41 weird products that are wildly useful

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by Nina Bradley and Christina X. Wood
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At first, you might think a motion-detecting neon light for the inside of your toilet bowl is weird — but when you wake up in the middle of the night and walk into your dark bathroom, you'll understand why it's so important. Believe it or not, the world is loaded with weird products that are wildly useful — and a lot of them are on Amazon. There are slippers that help you mop the floor, shelving units that suction to your window, keychain holders for your hand sanitizer, and so much more. I went looking for the weirdest and the most useful items and gathered them here. They're really, really tempting.

Let's start with a piece of plastic that looks like barbed wire. Why would you want it? Because it'll save you a ton of money on a plumber — that's why. Read on to find more weird products that make all the difference.

1. These drain snakes that'll unclog your sink without a plumber

Each one of these drain clog removers dislodges hair and debris from your sink's drain in minutes — without the use of chemicals. They feature a barbed design and are flexible enough to reach difficult areas. Great for the kitchen and bathroom, these augers work in bathtubs, showers, sinks, and more.

2. The wall outlet with 2 built-in USB ports for easy charging

You'll be able to charge your mobile devices using only a cable with this USB wall outlet. Each outlet in this two-pack has two built-in USB ports that'll allow you to free up the other outlet areas for other uses. It helps to reduce clutter and installs easily into any standard wall outlet box.

3. These keychain bottle holders to keep your sanitizer within reach

Your hand sanitizer will always be within reach, all thanks to these mini bottle holders that fit on your keychain. Made to hold up to one ounce of liquid each, these neoprene key rings can hold lotion, sanitizer, hand soap, and more. They also come in a cool assortment of designs, including stripes, flowers, and solid black.

4. A smartphone projector that magnifies movies and shows

Use this phone screen magnifier to project images from your phone onto that attached surface for easier viewing. It magnifies your smartphone screen so it's two to four times larger, making it simpler to watch movies or TV shows wherever you are. It's lightweight, portable, and easy to toss in your bag or backpack when you're on the go.

5. This magnetic tool that helps you easily navigate home projects

Great for DIY home projects big and small, this magnetic flashlight tool helps you navigate through jobs easily and with optimal visibility. The magnetic ends pick up screws, nuts, bolts, and other items as needed, all while the LED lighting serves as a perfect guide. This tool is made of durable aluminum alloy that's both weatherproof and shockproof.

6. A toothbrush sanitizer that can travel with you wherever you go

Sized to fit most toothbrush heads, this rechargeable sanitizing case keeps your brush stay clean and protected after every use. The cleansing action takes only about five minutes to sanitize, and it shuts off automatically when the process is complete. It can be recharged for continuous use and can last for about 20 to 25 cycles after one full charge.

7. The motion-sensing toilet night light with 16 changing colors

Activated by motion, this toilet night light allows you to see in the dark while adding a bit of entertainment to your bathroom. It's made to fit any toilet and features 16 colors with five different levels of brightness control settings. This device is easy to install and will make a great addition to your home, marveling family, friends, and all who enter your domain.

8. This reusable smart notebook that clears in the microwave

This smart notebook allows you to write notes, upload them to your phone or cloud service, and then microwave the pad to erase and repeat. It's eco-friendly, saving paper and allowing you to use it over and over again as you please. The high-tech pad also comes with its own Pilot Frixion pen to write with, and the set makes a great gift for anyone who loves writing their thoughts on paper.

9. A large suction cup shelf that attaches to your window

Perfect for use on windows and mirrors, this large suction cup shelf helps you display plants and other fixtures when wall space isn't available. It can hold up to 10 pounds of weight, and it can even be used as a bird feeder. A great addition to any room, this damage-free product will protect your walls since you won't be using nails or screws during installation.

10. This bottle cleaner that can reach small small spaces

This flexible bottle brush will offer you total peace of mind when it comes to cleaning the corners of important items like jars and bottles. It bends and contorts into any shape you need, and it wipes glasses, jars, and dished clean in just a few minutes. It's also made of high-quality foam, and you're probably never going to want to clean without it again.

11. These hedgehog-shaped dryer balls that help reduce wrinkles

This set of spiky, hedgehog-shaped dryer balls will help keep your clothes fluffy and wrinkle-free as they tumble in your dryer. They're made of hypoallergenic plastic that naturally softens fabrics without the use of chemicals, cutting your drying time by at least 25 percent. You can opt for this two-pack or choose the eight-pack.

12. A teeth-whitening charcoal powder that tastes like peppermint

You can experience a brighter smile after using this teeth-whitening charcoal powder. Made with activated coconut charcoal, this peppermint-flavored whitener works to eliminate stains left behind by coffee, wine, and more. It uses natural ingredients and goes on easy — just wet your toothbrush, dip it into the charcoal, brush for a few minutes, and then rinse.

