The Cheapest, Most Clever Home Products With Near-Perfect Reviews on Amazon

Get your home in top shape for less.

by Christina X. Wood
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To make your home the best home it can be, you need tools. If those tools are clever, convenient, and ultra-budget-friendly, all the better. Trick out your kitchen with gadgets that make food prep more efficient. Deploy items that make life easier by helping you reach that high shelf, store the supplies, or enjoy a more comfortable climate.

All this sounds expensive, right? But it’s not. Not if you are savvy and browse this list of the cheapest, most clever home products on Amazon. They also have near-perfect reviews, so you can click “Buy Now” with the utmost confidence.


This Japanese chef’s knife that will become your favorite kitchen tool

If you cook, a good chef’s knife is the tool you reach for more than anything. This Japanese chef knife — with a beautiful, ergonomic handle that’s pleasant to hold, an 8-inch stainless-steel blade with just enough carbon to let you sharpen the edge without it constantly getting dull, and delightful balance — will quickly become your favorite.

“I have had some of the top brands through the years (Cutco, Henkel) and this knife puts them all to shame!” said one reviewer.


A sleek humidifier & essential oil diffuser

Set this elegant essential oil diffuser on your desk, bedside table, or living room, and enjoy a spa treatment and mood-boosting essential oil experience whenever you feel the need. It looks snazzy — with seven colored LED lights and an organic shape — and delivers 13 hours of cool mist to help your skin and lungs feel better. Add a few drops of essential oil to help improve mood, breathing, or sleep.

“Quiet, beautiful, and the 400ml water capability lasts for hours!” said one reviewer.


These bins that help bring order to your fridge & pantry

How much time do you spend hunting for things in the refrigerator or pantry? Bring order to that space with this set of eight roomy organizer bins in two sizes with handles. Sort the condiments, sodas, produce, and other foods into their own bins so that prepping food — or grabbing a snack — is simple. Pull out the bin you need and have every option in that category at your fingertips.

“Totally transforms my fridge and freezer,” said one reviewer. “I can find [...] all the food and nothing gets lost in the back or falls on my foot.”


An air purifier that’s quiet & fits on your desk

If you wake up with itchy eyes or a stuffy nose, you might be sensitive to something in the air such as dust, pet dander, or pollen. This air purifier pulls in the air in your immediate vicinity with a fan and filters it through three filters — including a HEPA and carbon filter — to help remove the particles that are irritating you or that smell bad. It’s quiet, compact, and has a fragrance option for diffusing essential oil. Over 8,000 people gave it five stars.


These satin pillowcases that baby your hair & skin

Rest your head on these silky soft satin pillowcases for a delightfully decadent bedtime experience. In the morning, your hair and skin will thank you. The smooth fibers of the satin don’t absorb moisture from your skin or grab your hair and pull it out the way other fabrics can. That they are so affordable and look gorgeous — in 28 color options — is just a bonus. Nearly 200,000 people said, “Five stars!”


A clever colander that fits over the sink

Make washing vegetables and straining pasta super easy with this collapsible colander with extendable handles that let it sit over the sink as you work. Just open the handles, place them over the sink, and toss produce into it to be washed, or pour the hot water off your cooking creations. The basket collapses so it's easy to store and there are six colors to choose from.


This hack for preventing clogged shower drains

This weird — but simple and inexpensive — drain protector will prevent so many annoying things from happening. Drop it into your shower drain and it will catch all the hair before it goes down the drain. It won’t slow the water as it does it. Just pull it out and wipe off the hair occasionally and you will never have to stand in dirty water while you shower or call a plumber to clean a hair clog out of the pipes.


A tea infuser that brews looseleaf tea in your cup

Brew a delicious cup of looseleaf tea right in your cup — or any teapot — with this clever tea infuser. The two arms on the rim rest on the rim of your cup, holding the tea in the hot water. When it’s ready to sip, use them to lift the infuser out. Flip the lid off and set it down on the table to use as a drip tray.


