The 50 cheapest, most clever things with near-perfect reviews on Amazon

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The wide variety of Amazon products you’re about to find on this list have one thing in common: Amazing customer reviews and sky-high ratings. From a bathmat to a waterproof lighter, these finds have garnered glowing reviews from people around the world. So many reviewers love these innovative solutions, and get this: They’re surprisingly affordable. These are the 50 cheapest, most clever things with near-perfect reviews on Amazon.

On this list, you’ll find cleaning tools, iPhone accessories, elegant decor, and so much more. Plus, I’ve included a rave review along with each product — just in case you need any more convincing.


This clever automatic drink dispenser for fewer spills

No more spills thanks to this clever automatic drink dispenser. The tap and straw contraption fits into narrow and wide bottlenecks such as large jugs of milk, fruit juice, or sweet tea. It features an easy-to-use trigger that you push with the edge of your cup to dispense your drink of choice without spilling any on the counters or floors. The hands-free gadget costs less than $20 and will quickly pay for itself.

One review: “These are one of those things that my husband sees and thinks ‘We NEED this.’ I rolled my eyes and pretended to be excited. To my surprise, I love them!! One of them is being used for my daughter's milk and one is on a jug of cold brew coffee.”


An outdoor party game with a bottle opener for parties

Here’s a game your guests and family will love: a surfboard-shaped loop and ring game. The affordable “Tiki Toss” is the perfect addition to any porch or backyard. Mount the surfboard to a post and compete to see who can first swing the loop onto the hook. On the surfboard, you’ll find a convenient bottle opener and magnetic cap catcher for spectators and competitors.

One review: “We received one of these as a gift and now we are buying one to give as a gift because of how much fun it is.”


A glass, pour-over coffeemaker that’s under $15

This pour-over coffee maker is surprisingly affordable and makes incredible coffee. It’s made of BPA-free, heat-resistant glass and features a cool-touch collar to protect your fingers. Plus, rather than using a paper filter, it uses a fine mesh stainless steel filter, so your coffee is smoother and more flavorful — and uses less waste. This coffee maker has earned more than 6,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating.

One review: “Our family loves this pour-over coffee pot. It gets used almost every day! Great quality.”


These reusable K-Cup alternatives for buying coffee in bulk

These clever reusable K-Cup alternatives are cheap and highly rated by reviewers. The coffee filters fit into Keurig dispensers, however, you can fill them with any coffee of your choice. This means you can buy coffee in bulk and save a few bucks, without giving up your coffee maker.

One review: “For the price, for the environment, and for the love of a good cup of hot coffee, these reusable filters are excellent! Buy them!”


The cordless LED light to keep on hand for emergencies

This $10 tool is handy in case of an emergency or for working on projects around the house. The cordless LED is ultra-bright, lightweight, and compact. It has a sturdy swivel base that makes it hands-free to illuminate crawl spaces, attics, or breaker switches. The magnetic base also attaches to metallic surfaces to provide 500 lumens whenever you need it.

One review: “For stormy weather, I bought all of my kids one to have on hand for emergencies and any other needs they would have. The LED light is very bright, indeed... I love it…”


A cheap bonsai tree kit for newbies and experts

This bonsai tree kit is under $20 and has earned more than 10,000 reviews. It comes with four different kinds of bonsai seeds: Jacaranda Mimosifolia, Pinus Aristata, Pinus Thunbergii, and Picea Mariana. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned gardener, this DIY kit has everything you need. It includes four soil discs, four seed markers, and four planter pots to get the seeds going — and even comes with a complete guide to help you nourish your plants.

One review: “This is a great meaningful gift to share with your children. You assist these little trees in coming to life and in the process talk a lot about seeds and how they grow and plant biology, and even the art of bonsai gardening.”


This $20 bath mat that’s earned more than 55,000 reviews

Turn your bathroom into a spa oasis without spending too much with this adorable and cult-favorite memory foam bath mat that feels like you’re stepping onto a cloud. The outer surface is velvet microfiber that’s soft and easy to care for. You can machine wash and dry this rug without worrying about the colors fading or the mat losing its shape. It can help keep you safe, too, since it’s so absorbent and has nonslip grips on the underside to prevent sliding. It’s available in 21 colors and eight sizes and boasts more than 56,000 reviews.

