43 Surprisingly Cheap & Useful Things You Didn’t Know You Needed from Amazon

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by Lisa Fogarty
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Who said cheap products can't be charming — and utterly practical? Sometimes in life, the products you wind up using the most are the ones you never even knew you needed. Whether you are an amateur chef cooking up a storm, a DIY-er with a knack for tackling around-the-house projects, or you're just looking for a few good gadgets to make Netflix nights more relaxing, this list of 43 surprisingly cheap and useful things you didn't know you needed from Amazon is here to make your life easier. Less stress and less money spent? Sounds like a winning combination.

As someone who isn't ashamed to cut corners in the kitchen, I can vouch for both the egg separator on this list that takes the mess out of meal prep work and a pair of heat-resistant meat claws that tear apart the toughest cuts of meat with zero effort. If you're looking for ways to give your home an upgrade without spending a fortune you'll appreciate the simple changes that items like cable clips and a mountable battery organizer provide to keep your space orderly and neat. And there's no shortage of innovation present in these cool, affordable products. An item locator ensures you never misplace your car key again, a deceptively simple cleaning gel lifts up debris from keyboards and can be reused numerous times, and a multitool so small that it fits in your wallet can perform 18 functions as a can opener, screwdriver, and more.

Go on and stock up on some of the cheapest, but useful products that you'll use time and time again.

1. This multi-tasking garlic mincer & slicer

This two-in-one garlic mincer and slicer minces, slices, and crushes garlic with one press of its lightweight handle. The tool also comes with an accompanying silicone tool that removes garlic peels with a roll of your hand, so your hands won't even smell like garlic as your prep. The cleaning brush makes it a breeze to keep spotless.

2. A practical razor holder that mounts to shower walls

This adhesive suction cup razor holder adheres to shower walls to provide a convenient place for razors to dry and be stored until you're ready to use them. It can stick on any smooth surface, including tile and bathroom mirrors, and when you're ready to move it, simply run a blow dryer over the holder for a few seconds and peel it off.

3. These smart plugs for setting appliances on schedules

Set your lights and appliances on specific schedules and control everything from one convenient app with these smart plugs, which come in a money-saving pack of two. The plugs can be controlled by voice via Alexa or Google Assistant and work in conjunction with the Kasa app. You can effortlessly power up devices without lifting a finger and save money on your electric bill by setting them on timers.

4. A 50-pack of cable clips that reduce clutter

These cable clips clamp onto loose wires and cables so that they stay in place and won't run wild and make a roomy look messy and cluttered. The clips come in a pack of 50 and feature a strong adhesive that sticks well on dry surfaces like desks, walls, and tables. Use them to manage computer cables, wires from electronic devices, and even outdoor decorations.

5. A BBQ grill cleaner that fits in your pocket

Don't be deceived by its compact size — this brass BBQ grill cleaner has three round grooves and one V-shaped groove that effectively scrape barbecue grills free of grease and burnt food. Unlike a typical cleaning brush, this lacks bristles that get worn out and have to be replaced. The dishwasher-safe tool is made of solid brass, will last forever, and fits right in your pocket.

6. An item locator that saves you time on busy mornings

You don't have hours to spare on busy mornings searching for your keys and wallet. This item locator ensures you never have to go on those wild goose chases again. The genius device includes a color-coded transmitter and six receivers in corresponding shades that you simply attach to the items that you're constantly misplacing. Press a button to find what you need and follow the beeping sound to your car keys or the dog's leash.

7. The shirt folding board for easier laundry days

If you dread laundry day, especially the part that ends with T-shirts being shoved into a drawer, there's a better, breezier way to handle the stress: this shirt laundry folding board. The board provides step-by-step instructions, along with helpful illustrations, to show you exactly how to fold T-shirts, dress shirts, and collared polo shirts. Not only will your shirts look neat, but they'll also fit well in drawers and leave plenty of space for other clothing.

