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by Ileana Morales Valentine and Christina X. Wood
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Some of my most prized possessions are brilliant tools that do simple tasks well. I have a few antique typewriters, sure, and some cool art that I’m fond of. But if I was broke and had to cull everything I own to fit into a too-small storage container, those would go up for sale while the things that get me through each day would come with me. Many of these things were inexpensive, too, which I think just makes them — and my decision to purchase them — even better. If you’re like me and like dope sh*t, you’ll love these 54 things on Amazon.

Wherever you live, you’ll need to hang your clothes in a closet, for example, so this big box of excellent hangers that make that closet seem bigger will always get a place in the storage container, right? Sickness and fevers can happen, too, no matter where you end up, so you’ll want to pack this touchless thermometer that gives you an instant read. And even if your next destination is a hotel room, you’ll need to plug things in and charge up your gadgets. So you’ll absolutely want this clever and super portable desktop power strip. What else will go with? There are so many of these. Read on.

1. An adorable lunch box that handles all your meals

Some days you pack a sandwich. Other days, it’s a salad. And sometimes there is leftover tempura or chicken wings. This is the leakproof, genius lunchbox for all those options. There are two levels, each with a divider, so you can create a salad, leftover buffet, or a sandwich and some sides. A complete set of utensils is hiding in the lid and there’s even a sauce container that matches the cute bamboo styling.

2. A mushroom farm for your living room

How fun would it be to pick mushrooms in your own living room and then eat them for dinner? It’s super easy with this kit, which you simply open up, scratch with a fork to activate the spores, soak in water, and set in a window. In 10 days, you’ll be eating your own home-grown mushrooms.

3. This phone wallet that carries your earbuds

This stick-on phone wallet makes it so that every time you grab your phone and go, you also have the bare essentials with you: a credit card, a bit of cash, and your wireless earbuds. There’s a slot for a credit card and ID, and a stretchy pocket that holds some cash and your earbuds. This is a three-pack, so you can hand them out to friends, too.

4. These giant claws for cutting, lifting & shredding meat

When you want to shred pork or lift a roast from the oven, this pair of huge, sharp claws will be your go-to tool. They make shredding large cuts of meat fast and much more efficient because they give leverage and dig in. You’ll also find them useful when lifting a big piece of meat off the grill. Then they go into the dishwasher for cleanup and store easily in a drawer.

5. This olive wood utensil holder for the kitchen

Bring order, beauty, and convenience stove side with this elegant utensil holder. Made from exotic Olive wood, it has beautiful burls and grain that give it a natural and organic character that will look lovely on the counter. And it keeps your most-often used utensils within reach to make cooking — and cleaning up — easy. No two are the same.

6. A tempered glass mug set for elegant coffees

When you serve coffee in these tempered glass mugs, your guests can enjoy the beauty of the beverage — hot or cold — that you created rather than the outside of a mug. The handle stays cool, no matter how hot the beverage is, and the weighted bottom gives these mugs a substantial feel.

7. This extension cord that hides an ugly outlet

Sometimes an outlet is in exactly the wrong place, but tearing out drywall and rerunning wires is too expensive to warrant moving it. Instead, it’s easy to plug the decorative plate of this extension cord into that outlet and tuck the outlet extender behind your appliances or furniture to simultaneously hide that outlet and plug in more stuff.

8. These slide-on sandals that are soft like a cloud

Slip your feet into these soft slides and you will forget that your feet were ever sore. You can wear them right into the shower or to water the lawn and they will dry right out, too. They are super lightweight, come in five colors, and reviewers are raving about how great they are for all-day comfort, running around the house, or to relieve all sorts of foot pain.

9. A pan storage solution that gives you more space

Use this pan organizer to transform the interior of your cupboards into an orderly pan display that lets you find and grab the tool you need without the irritation of digging through a chaotic jumble. It expands from 12.25 to just over 24 inches to fit the your cupboard and holds up to 10 pans, lids, or cutting boards upright.

10. These web cam covers that protect your privacy

Have you ever wondered if someone could be watching you through the web camera on your laptop, tablet, or phone? Stop wondering and cover the webcam with one of these slider covers. Just peel and stick it over the camera, and when it’s closed you’ll know that no one is looking at you. Just slide it open to use the camera.