One review: “This is super comfortable and extremely cushiony, even by memory foam standards. It's absorbent yet quick to dry, and the soft, velvety fabric feels great on bare feet.”


A shoe & foot deodorizer made with essential oils that tons of reviewers swear by

This deodorizer is under $20 and has earned more than 10,000 reviews. Spray it into sneakers, boots, or sandals — or you can even apply it right to your foot. It’ll help stop unwanted odors in their track and prevent them from coming back. The spray is made of seven essential oils and 11 herbs including peppermint, tea tree, aloe vera, and coconut so it moisturizes and soothes itchy skin, as well.

One review: “Elite does the job instantaneously and keeps working. I'm pleasantly surprised and very happy I saw this.”


The vegetable spiralizer that creates a fun pasta alternative

Looking for an easy and cheap dinner option? This spiralizer turns vegetables like zucchini into spirals like spaghetti. The dual stainless steel blades cut both thin spaghetti and thick fettuccine-sized noodles. It’s effortless — insert your vegetable and give the device a twist. This $10 gadget has earned more than 12,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating.

One review: “This is the fourth one I had bought. I use it all the time and I'm now buying these as gifts for people who see mine and love it. I use it all the time. It is so easy to use and the cleanup is very quick.”


This iPad mount that helps keeps your device safe and in view

This iPad wall mount is an inexpensive home addition that so many reviewers love. The mount securely holds tablets horizontally or vertically while you cook dinner, take a bath, or get ready for the day. The universal docking station comes with three screws and wall anchor plugs so you can easily install it permanently or move it from place to place. Not only does it save counter space, but it keeps your device safe while your hands are full.

One review: “I live on a boat and used this to mount my iPad in my sleeping quarters to use for reading, navigation, anchor alarm, Netflix, etc.”


The cozy slipper socks with grips on the bottom for traction

Treat yourself or someone you love to a pair of these ultra-comfy slipper socks. They boast a plush and warm inside with a nonslip sole that keeps you safe on slippery floors. The cable-knot design with fleece hem is undeniably cozy. Best of all? This pair costs less than $12.

One review: “I live in New England where we have cold nights. It’s so nice to put on the snuggle socks soon as I get home. They’re still warm and fuzzy. I have given these as gifts to members of my family and they love them!!”


These individually wrapped stain wipes for on-the-go spot treatments

With more than 28,000 reviews, this best-selling stain remover is free of chemicals or dyes but is effective at removing fresh and set-in stains from juice, baby food, formula, and even ketchup. This pack comes with 25 individual wipes to keep in your bag, purse, or backpack.

One review: “Seriously the best for getting out easy and every stain. Has gotten out blueberry, blackberry, beets, and everything in between! So impressed.”


A fake security kit with signs and cameras to deter thieves

This deceiving, fake security system pick comes with eight surveillance signs and four fake security cameras. Mount them in visible places to deter thieves. They look real and even have a blinking light inside to give the impression of a real recording camera. It is complete with mounting tape and hardware.

One review: “With living in a rental that doesn't allow holes to be drilled for wires and installation of a normal camera system, this is a great deterrent alternative.”


The colorful silicone popsicle molds for making your own frozen treats

Make the most delicious treats for hot days by ordering this $12 set of silicone popsicle molds. Add leftover smoothies, juice, or your favorite fruit chunks to the molds and freeze them to enjoy later. The molds are made of food-grade silicone that’s safe and reusable. Just rinse and air-dry them between uses.

One review: “During the summer months we love to make our own ice pops. They taste great and they save us money.”


This eight-piece garden tool set that comes with everything you need

If you’re ready to start your garden and aren’t sure which tools you’ll need, this eight-piece garden tools set is a great place to start. It includes a hand-digging weeder, rakes, shovels, and trowel, as well as a sprayer, gloves, a knee pad, and a durable washable gardening bag tote. Each of the tools is made of stainless steel that won’t rust and smooth wooden handles. This set makes a great gift that’s affordable and thoughtful, plus it boasts more than 6,000 reviews.