The frother that turns any milk into delicious foam

Turn any milk — nut, soy, oat, or dairy — into a tasty froth to add to your coffee or hot chocolate with this battery-powered milk frother. Just hold the big button on top to spin the tiny whisk as you hold it in the liquid. It works quickly and it is super effective. It’s great for salad dressings, matcha tea, quick sauces, eggs, and cocktails, too.


This insect trap that helps get rid of fruit flies & more

Once the fruit flies have discovered your home, it can seem impossible to get rid of them. It’s actually quite easy: Put this indoor insect trap near the fruit bowl, trash, or wherever they breed and plug it in. The UV light tempts the bugs close, a fan pulls them into its orbit, and — once inside — a sticky mat ends them, depleting their population quickly. It works for soil gnats and mosquitos, too.


An easy-to-use folding step stool that fits anywhere

If you have trouble reaching the top cupboard or that high shelf in the closet, tuck this folding step stool into a corner. It will give you the height you need — 13 inches of it — right where you need it. It folds up easily when you pick it up by the handle and fits into a space that’s only 2 inches wide. It’s so easy to use, a child can handle it. It comes in 17 colors.


This odor eliminator that makes quick work of pet mistakes

If you have a pet, it’s prudent to keep a reliable way to clean up after their inevitable accidents on hand. This concentrated pet odor eliminator is so effective that more than 123,000 people gave it five stars. The 8-ounce bottle makes 128 ounces of cleaner, so it’s also an effective way to store a lot of product. It uses enzymes to “eat” the odor-causing proteins and leaves behind only a slight citrus smell.


A handy tool for opening mail & packages

Keep this micro ceramic blade handy to open the mail, boxes that have been taped closed, and item packaging that’s impossible to get open. It’s so much safer — and easier — than using a pair of scissors and takes up almost no room in a kitchen or desk drawer. It’s also magnetic so it sticks to the fridge. The ceramic blade is gentle on skin but cuts right through tape and packaging.


This lap desk that has all the details you need

Make working from the couch or your favorite armchair more comfortable with this handy lap desk that puts a solid surface on your lap, complete with a wrist rest that stops your computer from slipping off, a slot to hold a tablet, and a pocket for pens or other tools. The cushioned base conforms to your lap for comfort and stability. It comes in four finishes.


This tiny security camera with so many features

Keeping an eye on your home, pets, and family is super easy with this tiny smart security camera that connects to your phone via an app. It’s also compatible with Amazon Alexa. It has two-way audio so you can talk to people or pets in the home from wherever you are, detects motion so you can get a notice if something happens, and has infrared vision so it works in the dark.


A pleated bed shirt with over 22,000 positive ratings

Improve the look of your bedroom with this simple, pleated bed skirt. It hides the frame and whatever you have stashed under the bed, gives your bed a tailored look, and adds a pop of color to the room. It comes in 12 colors and five sizes and you can throw it in the wash to clean it up.


A clever solution for storing & using grocery bags

Put that annoying accumulation of plastic grocery bags into this plastic bag saver and turn them into useful, dispensable items. This mounts to the wall so you can tuck it in a convenient spot. Just shove the bags into the top to store them. When you want one, pull it out of the dispenser in the front.


A vanity mirror with backlighting & multiple magnifications

With backlighting and two levels of magnification, this vanity mirror is the tool you need to get your look just right, even when your indoor lighting is dim. It pivots so you can get the angle right and check your look from several angles. It’s small enough to pack in a suitcase and runs on batteries, so you can be sure you have the right tools when you travel, too.


A set of stainless steel mixing bowls you will use for everything

If you have a good mixing bowl, you will quickly find that it is your favorite vessel for everything from whipping cream to making sauces and marinades to tossing a salad to prepping ingredients for cooking. This stainless steel mixing bowl set comes with six in every size you could want, from a small one for dipping sauce all the way up to an 8-quart bowl.