11. A clever bedside caddy to keep all your gear handy

Tuck the flap under a mattress or the cushions of your couch and this caddy will provide plenty of pockets to keep everything you need nearby organized and within reach. There’s a big pocket for a laptop or tablet and smaller ones to organize a book, phone, glasses, some tissues, headphones, and a stylus. When you close the flap, it transforms into a big clutch, already loaded with your gear.

12. This drink-mixing kit for margaritas on the go

When the party is at the beach house, pack these two self-contained cocktail kits along — and pick up some tequila on the way — so you can enjoy perfect craft drinks at sunset on the deck. Each tin has everything you need to create four epic recipes, right down to salting the rims with superfine, sustainably harvested sea salt. It’s also a great kit to pack for a flight.

13. A tripod & remote so you can take the best selfies

Set this tripod anywhere — uneven surfaces, clinging to a tree branch, tottering amid your tools — and snap your photos or video using the remote. Your selfies and videos will go from amateurish to slick while you sit back and do what you do for the camera. Almost 17,000 reviewers love this kit and give it five stars.

14. A touchless thermometer that’s a fan favorite

Get within an inch of the forehead of any person you want to get a temperature read on and press a simple button on this no-touch thermometer. A quiet, gentle vibration will tell you when it’s done, so you can even take the temperatures of sleeping children without disturbing them. The large, clear LED readout is easy to see in any light and almost 93,000 reviewers give it five stars.

15. This snowflake multitool with 18 handy functions

This stainless steel snowflake fits easily into a purse or pocket (it even comes with a case) and is a super handy collection of screwdrivers, bottle openers, box openers, and other tools that will save you when your bike breaks down, your camping experience requires repairs, or you need to open that bottle STAT.

16. The phone mount that goes in a cup holder with the cup

This clever accessory lets you turn any cup holder — the one on your boat, stroller, back seat, or wherever — into a phone mount without sacrificing the cup holder. Just press it into the cup holder and it grabs on by flexing outward. That tension allows it to hold your phone where you can see it and leaves a space for you to set your drink.

17. This power strip that’s perfect on your desktop

This power strip is designed to bring the outlets you access constantly within easy reach so you don’t have to crawl on the floor. The 5-foot braided cord is flexible and puts three standard outlets and four smart USB plugs on your desk, at your bedside, or on the table. It’s great for travel, too, since hotel rooms and cruise ships rarely have enough outlets.

18. A double-sided tape that will hang anything

This double-sided tape doesn’t use adhesives. It uses a super grippy, micro suction technology that can be used over and over again. Just cut it to size, peel the backing off, stick it to the item you want to hang and press. If you want to reuse it, remove it and rinse it off and it will become sticky again. This is a total of 21 feet of tape that you can use indoors or out.

19. This wall-mounted bathroom organizer

Get all the clutter off your surfaces while keeping everything organized and handy by mounting this organizer to the bathroom wall. It keeps the toothbrushes clean, dispenses toothpaste, has two cups that hang magnetically upside down to drain, stores small items out of sight in a drawer, and has a shelf on top for all your personal care products.

20. These hangers that look awesome & save space

Replacing that random collection of coat hangers with these slim velvet hangers will create instant aesthetic unity in your closet. It will also reduce the space your clothes take up by up to 50 percent, since these are half the thickness of most other hangers. The hook swivels, slots keep delicate garment straps on the hanger, and the texture prevents heavier garments from sliding off.

21. A set of covers that keep your fridge door handles clean

Wrap these fabric handle covers around the handles of your fridge and reclaim all the time you spend wiping fingerprints off that shiny finish. These covers feel soft to your hands, give the appliance an elegant look, and don’t show fingerprints at all. When they get dirty, wash them with the laundry and put them right back on.

22. A stylish way to keep kitchen tools within reach

If you are tired of digging around in overcrowded drawers looking for the kitchen tools you need, mount them to the wall with this clever and attractive utensil hanger. The wall hooks hold cutting boards or larger items while the carousel keeps your most-used spatulas, whisks, and ladles within easy reach.

23. This quick fix for rugs that slip & slide

If you have a pet that scrambles the rugs or are afraid you’ll break your neck the next time the hall rug slides out from under you, these rug grippers will fix that problem in a few seconds. Peel and stick the side that says “rug” to the rug and then peel-and-stick the side that says “floor” to the floor where you want the rug to stay. That rug won’t move, curl up, or trip you ever again.