8. A windshield ice scraper that fits in your palm

These cone-shaped windshield ice scrapers fit in the palm of your hand and remove large chunks of ice at one time. The double-sided tool has miniature spikes on one end that you can use to break up ice and an extra-wide opening on the other for clearing off snow and ice from windshields and windows. It comes in a money-saving four pack and doubles as a funnel.

9. The mess-free cleaning gel for keyboards & speakers

Cleaning keyboards, cameras, calculators, and other tech tools is a tough one because many cleaning agents can ruin these devices. But all it takes is a few presses of this unique universal cleaning gel to lift up debris, dirt, and crumbs from difficult-to-clean electronics. The biodegradable gel is not sticky on your hands and can be reused. It comes in a pack of five.

10. This jar opener that you can mount to a cabinet

Install this jar opener beneath a cabinet using the accompanying industrial-grade tape and screws and use it to effortlessly open any jar or bottle (even child-proof bottles). This opener has a 4.8-star rating and more than 3,000 reviews, with several reviewers reporting that this is the ideal space-saving kitchen tool, especially if you have arthritis or carpal tunnel.

11. The wireless power bank that can charge four devices

There's no need to carry around charging cables when you have this power bank, which can power up to four devices at one time — one via the wireless pad and three via cables. It features two standard USB ports (one of those is a quick charge port) and one USB-C port. The bank is compact enough to fit in your pocket and conveniently plugs into a wall outlet to reduce clutter.

12. These motion sensor night lights for dark hallways

A little light to guide your path in a dark house is always a good thing, but it's even better when that light source saves you money. These plug-in LED motion sensor night lights only turn on when they detect movement, and then turn off 60 seconds after that last movement is registered to save you money on your electric bill. They have two adjustable brightness levels and come with four in a pack.

13. A headphone stand & cable organizer

Your headphones are a precious investment — store them safely on this headphone stand that doubles as the perfect place to organize various cables. The stand features one USB charging port for charging your headphones or other devices and nine lighting modes. This piece is fun, stylish, and practical, especially if you are a gamer who is often reaching for your headphones.

14. This necktie & belt hanger you can store in your closet

Save space and get dressed in minutes with the help of this wooden necktie and belt hanger that holds up to 20 ties, belts, and scarves. The organizer is designed with a metal hanger that can simply be hung on your closet rod. It rotates 360 degrees and your accessories will stay in place and not slip off, ensuring a less messy storage space.

15. The cordless grill light that lets you cook at any hour

Is there ever a bad time to barbecue? That all depends on your grill tools. This cordless barbecue grilling light features 10 bright LED lights, a 360-degree rotating head, and a unique design that makes it both waterproof and able to withstand temperatures as high as 550-degrees Fahrenheit. It has an adjustable brightness setting and a strong metal clamp that keeps it firmly in place by your BBQ.

16. This 18-in-1 multitool that fits in your wallet

This super gadget is a multitool that does it all: it features 18 tools, including a can opener, bottle opener, screwdrivers, and cell phone stand, all of which are situated in a compact package that fits in your wallet. This TSA-approved tool has a 4.6-star rating and more than 5,000 reviews.

17. A portable water filter with over 75,000 ratings

Enjoy clean, safe drinking water just about anywhere with this compact water filter, which has racked up more than 76,000 ratings and counting. It’s designed to remove 99.9% of bacteria from water. Consider bringing it along as a back-up water source on your next hiking or camping trip, or packing it in an emergency kit.

18. The phone mount that fits in your car cup holder

This phone mount fits in your car cup holder and features an adjustable gooseneck that you can position to different angles. It provides 360-degree rotation and fits smartphones of all sizes. Several reviewers noted that this mount provides a more efficient way of holding your phone in place and that it won't slip off the way mounts sometimes can on your windshield or vents.

19. These flashlight gloves for working in dark conditions

Whether you are going night fishing, have a few handyman projects to undertake at night, or simply prefer typing after hours and want to avoid waking everyone up, these flashlight gloves are a practical accessory. They feature an LED light that illuminates your work and work station, with a Velcro strap to ensure the perfect fit around your wrist. The gloves are lightweight and leave your fingers free for complete, comfortable movement.