One review: “This has really been a great buy. I have all my gardening tools in one tote. They are secure with the elastic bands and all the tools included I have used. They did a good job on some rocky areas that I am cleaning out. I like being able to take the tote outside and know all my tools are in one spot.”


A unique corner shelf with 2 tiers

This unique wall-mounted corner shelf is the perfect place to display your favorite plants, family photos, or other decorative pieces to dress up your home. The two-tier unit easily mounts to the wall with the included hardware. And best of all? It costs less than $15.

One reviewer: “Good deal, it was easy to assemble. Perfect for corner display of small objects.”


The all-purpose paint that can transform furniture for cheap

This country chic paint can be used on a wide variety of surfaces to transform your furniture and home for cheap. The all-in-one paint is perfect for wood, laminate, glass, metal, and even kids’ toys. It dries within 30 minutes with a chalky, matte finish that’s durable and looks rustic. The paint is made without harsh chemicals and has low VOCs.

One review: “I've used 5 shades and I'm excited to get more! So easy to paint with and the colors are absolutely perfect!”


This paper towel dispenser that holds 500 towels at once

This wall-mounted paper towel dispenser offers a cheap and efficient way to cut down on paper towels. It holds 500 paper towels in Z-fold, C-fold, or multi-fold styles. The window makes it easy to see when you need to refill it — which can be done easily by opening its hinge and locking it back up. This touch-free and easy-to-install paper towel dispenser is ideal for a garage, workshop, or office.

One review: “This is very easy to install. It works great for keeping our office bathrooms neat and organized.”


These microfiber sponges with a textured side for scrubbing

These soft microfiber sponges are the all-purpose cleaning tools you’ve been looking for. One side has a textured feel perfect for scrubbing greasy spots while the other side is soft — ideal for erasing dirt. Use it to clean bathroom sinks, dishes, windows, cars, or even shoes. They’re highly absorbent and have a high-density inner sponge that keeps them bouncing back to their original shape time and time again. This pack of four is less than $10 — a total steal. Best of all, they can be machine washed and used again.

One review: “One side is so soft and the other side can scrub a pan like a boss. Just toss in the washer and dryer. They come out like new. [...]”


The water-resistant blanket that folds up for portability

No need to spend tons of money on a picnic blanket when this best-selling option has earned more than 13,000 reviews and is just $14. The dual-sided blanket has a water-resistant layer that keeps moist grass, lingering sand, or dirt from ruining your outdoor adventure. The classic stripe blanket folds up into a convenient carrying case with a handle. Choose from 19 colors and 10 sizes.

One review: “This blanket is sooo light and handy for travel, outdoor concerts, picnics, etc. We spilled several things on it the first use - the blanket didn’t absorb, and was spot free after a quick washing. Would recommend to all my friends!”


An adorable LED planter that looks like a hedgehog

Need a little extra light in your backyard or garden? There’s nothing more adorable than this hedgehog planter light. The cute planter can live among your other plants, plus its eyes are solar LED lights. The hedgehog is made of rust-resistant resin so it can hold up against inclement weather. It’ll charge during the day so he can light the way at night.

One review: “I bought this for my dad, but when it arrived at my house I found it to be so cute that I kept it. I had to order another one to send to him.”


A 4-way brush designed to gently clean suede & nubuck

Keep your hard-to-clean shoes looking brand new with this secret weapon: a four-way brush. It’s designed to remove set-in dirt or scuff marks on suede and nubuck. The brush has rubber bristles on one side, a rounded welt, as well as a welt brush so every crevice of your shoe gets clean. On the other side is a second brush made with nylon and metal that’s tough on stains and gentle on your shoes.

One review: “I was new to suede shoes and instantly regretted buying gray-colored shoes once I got them dirty. Luckily I found this lovely thing. Very easy to use, [the] straightforward packet [that] comes with it tells you which sides to use and when.”


These elegant glass carafe pitchers for serving beverages

Elevate your hydration game with these glass carafes that come with plastic lids. The 1-liter carafes have narrow necks and a transparent design, ideal for fruit-infused water. The sophisticated design can be used to serve cocktails, milk, juice, or coffee to your guests. They’re easy to pour and come in a money-saving set of two.