These long shoehorns so your shoes slide right on

Keep this pair of long metal shoehorns where you put your shoes on and be equipped to never crush the heel of your shoe or struggle to get a pair on again. The long length means you don’t have to bend over and the slick metal lets your foot slide right into the shoe.

“I just slip my foot in the shoe, slide in the shoe horn, and zip — my foot is all the way in,” said one reviewer. “No bending or twisting. Makes the start of the day easier!”


A portable patch of grass for training the puppy

When you are potty training a dog, it’s important to introduce good habits. When you can’t be home, set this real grass pee and potty training pad down to simulate the outdoors — the place you want your pet to learn is the right place to go. You can even put it on a patio as an ongoing option for apartment dogs. The doggy mat under the fresh grass is super absorbent so you never have leaks or bad smells.


The memory foam pillow you can customize

If your search for a comfortable pillow is too Goldilocks-like for comfort, this shredded memory foam pillow is the solution that is just right. That’s because you can adjust it to fit your anatomy and sleep style perfectly. If it’s too soft, add more memory foam. (It comes with extra.) If it’s too lofty or firm, remove some. The bamboo cover is washable and breathable, too.


These 2 LED flashlights that are small, bright & durable

If you include a flashlight in your everyday carry or your go bag, make it one that can survive life and that throws lots of light. This two-pack of LED flashlights is the small-but-mighty light that will clip to a belt or pack, fit neatly in a small pocket, and throw enough light to show you everything that’s in front of you.

“Sturdy, well-made flashlight with great flexibility to go from broad floodlight to narrow spotlight. It's very bright,” said one of the nearly 15,000 five-star reviewers.


A charging station that brings order to your cord chaos

Rein in the tech chaos in your house by corralling all the phones, tablets, and other chargeable devices onto this charging station. It holds six devices upright, each in its own slot. It charges phones fast and comes with six Lightning cords. And when a device is charged, the illuminated divider for its slot turns off.

“I love the short cords, it fully charges phones in under an hour,” said one reviewer. “It is so easy to set up and break down, we bring it on vacations too.”


This TV backlight to optimize your viewing experience

This simple and inexpensive TV backlight strip will transform your home viewing setup. Just peel and stick the strip to the back of your TV and plug it into a USB port. It throws light at the wall behind the TV, helping improve contrast on the screen by giving your eyes some ambient light, making the colors sharper and the blacks darker. It makes the room look cool, too.

“I felt like I had gotten a new TV,” said one reviewer. “Everything was sharper and brighter and more colorful, and there was no eye strain.”


A light & flexible hose that won’t kink

Upgrade your run-of-the-mill hose to this super flexible, lightweight garden hose by Flexila and make the yard work better. It bends easily so you don’t have to fight with the hose and the material promises not to leach toxins into the water so you can drink right from the hose.

“It coils perfectly and I can't even make it kink!” said one reviewer. “This is the best hose I have ever had.”


This vegetable chopper that makes food prep so fast

Simplify and speed up your food prep with this vegetable chopper that can mince an onion in a few movements, spiralize a zucchini, make fast fry shapes from potatoes, and more. It comes with four blades that snap onto the collection tray, which can also store your prepped food. Over 43,000 people give this tool five stars.


A personal blender so you can have smoothies anywhere

Whip up delicious smoothies or add powders to your beverages wherever you are with this personal blender. The blender jar is also a travel mug — designed to fit in most car cup holders — so you can grab it and go, sipping your creations on the hoof.

“This mini blender gets the job done,” said one reviewer. “It’s easy to clean and is great for smoothies on the go.”


These big, collapsible laundry baskets that look good & are easy to carry

These two big, easy-to-carry laundry hampers are a terrific way to declutter your home and make keeping track of your laundry easier. They stand on their own and hold a huge amount of clothing. When it’s time to wash, pick them up by the big handles and carry them to the laundry room. And they fold up for storage so you don’t have to house big, unwieldy laundry baskets.