20. An egg separator for mess-free food prep

Cracking an egg and shifting the yolk and white from shell to shell in the hopes of separating the two without making a royal mess is not the only way to prep meals (thank goodness). This egg separator makes your life so much easier — simply place the stainless steel egg filter on top of a bowl, crack your egg over it, and the rest is history. The tool is conveniently dishwasher-safe.

21. This multitasking power strip that doesn't take up room

Power up several devices and appliances on one multitasking power strip while keeping your space tidy and not taking up a ton of room with this genius flat extension cord. The strip is designed with three USB ports and four outlets and has a 5-foot power cord, so you can charge and power up to seven devices at once. Its flat design also ensures that you don't block other outlets.

22. A boar bristle beard brush with a chic travel case

Keep your beard groomed and tidy with this boar bristle beard brush designed with a black walnut wood handle that fits in your palm. The brush is perfect for pairing with balm and keeping your beard hydrated and smooth. It comes with a chic travel case.

23. An ice tray that makes longer-lasting oversized cubes

You don't need 10 ice cube trays — you just need one that is designed to provide more icy goodness in your drink. This silicone ice cube tray delivers: each tray makes eight oversized square cubes that will take longer to melt in your beverage. The trays come two in a set and can withstand extreme temperatures of -40 to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, plus they're safe in the microwave, dishwasher, oven, and freezer.

24. A pour-over coffee maker that's so simple to use

Delicious coffee made simple: that's the premise behind the design of this pour-over coffee maker, with its quality stainless steel mesh filter and BPA-free glass carafe. The maker eliminates the need to use paper filters and comes in three sizes: 10.5 ounces, 14 ounces (shown here), or 27 ounces, as well as two colors: clear or black.

25. This universal socket tool for every job

One tool — so many uses. This universal socket tool set comes with a power drill adapter and can accommodate standard 7mm to 9mm nuts. It's made from strong 54 chrome vanadium steel and is perfect for streamlining all of those DIY projects you have on your to-do list.

26. A water-resistant jacket that's lightweight & warm

Stay warm, while also being able to move comfortably, with this lightweight water-resistant puffer jacket. The zippered jacket has zippered pockets, a nylon shell, polyester fill, and it's machine-washable. It comes in 13 colors and prints including solid shades, camo, and marble.

27. An exfoliating back scrubbing pad

It can be difficult to reach your back in the shower — but not when you have this exfoliating back scrubber that cleans and sloughs away rough, dry skin. The silicone scrubber features a brush side with silicone brush bristles and a nubby side that delivers a soothing massage. When you're finished using it, hang it up to dry and store.

28. The inflatable travel pillow that supports your neck

A quality travel pillow doesn't just travel well — it supports your neck and head and prevents dreaded head droop. This pick inflates and deflates for easy storage and features a Velcro snap around the neck for the perfect fit. It has a machine-washable velour cover and is even designed with a pocket for your phone and a removable hood for complete comfort.

29. A beer-chilling stick that fits inside bottles

Designed specifically to fit inside of 12-ounce beer bottles, this beer chiller is a genius stick that you can freeze and then insert into bottles to keep your beer chilled for hours without diluting your beverage. The sticks come in a pack of two and are made from dishwasher-safe stainless steel.

30. These sturdy claws that effortlessly shred meat

Shredding beef, pork, or chicken with an ordinary fork is a lesson in patience. There's no need to waste all of that time — these meat shredder claws come in a pair and effortlessly tear into the toughest meat in just seconds. They can withstand temperatures as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit and are safe to toss in the dishwasher.

31. The most practical battery organizer with a tester

If you have loose batteries around your house, this is the perfect battery organizer to keep them stored and make it simple to find the battery type you need for your gadget. The organizer fits up to 93 batteries of different sizes and includes a removable tester so you never have to wonder which batteries are functioning. Mount it to a wall or store it flat in a drawer.