One review: “These are nice and make a beautiful presentation for a brunch or iced tea. They look expensive and are a great buy to have two for this price.”


A giant inflatable banana with handles

There’s endless water fun to be had with this giant inflatable banana float. The massive floating fruit measures 52 inches long and 23 inches wide and is super easy to inflate. It’s made of premium vinyl PVC and even comes with a patch kit in case of an accident. This retailer also sells giant pineapples, swans, and even a slice of pizza.

One review: “This banana float has provided hours and hours of entertainment for my children this summer. (A lot for us as well watching them try and master staying afloat.) The memories and videos are going to provide laughs for many years!!”


A triangular dish drying rack for the corner of your sink

This clever triangle dish drying rack is convenient and effective. It rolls up when it’s not in use, however, its compact size is ideal for keeping out all the time. It’s made of sturdy stainless steel and acts as a shelf for drying fruit, sponges, or brushes. This $9 find is heat-resistant, BPA-free, and easy to clean.

One review: “Utilitarian yet aesthetically pleasing!”


This karaoke microphone that lights up and even records your voice

Reviewers can’t get enough of this wireless karaoke microphone. The four-in-one device offers portable fun for hours. Not only can it be used as your own personal microphone, but it also connects to Bluetooth to play music and record songs, while featuring 28 colorful LED lights that sync to your tune. The high-quality speakers make you sound like a star even if the only one listening is you. It’s earned more than 15,000 reviews and a 4.4-star rating.

One review: “My children and their friends enjoy this microphone so much! I was impressed by the sound quality and the flashing lights are really fun. It's easy to use and connect to a Bluetooth device — I connected to my phone and was able to play music through my Spotify app for music to sing along to. The kids enjoyed it so much I ordered a second one so that they wouldn't have to fight over it.”


The adhesive mesh cover to stop hair from clogging your drains

These cheap, innovative drain covers can help keep your drain hair-free. The mesh stickers adhere to your shower or bath floor and stay in place for weeks. When you notice the adhesive starting to wear away, it’s time to swap it out for another. This pack comes with 25 stickers to last a long time. Not only does it offer a sanitary way to protect your drain, but it takes just a few seconds to do.

One review: “Works great. It adheres well to my drain. Perfect size as well. Even lasts longer than it says. I’m easily able to go 3+ weeks instead of 2 weeks like I planned. Catches single strands and groups it into big clumps of hair that come off easy.”


An outlet-mounted wall organizer and key holder to keep by the door

Turn that unusual wall space in your home into a storage solution for small trinkets and junk. This wall organizer attaches to your existing outlet covers to provide a small bin for earbuds, chargers, or hand sanitizer. The front of the bin features a clip for holding mail or cards and underneath the bin, there are four key hooks so you never misplace your keys again.

One review: “Bought this for my son who loses his wallet and keys daily. This is in his room, so he can just place them in as he walks in and grab them as he walks out. So far it is working well. It was very easy to assemble and attach to the wall.”


The cleaning tool designed for baseboards

Baseboards tend to be a neglected area of your home because they’re difficult to clean, but this cleaning tool is designed to save your back. The “baseboard buddy” has a long handle that breaks down so you can easily store it. It comes with extra-large reusable pads that each have a contoured head to conform to your baseboards or other moldings such as trim work and door molding. The entire head of the brush swivels 360 degrees and extends up to 4 feet to reach up high and down low. It’s earned nearly 20,000 reviews.

One review: “I used the mop dry and cleaned all the baseboards in my home and this tool did a great job. It was simple to assemble the handle and easy to use right out of the box. Cleaning baseboards just became trouble-free for me.”


A cord organizer that looks elegant and blends with your decor

Organize all those tangled cords and give yourself a clean work surface using this magnetic cable wrangler. It has enough weight to stay in place and is covered in elegant tweed-like fabric to make it a stylish desk accessory. The cable organizer can hold multiple cords, comes in four colors, and includes three cable collars. It has an overall 4.7-star rating from over 2,000 shoppers.

One review: “This is exactly what we needed in the living room to keep all the cables from constantly falling behind the couch and chair. This way too I didn't have to stick or glue anything to our nice table. Super easy to use and looks really nice. Blends in with the decor.”