A huge, luxe bath towel that’s super absorbent

Step out of the bath and wrap yourself up in one of these big, luscious bath sheets. These jumbo bath towels are super absorbent, ultra soft, and — because they are 100% ringspun cotton — they get better the more you use and wash them.

“These body towels are top tier,” said one reviewer. “I am 6’4” and the regular towels just aren’t adequate. The towels are soft and durable.”


This minimalist shower curtain for an easy bathroom makeover

Redecorate the bathroom quickly and affordably with this chic and minimalist waffle shower curtain that is heavy enough not to float up when you run hot water and is water resistant. It creates a simple and elegant look in the bathroom.

“I wanted something [that] would go to the ceiling and create an expensive look but not [be] expensive to purchase,” said one reviewer. “[This] is perfect!”


The mighty garlic press that can handle several cloves

This big garlic press, capable of handling several cloves at once, is a genius trick for speeding up food prep. Instead of spending 10 minutes chopping garlic, drop a few cloves in, press the handles together, and drop minced garlic directly into the pan or your dressing.

“I didn't realize they made garlic presses these days that were actually easy and comfortable to use!” said one reviewer. “Love this one, and the fact that you don't have to completely [peel] the clove before using it.” It comes in six colors.


This little waffle iron for fast & fun snacks

Whip up a quick snack or an easy breakfast with this mini waffle maker. It makes a petite, Eggo-sized (4-inch diameter) waffle with no guesswork. Just pour in the batter and wait for the light to tell you it’s ready to eat. It’s also great for waffling up mac and cheese, hash browns, omelets, brownies, and more because it makes a handy, side-dish-sized treat. Would 184,000 five-star reviewers steer you wrong? It comes in 20 colors and styles.


These easy, stick-on wall hooks that are super strong

Hang your hat right where you want it. Put your loofah within reach in the shower. Hang the tools you use often right where you can find them. This eight-pack of wall hooks makes it easy to put a hook — capable of holding a lot of weight — right where you want it without drilling or marking the wall. Just peel and stick them where you need to hang something. You can remove them. too.


This handy trick for managing your indoor climate

Know at a glance if your dry eyes and throat might be caused by the indoor conditions in your house with this indoor hygrometer that tells you the temperature and humidity. Icons tell you if you should turn on a humidifier or dehumidifier to get to the optimal indoor climate. It’s great for pet, plant, or bread-making control, too.


These big ice trays for better cocktails

Make six big, round or square ice cubes easily in this set of two ice cube trays. A big cube is perfect for sipping a whiskey or other cocktail as it melts more slowly than small ones. Fill the round tray with the included funnel and snap on the lid to get perfectly spherical ice. The ice pops out easily from the flexible trays and with 12 big cubes, they’ll keep the party going.


These solar lights that look like tiki torches

Get the look of a tiki torch without the hazard of an open flame — bedeck your outdoor space with this eight-pack of solar outdoor lights. Just stick them into the ground or a plant pot and they will take it from there, coming on at sunset and flickering and glowing till they run out of power.

“These are so cool,” said one reviewer. “They look like fire flames burning in a tiki torch!!! Love them!”


A pair of smart plugs to control your lamps & appliances remotely

Automate everything in your house — from the coffee pot to the lamps — by plugging them into these smart plugs and controlling them from an app on your phone or with your Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or other smart-home system. They are simple to set up and make it easy to set up schedules or control everything with your voice.

“It's so nice not having to turn my plant lights on and off,” said one reviewer. “It was easy to set up and use too.”


This trick to make furniture & counters look like marble

Turn that beat-up coffee table into a flashy marble one. Redecorate the dresser so it looks high-end. Or remodel the bathroom vanity without spending the money for a replacement. It’s easy to do with this marble contact paper that sticks to the surface and looks surprisingly real.

“I used this marble peel-and-stick paper for my kitchen counters,” said one reviewer. “It's gorgeous! Helps eliminate that bland ‘apartment’ look.”