32. This tri-fold visor mirror that you can easily install

Turn your car visor into a more functional space with the help of this tri-fold visor mirror. The mirror is designed with Velcro so you can easily mount it and then remove, fold, and take it with you. It allows you to see more details but won't take up more space.

33. A UV phone sanitizer & charger in a portable case

If the thought of germs collecting on your phone gets under your skin, this UV phone sanitizer and charger will give you peace of mind. The sanitizing case works in just five minutes, killing 99.9 percent of viruses, bacteria, and microbes found on your device. It also has a convenient phone charger and is compatible with your car's USB port, so you can use it when you're on the go.

34. These coily cable protectors to prevent fraying

There comes a time in every wire or cable's life when it begins to fray and slowly, but surely, lose functionality. These coily cable protectors simply wrap around cables to protect them and prevent damage, while keeping them clean and free of knots. They come in a pack of 12 in different colors.

35. A monitor stand that frees up desk space

Create more space on your desk and work comfortably with this monitor stand riser. The 14.5-inch screen riser is a metal stand that adjusts your monitor to a higher, more comfortable viewing position. It has perforated holes to allow for airflow and leaves just enough room beneath it to store books and other items. The stand has non-slip padding to keep it in place and protect furniture.

36. This couch cup holder that stays put

Sit back, relax, and grab your cup of coffee or cold drink while you're lounging on your sofa. This couch cup holder is perfection — it has a wide paddle bottom that rests between couch cushions and stays in place. The cup holder is wide enough to catch drips and handle condensation and, unlike a side table, this tool is conveniently portable.

37. A remote control holder you can mount to a wall

Searching high and low for remote controls is nobody's idea of a good time. This remote control holder provides a simple solution: you can mount it to your wall and always locate the remote you need. The mount's minimalist design suits most home decor and it comes with a strong adhesive backing that won't damage walls — no tools are needed.

38. These multi-tasking silicone scrubbing gloves

You won't regret buying these reusable silicone brush scrubbing gloves — because you'll always find a purpose for them. Whether you use them to scrub pots and pans, wash your car, or get your pup clean, they work like magic, thanks to their comfortable design, soft bristles, and heat resistance of up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

39. These bracelets with five different emergency tools

These ultra-versatile, adjustable paracord bracelets combine five emergency tools in one: a whistle, fire starter, compass, rod striker, and 12 feet of cordage. One reviewer reported, “I snap this bracelet on anytime I go hiking now, and clip it to my backpack when not. It is sturdy, comfortable, and gives me great peace of mind knowing I have it for emergencies while hiking.”

40. An accurate meat thermometer for delish meats

The secret to a perfect meat-based meal is cooking foods to just the right temperature, and this digital instant read meat thermometer provides an accurate reading each time. It has a foldaway probe and a large digital LED screen that calls up a temp reading in just two to three seconds. Its 90-second auto shut-off saves battery power and it's even a cinch to store — it has both a hanging hole for hooks and a magnetic backing that allows you to keep it conveniently attached to your fridge or any other metal surface.

41. This water bottle with reminders to keep hydrated

How can you improve upon an already high-quality water bottle design? Add helpful, motivational markers that remind you to drink up each hour and stay hydrated. This BPA-free plastic bottle has a silicone straw, a wide mouth that's ideal for adding ice cubes, a leak-proof lid and time markers along the body. It holds 32 ounces and comes in 18 colors.

42. The sunglasses holder that fits on car visors

Your car is the one place where you are constantly removing your sunglasses and putting them back on, but stashing them in the glove compartment can result in scratches and damage. This sunglasses holder provides a secure and safe place to store them and it fits perfectly over car visors. It has a spring design that stays in place and a built-in sponge to protect glasses from scratches. Choose between two shades: beige or black.

43. An apron that captures beard hair

Save money, time, and mess with this beard apron, which is worn like a cape and features suction cups to adhere to your bathroom mirror. The waterproof apron has a roomy catch basin for hair clippings and will keep your sink and counters free of mess. Its velcro straps attach around the neck for a perfect fit and it comes with a zippered travel bag.

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