This waterproof Bluetooth speaker to enjoy music in the shower or by the pool

This water-resistant Bluetooth speaker is designed to hang in your shower or keep you company at the pool or beach. It is compatible with most devices — so you can stream music from your computer, phone, or tablet. It has a 12-hour battery life, and it’s equipped with a strong suction cup and hook to secure it wherever you want to turn up the tunes. It’s earned more than 10,000 reviews.

One review: “This has been BY FAR one of the best products I’ve purchased on Amazon. I’ve had it for almost 4 years now and recommend it to everyone. I use it every morning while in the shower and getting ready, and I don’t even think I have to charge it even once/month- the battery lasts so long!”


A unique garbage disposal brush for deep cleaning

This garbage disposal brush is one of those things you never knew you needed but won’t be able to live without — its sturdy grip handle makes cleaning one of the nastier parts of your house a little easier. The unique shape of the brush gets in the crevices of your garbage disposal and breaks up caked-on gunk and food. The stiff bristles are tough on all kinds of grime, and it’s easy to clean.

One review: “Does the job — Helps keep the waste disposal clear of scraps and smells.”


The car phone mount that’s earned nearly 10,000 reviews

There’s a reason this car phone mount has earned nearly 100,000 reviews and the title of “Amazon’s #1 best-seller.” The universal mount holds phones and cases of all sizes and allows you to extend the arm from 4 to 6.5-inches and pivot it on a 260-degree arc. It attaches to your dash with a single-string suction cup and adjustable foot bottom. It positions your phone at eye level while you’re driving while keeping your hands free. When you want to retrieve your phone, just tap the one-click release.

One review: “Absolutely love this phone car mount. Incredibly secure hold not only on the dashboard but with my phone. I like that it has an opening at the bottom so that I can run my USB charging cord to the phone when my phone is mounted.”


A flameless plasma lighter with a waterproof case

This rechargeable, flameless lighter is the inventive gadget you need to add to your survival pack. The waterproof light uses plasma to ignite rather than gas or butane and instead can be charged with a USB. The windproof and rainproof lighter is a camper’s best friend when facing the elements. The waterproof case and lanyard make it easy to carry with you at all times and it has earned more than 14,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating.

One review: “The lighter itself looks rugged and high-quality. The fact that it’s flameless and rechargeable is so awesome! Very futuristic looking when you press the button to start up the arc lighters.”


This silicone toilet brush with a ventilated caddy for storing

This cleaning tool has gained lots of traction thanks to #cleaningtok and its $20 price tag. This toilet brush has a refillable liquid soap dispenser built right into it, so you can squeeze the ergonomic handle to begin scrubbing away the grime in your toilet bowl. The entire brush is made of silicone, which is sanitary yet flexible, and the head bends easily to reach your toilet from all angles. The scratch-resistant bristles tackle soap scrum and other gunk and when it’s not in use, the brush comes with a ventilated storage caddy that keeps your hands and floor clean.

One review: “Way better than those hard-bristled ones that you have to keep replacing because they get so rusty and nasty looking after a while.”


The convenient one-hand dish soap dispenser

You have a dish in one hand and would really love to get the washing done — as soon as you drop that dish and refill your sponge with soap. Not anymore — this one-hand dish soap dispenser allows you to multitask with efficiency while cutting back on the number of products you have to store on your sink and the amount of dish soap you use. The compact tool features a compartment for filling with soap on the bottom and the perfect spot for your sponge right at the top. When you’re ready to wash, give the sponge a little push downward to fill it with soap and get to work. The genius pick has more than 15,000 reviews.

One review: “I must have seen this product several times in various platforms, because it was in my wishlist three times. I finally purchased it and it was so worthwhile! It dispenses the exact right amount of soap to get the dishes washed without being wasteful. I had previously used more of a wand scrubber which would leak leaving dish soap all over. This is controlled and fits nicely on my counter. Highly recommend!”


