Whether you’re hanging photos or mounting a television, you’ll be glad you had this laser measuring tape helping out. It’s able to measure distances up to 8 feet — and the built-in bubble level ensures that everything is properly aligned. Each order also comes with batteries included.

23. These buttons that let you adjust how your jeans fit

Got a pair of jeans that are a little too tight for comfort? These removable buttons can expand to give you up to an extra inch of waistband. Or, if they’re too loose, you can also pin one further along your waistband so that you can cinch your pants tighter — no sewing required.

24. The condoms that keep your wine fresh for later

Break out these wine condoms at your next dinner party for an easy conversation starter — or even just to close up your opened bottle for later. They’re made from 100% food-grade latex, allowing them to shrink to fit bottles of nearly any shape or size. Plus, you can reuse them as many times as you like.

25. These sprayers that are sleek & stylish

Just imagine how classy these glass spray bottles would look sitting out on your countertop. And since they work great with oil and vinegar, they’re just as functional as they are sleek. Each order also comes with a silicone basting brush — and one reviewer even wrote that “the clear glass makes it so easy to keep an eye on the liquid levels.”

26. A splatter screen to help keep you safe from hot oil

Tired of getting splattered with hot oil? This screen prevents oil from popping onto your skin, yet still allows steam to escape so that your meal comes out crispy — not soggy. And since it’s made from tough stainless steel, there’s no need to worry about it rusting over time.

27. This food cover that helps your microwave stay clean

If you’re tired of cleaning splatter out of your microwave, using this cover can help save you some stress — and mess. The top is ventilated, allowing water vapor to escape so that your meal doesn’t become mushy. And unlike some covers, this one is also collapsible for easy storage.

28. A shampoo & conditioner to help fortify weak hair

Whether your hair is dry, thinning, or damaged, this shampoo and conditioner combo is specifically formulated to help bolster your strands back to health. Unlike some conditioners, this one can be rinsed out, or left in your hair for extra-deep nourishment — and it can even be used on pets in addition to humans.

29. The spray that extinguishes fire quickly

When you’re in a cramped space — like your kitchen, dorm, or RV — you might not have enough room to store a full-sized fire extinguisher. This spray not only discharges up to four times longer than a regular fire extinguisher, but the wipe-clean formula is also biodegradable. Plus, it works just as well on grease fires as it does on ones started with wood or paper.

30. A versatile set of sink snakes to fit nearly any drain

Whether your bathtub drain or kitchen sink is clogged, there’s a snake in this set of de-cloggers that can help open up your pipes. Each tool is either made from tough stainless steel, or durable PP plastic — and reviewers raved about how the price of the set is significantly cheaper than calling a plumber.

31. This pump that dispenses water from gallon jugs

If you’re unable to lift that heavy water jug onto its tower, this dispenser will let you use it wherever its sitting. Not only is it BPA-free, but the one-touch operation makes it easy to use no matter what age you are. Plus, the battery is even rechargeable via USB.

32. A faucet that swivels into any direction

With its ability to swivel around 360 degrees, this faucet makes it easy to spray water in any direction so that your dishes come out extra-clean. It’s made to fit most sinks — and there are even two water modes to choose from: soft bubble, or strong spray.

33. The stool that helps ease strain in the bathroom

Putting your feet onto a toilet stool — like this onecan help align your intestines so that it’s easier to “go.” Each one is made right here in the United States, with 50% of it being from recycled materials. From personal experience? It’s a total gamechanger in the bathroom — even if you don’t find yourself needing to strain in the first place.

34. A set of tools to turn any novice into a grill master

Not only do you get a pair of heat-resistant gloves, but this set also comes with meat shredding claws, and a silicone basting brush. The gloves are perfect for handling hot meats, while the claws double as tongs in a pinch. Choose from two colors: orange or black.

35. These finger covers are perfect for crafts & DIY projects

Made from tough, non-stick silicone, these finger covers keep your digits protected from wary pinpricks while sewing, hot glue when crafting, or even during DIY projects. They’re also heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit — and reviewers raved about how they “work very well.”

36. A strainer that snaps onto pots, pans, & bowls

Tired of watching food go down the drain when your strainer tips over? This one clips onto bowls, pans, and pots in order to prevent spillage — and its compact size takes up hardly any space in storage. Choose from four colors: green, purple, orange, or red.

37. The container that strains & saves bacon grease for later

Bacon grease can be repurposed in other recipes — so grab this container to help it stay fresh. There’s a strainer built into the top that lets you pour grease directly from your pan, while the non-stick inside is completely rustproof. Plus, it’ll work great with any type of cooking oil, not just bacon.

38. These colorful knives can help prevent cross-contamination

Mixing up your poultry knives with the ones meant for vegetables can lead to salmonella poisoning — which is why these knives are color-coded for extra safety. And not only are they pretty to look at, but each one is also made from sharp stainless steel that’s resistant to rust.

39. A stainless steel grater that stands apart from the crowd

This colorful grater isn’t just a joy look at — with sharp stainless steel blades, it’s just as functional as it is fun. The best part? Each order also comes with small boxes that attach to the bottom, collecting up all your grated ingredients to help save you time and mess.

40. The pre-measured clog dissolver that works within minutes

Simply pour this clog dissolver down your blocked drains, then sit back and watch as built-up bits of grease, soap, hair, and more are quickly washed away. The formula is packaged in single-use packets, which reviewers have attested are convenient to use. It’s so potent that it can work very quickly — one reviewer even described, “I poured one packet down the drain and within 15 minutes my drains were cleaned out.”

41. These water balloons that fill up extra-quickly

Plug the adapter into your hose or spigot, then watch as dozens of these water balloons quickly begin to fill up — all at the same time. The best part? The balloons automatically seal themselves, which means you’re not stuck tying any of them shut.

42. A clip that adds pleasant aromas to your face mask

When you’ve finally grown tired of smelling the inside of your face mask, these little aromatherapy clips are a must-have. They’re made with potent essential oils, including apple and lavender. And since they’re hypoallergenic, there’s no need to worry about irritation.

43. The container that saves your sandwich from being squished

Keep your subs in this container, and it’ll save them from being squished in your bag — or even from getting soggy in your cooler. It also works great as a drinking cup in a pinch, as well as a cocktail shaker. One reviewer even wrote that “this kept our sub in perfect condition in our cooler, and we were on our way without having to stop.

44. A tub that whips cleanser into a rich foam

Add your favorite cleansers or face washes to this tub — a few easy pumps on the handle will whip it into a rich foam, helping it last longer to save you money. It’s completely BPA-free, and you can reuse it as many times as you like, with as many different cleansers as you want.

45. A roll of contact paper that looks like white marble

This roll of contact paper was an absolute lifesaver when I moved into an ugly apartment a few years ago. It’s made from glossy vinyl that genuinely looks like real marble — and it’s so water-resistant that I’ve left puddles on it overnight without any issue. Plus, you can use it on everything from kitchen counters to bathroom walls.

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