13. These meat claws that help shred pulled pork and grip hot food

Make your favorite shredded chicken, beef, or pork meals with these sharp, BPA-free meat claws. Durable and heat-resistant up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit, these claws help you shred hot meat quickly (without the use of kitchen knives and forks). Easy to use and grip, they're also perfect for handling other hot meats and items such as turkeys, roasts, and more.

14. The lemon-scented gel that helps clean small spaces on your keyboard

Remove crumbs and dirt from your computer keys, car vents, speakers, air conditioners, television sets, and more with this cleaning gel. It conforms to fit into tight areas, adhering to dirt and dust to keep every nook and cranny in pristine condition. This gel doesn't leave your hands sticky, making it super simple to use whenever it's needed. Plus, it smells like lemons.

15. This foot massager and back roller that travels easily

Simply roll this massager ball along your body for instant relief from tense and stiff muscles. Small and compact, it's great for personal care and can easily fit in your bag for use on the go. It can also be used alone or in conjunction with essential or massaging oils — and it comes in three colors: blue, pink, and purple.

16. These toaster bags that make mess-free grilled cheese sandwiches

Make mess-free grilled cheese sandwiches in this nonstick reusable toaster bag, and you won't have to cook them over the stove. They totally eliminate the mess and hassle of dripping cheese from the pan to your plate, keeping each sandwich intact as it cooks. This pack comes with a set of three bags that can be easily cleaned out for continued use.

17. An extra-long loofah that scrubs hard-to-reach places

Exfoliate and dry hard-to-reach places with this extra-long loofah. It works wonders on dry skin and is long enough to help you clean areas such as your back, neck, shoulders, feet, and more. This scrubber is simple to use, and it's designed with an attached rope that allows you to store it in your shower for quick accessibility and drying.

18. These cooking bands replace twine, toothpicks, and skewers

A reusable alternative to kitchen twine, these stretchy cooking bands help hold your food together as it cooks. They're completely heat-proof up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit — and they can also be used in the freezer and other areas where you may want to hold multiple food items together. They come in a pack of 25 that are dishwasher safe and completely reusable.

19. A set of mop slippers that make cleaning kind of fun

Thanks to these chenille microfiber mop slippers, you're able to keep your feet comfy and cozy while also cleaning your floors by simply walking around. Offered in an array of bright colors, these pairs are reusable and simple to wear over your shoes. They can also be tossed into the washing machine for easy laundering.

20. The moldable silicone glue that turns into hard rubber

Durable and waterproof, this moldable glue dries into hard silicone rubber that can handle just about any around-the-house job. It's a great solution for fixing cracked plastic or sealing broken items. This glue bods to virtually any material including glass, ceramic, wood, metal, and plastic — and it can even bear up to 4.4 pounds of hanging weight.

21. A countertop veggie slicer with interchangeable blades

Shred, grate, slice and dice vegetable, cheese, and more while using this high-quality mandoline. It has everything you need in one, offering five stainless steel blades that can be changed to create your desired results. The base is made of BPA-free plastic, and it fits right on your countertop.

22. The heated bag sealer that prevents your chips from getting stale

This heated bag sealer ensures that your food will stay fresher for longer periods of time. Each sealer in this two-pack can be slid across the openings of your chip bags to help prevent staleness. They also feature a magnetic back that allows you to store them both on your refrigerator for easy use and accessibility.

23. These cutting boards that you can sterilize in the microwave

These flexible cutting boards make for easy chopping and pouring — and they can even be placed in the microwave for simple sterilization, which is a plus for anyone who doesn't like doing the dishes. Offered in three cool colors, these mats also come with a hole so that they can be hung for easy storage. They're also dishwasher safe, so you can still wash them when they need a good refresh.

24. An inverted umbrella that helps you stay dry when you walk inside

Stay comfortable and dry after the rainstorm by using this inverted umbrella. Unlike traditional umbrellas, it closes inside-out to protect you from dripping water when you close it. It also offers UV protection to help shield you from the sun — and it even has a C-shaped handle so you can slide it comfortably onto your forearm or wrist during and after use.

25. A pack of antimicrobial scrubbers that smell like peaches

These silicone scrubbers clean dirty dishes without being abrasive too abrasive. And since they're made with antimicrobial properties (and smell like peaches), they'll be resistant to mildew and protected from unwanted odor. One pack comes with three of them, so you can store them in your kitchen or bathroom until you need more.

26. This magnetic microwave cover that can be used to prevent splatters

This cover lives in the microwave (on the microwave ceiling, to be exact). There are magnets on top that grip the ceiling — and when you want to cover a plate of food to prevent it from splattering all over the inside of your appliance, drop the cover down. Otherwise, it's out of your way and not cluttering up the kitchen.

27. A credit card-sized multitool with 37 different uses

Some multitools are loaded with features that you'll never use — but not this one. You'll probably be pulling this beautifully engineered tool out all day long and using it for tons of things. It's a cell phone stand, a box opener, several wrenches and screwdrivers, a ruler, a fruit peeler, a sharp knife, and more. It's also super solid and made of steel — so when you use the tools, you won't have to worry if it will break.