These dry cleaning sheets that freshen up clothing in the dryer

You can actually skip the washing machine and head straight to your dryer when you use these unique dry cleaning sheets to spot clean, remove dirt and odors, and freshen up fabrics within minutes. Just place one to five garments that are similar in fabric and color in the dryer along with one of these sheets and tumble dry it for 20 minutes. Your clothing will emerge looking like you just picked it up from the dry cleaner.

One review: “Saves money on dry cleaning which is so important these days.”


An outlet with 6 sides and USB charging ports

One outlet can only do so much in your home — but this multi-tasking six-outlet extender is the answer to all of your cable and wire organization dreams. The three-sided power strip features six outlets and two USB charging ports — plus a soothing night light for good measure. It has a surge protector for safety and has amassed a whopping more than 55,000 reviews.

One review: “I love this thing. It totally rocks. I went from two outlets to six, it has a couple of USB ports, and it lights up like a Christmas donut when the sun goes down. In addition, you can control the level of brightness or shut it off entirely if you like. [...] If you want to add a bunch of outlets to a wall plug, this is a great way to go. [...]”


The vacuum-insulated water bottle that keeps drinks cold up to 24 hours

Rest assured that hours after you fill this double wall vacuum insulated water bottle with cold water or hot tea (and everything in between) it will keep a consistent temperature. It has a sturdy stainless steel body and a leak-proof lid and keeps cold drinks cold up to 24 hours and hot liquids hot up to 12 hours. Choose from six colors.

One review: “First of all, it looks good, hand grip is good, and also easy to clean with their cleaning brush. But the most important thing is the temperature control! Compare to my Costco thermoflask water bottle , this one shows whole ice for the next day! Impressed. I think it’s because of tight leak proof cap.Worth the money!”


A cult-favorite mold & mildew stain remover

Everyone has their least favorite stain types to have to deal with, but there’s no doubt that mold and mildew are way up there for many. These notoriously difficult-to-treat stains are a lot easier to combat with this cult-favorite mold and mildew stain remover spray that boasts more than 38,000 reviews. The formula cuts through these stains and their odors on both indoor and outdoor surfaces and it’s an Amazon best-seller.

One review: “[...] After spraying several sprays to each corner of the tubs problem areas the directions recommended to let it sit for 5-10 min. I was preparing myself for the worst but when I tell you, this stuff worked almost immediately! And it didn’t just work it exceeded my expectations!! [...]”


The magic metal brush that removes pet hair from couches and clothes

Eliminate pet hair from your favorite sofa with this magic tool that should cost a lot more than $21. This metal brush features a wooden handle, which is comfortable in your hand. In addition to handling pet hair and fur, you can use this tool to gently brush your couch and trim loose strings and banish pilling. It’s Amazon’s #1 best-seller in “laundry cleaning supplies” and has earned nearly 10,000 reviews.

One review: “This thing is completely worth it. The carpet seriously looks ten times better and I didn't even realize it looked kinda faded. It was beyond easy and the results speak for themselves.”


An exfoliating shower towel with over 10,000 ratings

Get double the cleaning action in your bath or shower with this Japanese-made exfoliating towel that sloughs away dry skin while its lathers. The cloth can help keep breakouts at bay and is designed with a tough weave that resists rips, so it will last a long time. It has a high 4.7-star rating and more than 10,000 reviews.

One review: “This is literally the best shower scrubber/towel/whatever you want to call it ever! I am only sad I hadn't found this tool sooner. The material is solid, so don't be shy with it and it's about the size of half of a normal towel (so you can get a visual) and can be used so easily to get your back and any other hard-to-reach areas. The material is excellent for exfoliating and my skin always feels so smooth after taking a shower. Don't wait to buy this, do it now. I'm telling all of my friends about it. It's that awesome!”


These soap paper sheets that you can take anywhere

Because there are few things worse than using a public restroom and discovering there’s no soap left in the dispenser, these genius soap paper sheets are here to save you from a germy fate. Each of the four flip-top cases included in a set consists of 50 thin soap flake sheets that contain natural ingredients like lemon, lavender, and aloe vera. Simply pull one out when you need one and wash your hands with soap anywhere. This pick has a 4.6-star rating.

One review: “[...] I like that [they are] compact and I can carry them in my purse for just in case.. there's been a lot of times [where] there out of soap in restaurant restrooms etc.. so this has saved me from having dirty hands.. [they’re] super thin but they do the sheet is enough to wash your hands.”


