Watch this Lamborghini be controlled with Amazon Alexa

You can order your Lambo to warm your tush thanks to Alexa integration.

It’s fair to say that the only thing more misery-inducing than driving a Lamborghini Huracán in stop-and-go California traffic is needing to navigate a touchscreen to change settings in your Lamborghini Huracán in stop-and-go traffic. Like some kind of pleb.

You can’t clear up traffic with the touch of a button, but Lamborghini has at least partnered up with Amazon to integrate Alexa directly into the Huracán EVO supercar. While it might not solve your traffic nightmares, this does make the entry-Lambo the first vehicle to hand over control of a wide variety of vehicle systems to Alexa.


Has Alexa been put in cars before?

Plenty of car brands have added Alexa support before now of course. There was even a TV spot where people mistook their new Buick for an Alexa, which seems an odd flex. However, this is the first time that a carmaker has integrated Alexa so deeply into the vehicle, Lamborghini says. (Alexa could be reached for comment, but its answers weren’t useable.)

In addition to standard Alexa fare like turning your lights on at your house or playing your favorite playlist, you’ll also be able to adjust the climate control, interior lighting, and seat heating just by yelling at Alexa to fulfill your deepest desires ... well, as long as those desires include things like making a phone call, setting the ambient light to red, or ensuring adequate warmth on your tushie.

What can Alexa on the Lamborghini do?

Alexa can also bring up the LDVI system — that standards for Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Integrata, obviously — which displays in real-time what the all-wheel-drive system in the Huracán EVO is up to. If you integrate your automatic gate opener with Alexa, you won’t have to push a button to get back into your mansion. Now that’s a flex.

New Huracán EVO supercars delivered after mid-April will receive the new Alexa integration automatically, and it’s a free upgrade for all current Huracán EVO models through a visit to your local Lamborghini dealer.


How does the Alexa on Lamborghini’s update?

Even better, the system will be upgradable via over-the-air software updates. That’s especially important because a Lamborghini spokesperson tells Inverse that Alexa control over the stereo volume will be coming in one of those software updates. Inexplicably, the Huracán EVO doesn’t actually have a volume knob (you have to tap the screen multiple times to change the audio volume) so that’ll actually come in really handy when you’re trying to order a Double-Double in the In-N-Out drive-thru and they can’t hear you over your bangin’ jams.

Alexa, mute Lil Nas X. I’m trying to get my Animal Style on.

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