28. These elastic shoelaces you'll never have to tie or untie

How much time have you wasted untying that double-knot you use to keep your running shoes from coming unlaced? Install these no-tie laces once, and you'll never have to do that again. After looping them onto your sneakers, your shoes will be snug and comfy. And once you adjust them to perfection, you can step in and out of any pair without tying or untying anything. They're so convenient that you'll put them in every pair.

29. An adjustable flashlight that's magnetic and flexible

Holding a flashlight in your hand is so last year. This magnetic and flexible light sticks to any nearby metal — and it bends so you can create the light beam you want. It even has four light levels so you can control what kind of shine you're creating, including an emergency flashing mode. It's a must-have for your car, emergency kit, or toolkit.

30. This spatula that doubles as a pair of food tongs

Where has this ultra-useful spatula been all my life? When the grilled cheese, french toast, or burgers are challenging to flip, this utensil helps by clamping down on the both sides. It's also brilliant for pulling fried food out of the cooking oil or getting pieces of meat out of a large pot. I predict it'll be in constant use while in the kitchen.

31. A toilet stool that makes it easier to use the bathroom

This doctor-recommended Squatty Potty allows you to sit on your toilet comfortably while helping you adjust your posture to recreate a squatting position (which your colon appreciates because it makes it simpler to use the bathroom). In my opinion, every house should have one of these.

32. This steel soap-shaped bar that helps remove unwanted cooking odor from your hands

This stainless steel bar looks like soap because you use it exactly like soap. Since the molecules within the steel will bind with the sulfur molecules on your hands after cooking and dealing with strong-scented foods, the unwanted odors will be removed when you rub your hands against it. Keep it in the kitchen and use it after cutting garlic, fish, and more.

33. A toy that cleans the stains from inside your microwave

Fill this plastic toy with vinegar and water and then microwave it. Steam will come out of the top and soften all the caked-on particles that got spewed all over the interior of your microwave, making it super easy to wipe. The cleaning process should take about seven minutes each time, with an additional two to cool off.

34. This UV phone sanitizer that removes up to 99.9% of bacteria

Your phone — aka the object you touch with your hands and face almost constantly — is dirtier than a toilet. Put your device inside this phone sanitizer while you wash your hands, and then use it carefree. It takes only a minute to get rid of up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on your phone by using strong UV-C LED lights. (You can put sunglasses and keys in here, too.)

35. The tool that helps you fold your shirts perfectly

Do you admire the stacks of perfectly folded shirts in retail outlets? Well, you can have that in your own closet. The secret is this folding tool. Put your shirt on it, and then flip the sides as directed. Then, repeat the process with the other shirts in your closet. Then, everything will be uniformly folded.

36. A clever and versatile phone stand and grip

Holding a phone or tablet can be hard on your hands after a while, but a PopSocket like this one gives you a better grip. Just slide it between your fingers and you won't have to grip so hard. Once it's installed, it's also useful as a stand. Just pop the flat surface up to an elevated position and set it down on any surface to watch movies on your phone. There are also mounts for your desk and car in this line, so it's the base of a functional phone solution. Choose from tons of colors.

37. This alarm clock that rolls around when it's time to wake up

Are you someone who sleeps through the alarm and misses your busses or flights regularly? It's nice to be able to sleep like that, but it sounds like you need Clocky to help get you up. This alarm clock sounds off and then starts rolling around the room, chirping loudly and creating chaos that neither you or the cat will be able to ignore. Once you're awake, you'll either throw it out the window or start your day laughing.

38. A scalp massager that feels really, really good on your head

If your favorite part of going to the hair salon is the all-too-brief head massage during the shampoo session, you need this scalp massaging tool. There are twenty prongs, and they're all covered a gentle rubber beads. Just rub them on your head or someone else's for a relaxing sensation. It's even good for hair growth.

39. A splatter screen that's a kitchen multi tool

Every kitchen needs a splatter screen, unless you love cleaning grease off of counters, stove, and cupboards. But why get one that's a single-function tool? This silicone splatter screen is super easy to clean, folds to fit in a drawer, and it also works as a strainer or a lid for pots you don't want to cover all the way.

40. A travel pillow with extra neck support for cozy upright naps

Unlike bulky travel pillows that are hard to fit in your already-packed lugged, this one folds down small. But when you're ready to nap, it can be wrapped around your next and provides support for upright snoozes. In fact, the rigid inner frame will let you fall asleep without the neck pain involved with leaning against a window.

41. This cushioned eye mask that doubles as headphones

Loud roommates, street noise, bright lights in the house — these are all things that could disrupt your naps. Inside these light-blocking headphones, it's dark and you can control the ambient sound. Put on a digital book or dial up some ocean sounds. Play whatever music calms you down. These headphones are comfortable to relax in, and they have memory foam cushions around your eyes and head.

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