A privacy window film that blocks UV rays

If you could block up to 98% of UV rays entering your home, and shade rooms from glare while providing a bit more privacy yourself — all for under $15 — you’d jump on it, right? Here’s that product: a privacy window film that comes in 12 sizes, resembles the soothing effect of rain on glass, and can be removed without leaving residue behind. This privacy film has earned more than 3,000 reviews and comes in two shades: silver silk and white silk.

One review: “I love this product! Just recently moved [into] a home with windows on both sides of the doors. I didn't like that you could see [into] my home at night so I purchased this film. It was easy to install and occludes see-through vision. Great price and wonderful product! Highly recommended.”


The stamp that help protect you from identity theft

Shredding important documents and mail is a smart move, but it takes up so much time (not to mention space in your home). Make the switch to this $16 identity theft roller stamp set that’s simple to use — fill it with ink and then roll it across information that you want to keep hidden, such as social security numbers or credit card statements. It comes in five colors and has more than 22,000 reviews.

One review: “I was raised to shred anything that had my personal info on it or credit card applications. I know what an old way of doing things. Which I HATED because we get so much mail!!! [...] So I thought let's try it and it has saved me so much time. I get the mail use this handy dandy little device and throw it all in the container. For me it is a time saver and some peace of mind. Worth the buy!!!”


These colorful mop slippers that clean floors while you walk

If you’re going to walk around in slippers anyway, why not wear a pair that does double duty and can clean at the same time? These fun and smart mop slippers are designed with chenille and microfiber that feel comfy on your feet and also pick up dust, dirt, fur, and hair as you glide around your wood and hard floors. Even better, they’re perfect for wearing after you actually mop floors so that they continue to prolong the cleaning session without leaving tracks behind like other slippers or shoes. Each set comes with five pairs in colorful shades — for less than $15.

One review: “We are trying to stop wearing our outside shoes in the house. In order to avoid having to take shoes off and on when we are going in and out frequently, we got these to slip on over our shoes. They work great as shoe covers plus they pick up stray dog hair from our fur baby! Win-win!”


The waterproof phone mount for your shower or bath

Do you love to bring your phone into the shower or bath so that you can relax, watch a movie, or listen to music? No judgment here — or among the more than 3,000 reviewers who scooped up this best-selling waterproof wall mount for their devices. The mount is easy to install with an included strong adhesive, resists fog, and has a touchable screen that allows you to adjust volume and settings. It comes in three shades and holds most phones.

One review: “I’ve had this product for over a year and I don’t have to worry about moisture. It holds on the wall well and I was able to transfer it to a different spot and it still holds over 7 months later! Will definitely buy again.”


A faucet extender to help little ones achieve more independence

Small children can flex their independence muscles a little more when you install these faucet extenders, which come with two in a pack for $11. The extenders allow them to wash their hands or fill up a glass with water without having to struggle to reach the actual faucet. They don’t require any tools to install and have earned more than 13,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating — that’s how helpful and smart they are.

One review: “[...] my youngest is potty training and can't reach the faucet even with a step stool. These helped immensely. They fold up and out of the way on the faucet when needed without having to fully remove. [...]”


This foam pressure washer cannon for cars, fences & driveways

This car foam sprayer comes with five microfiber towels, along with a spray bottle that can be easily connected to your hose. It helps washes dirt off your car without the need for gas or electricity, and you can even adjust the nozzle to determine how much water and foam you need to wash your vehicle.

One review: “This one is great as it works for a normal garden hose hook up. It’s really all you need.”


The liquid bait traps that helps eliminate ants

Say goodbye to ants in a snap with this $13 fix that’s earned nearly 80,000 reviews. This pack comes with 12 liquid ant baits that are pre-filled and ready to use. The bait stations attract and capture common household ants to eliminate an entire colony in a few days to weeks.

One review: “The first thing we noticed one day after placing one in our bathroom, was that the population had decreased substantially. We usually would see 4-6 ants crawling around the floor at any given time. That number decreased to 1-2 ants after a couple of days, and now they have almost disappeared entirely.”

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