A slender bathroom cabinet that fits in small spaces

When storage space in the bathroom is at a premium — and when isn’t it? — this bathroom storage cabinet will save the day. It sneaks into a tiny space with its tiny footprint and gives you space to store four rolls of TP inside the cabinet, a shelf for sundries, a TP dispenser, and a place to set your phone or a candle. It comes in five finishes.


This handy knife sharpener that’s so easy to use

No matter how sharp your knives are when you first get them, they get duller every time you use them. But this affordable little knife sharpener lets you bring that fine edge back, in just a few seconds, every time you get ready to cut. Just drag the blade through the first slot to prep it, then through the second slot to put a fine edge on it. The sharpener stores easily in a drawer, too.


A set of bag clips so all your snacks can stay fresher

With these eight air-tight bag clips in a kitchen drawer, you can easily close up a bag of chips, cereal, or cookies to maintain freshness. Just pull one of these out and clip it on, and its super strong grip will do the rest. These are easy to store and easy to use. And at $9, this is a convenience every kitchen should have on hand. You will likely find all kinds of other uses for them, too, once they are in your drawer.


The mug & mug warmer that help keep your coffee hot

How many times a day do you make a cup of coffee or tea, set it on your desk with the intention of working till it cools a little, then forget all about it until it’s completely cold? This mug warmer and mug set will solve that dilemma for good. Set the warmer to the perfect temperature and pour your beverage into the food-grade stainless steel mug and your beverage will be the perfect temperature whenever you remember it’s there.


This clever switch so you can add the lights to your smart home

Replace your light switches with this Kasa smart switch and add your overhead lights to your smart home. You can control the lights with an app, add them to preprogrammed schedules, and connect them to your Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Home. You can also use the switch to simply turn lights on and off. Nearly 28,000 people love this switch and gave it five stars.


A silicone popcorn maker that’s collapsible

This simple silicone microwave popcorn popper will take a snack that’s often decadent and buttery — when made from prepackaged bags — and turn it into an easy-to-prepare snack that’s as healthy as you want it to be. Pop with oil or without. Add butter or don’t. It takes only a couple of minutes to prepare and is super easy to clean up after.

“A perfect way to integrate healthy snacking into your life!” said one reviewer.


This big, grippy doormat that traps dirt & water

A good doormat won’t slip out from under you or let wet shoes damage your floor, and stops dirt from getting into your house. This is the doormat you want — inside or out. The low profile won’t catch on the door, it’s easy to clean, and it comes in two sizes and seven colors.


A helpful battery organizer with a built-in tester

Bring order to your battery drawer with this battery storage organizer that holds 180 batteries and has a battery tester so you never install — or store — a dead battery again. You can even mount it to the wall and free up that drawer space altogether. The lid is clear so you can easily see your inventory and it comes in seven colors.


This white noise machine for more restful sleep

Fall asleep to the relaxing sound of waves crashing on the beach, rain, a babbling brook, or any of six realistic sounds — all will help drown out the sounds of your neighborhood or home and replace them with a constant white noise that helps you sleep. You can set this white noise machine to play for 30, 60, or 120 minutes or let it go all night. And it’s small enough to take with you when you travel. It comes in three colors.


A highly rated rug pad that’s nonslip & customizable

Got a rug that is always moving around the house? Place this rug pad gripper under it and stop that annoyance. It has no adhesive to damage floors or the rug. It just adds grip to the underside so the rug won’t move when you walk on it, vacuum it, or the pets tear around the house.

“This pad keeps the hall runners in place...for the first time!” said one reviewer. “I was always adjusting the rugs in the entry hallway as well as in the kitchen and these pads have eliminated that annoying task.”


These clips that keep the bottom sheet in place

If your sheets are always popping off your mattress, clip them down with these easy-to-deploy bed sheet straps. They attach at the corners of the sheet and slip under the mattress corners so you don’t have to lift the whole mattress to get them on. But they hold the sheet firmly in place whether it’s the deep kind, shallow, or whatever style you have.

“We have this sheet set that we love,” said one reviewer. “[But] the corners would always come undone. So glad these straps exist!”

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