24. A phone mount that’s like an extra pair of arms

This phone mount at the end a strong flexible gooseneck loop made from aluminum magnesium alloy will quickly become your best friend. Wear it around your neck so you can do video calls while walking around. Set it on the coffee table so you can watch videos while you kick back. Or use it to hold your device in front of your eyes while you read in bed. It’s super versatile and over 9,000 people give it five stars.

25. This bulletin board & document clip for your monitor

If you have ever tried to reference a piece of paper or something on your phone while working at a computer, you will love having this clear bulletin board mounted to your monitor. A document clip at the top lets you put that paper where you can see it. A phone mount puts your phone in view. And the clear acrylic board is a great place to put sticky note reminders.

26. A shelf that’s perfect under the sink but works anywhere

This shelf is sized perfectly for that hard-to-utilize space under the bathroom sink and creates instant order. But it’s also attractive enough to set on a table, in a cupboard, or anywhere and it provides a terrific amount of storage in two tiers of shelves that both drain. Two hooks provide a great place to hang brushes, sponges, or other tools.

27. This sprayer makes the bathroom sink awesome

Attach this swiveling angle sprayer to the faucet in your sink and you can turn the water spray upward for sipping or washing your face. It also rotates 360 degrees to make washing the sink easy and creates a soft, aerated water stream or — by turning the dial — a fast jet.

28. An easy-to-install & washable cover for the couch

In just a few minutes you can change the look of your couch with this super stretchy and soft slipcover that fits most couches snugly. Use it to protect your couch from kids or pets or to spruce up furniture that has seen better days. Reviewers give it over 25,000 five-star reviews and say it’s quick and easy to install, looks good, and is very soft.

29. This expandable spice rack that fits your space

These two three-tiered shelves are super versatile because they are designed to fit together like a puzzle. So, if you have the room, pull them apart and take advantage of all the surface area they offer. If your space is limited, push them together to maximize your cupboard space. They are so pretty — with three-inch deep bamboo shelves — that they could easily sit out on a table, too.

30. A lap desk that folds up into a tiny carrying case

This lap desk makes working from bed or the couch so much more ergonomic and productive because it provides a large, stable work surface at the right height. When you are done working, fold it up into a little briefcase that’s easy to carry and store. It’s the perfect place to set down a drink between two beach or camping chairs, too.

31. A case for all your cables & small electronics

Your laptop bag has a sleeve for your computer but what about the mouse, cables, and other small electronics? This waterproof case has all the tiny pockets, elastic holders, and removable dividers you need to store and carry all of that so it is organized and tidy. It also comes with three meters of hook-and-loop tape to wrap the wires and prevent tangling.

32. This shower curtain with a large following

So many shower curtains creep up on you while you shower, don’t keep the water from escaping, and turn moldy almost as soon as you install them, but this one takes care of all those problems. Clear stones weight it down so it stays put, metal grommets prevent the shower hooks from tearing the curtain, and the fabric is antibacterial to keep mildew away. Almost 50,000 people give it five stars.

33. A stainless steel soap bar that eliminates odors

This is not a practical joke; it’s science. This stainless steel bar that looks like a bar of soap actually does a better job of removing odors from your hands than soap because sulfur molecules bond to the metal and wash away, leaving your hands odor-free. Use it after handling fish, garlic, and other strong smelling foods and it will get all the residual stink off of your skin.

34. This splash guard so you don’t get wet washing dishes

This cute, silicone splash guard suctions onto the surface in front of you while you wash dishes so you don’t get a wet belly in the process. The wave pattern looks great in the kitchen and it protects cabinets under the sink from water stains, too. It comes in three muted colors.

35. The genius dish drying rack that goes over the sink

Unroll this stainless steel dish drying rack right over one side of your sink and let the dishes drip dry. The grippy rubber ends hold it steady and the utensil cup handle snaps out and doubles as a small colander. It all rolls up to fit in a drawer but you’ll probably use it constantly as a trivet and cooling rack when it’s not drying dishes.

36. A side table with pockets that you can work or snack on

This side table is designed to double as a work surface or snacking table because the tabletop slides right over your lap when you pull it close. A clever system of built-in linen pockets keeps everything you need nearby without crowding the work surface, and the bamboo looks terrific in any room.

37. A folding laptop stand that also holds your phone

You definitely want to add this laptop stand to your work-from-home or travel rig if you find yourself hunching over to see the screen. It lifts the computer up to a height and angle that’s comfortable for you and holds your phone right where you can see it — on the right or left side. It’s super lightweight and adjustable.

38. A genius solution for sipping beverages on the couch

If there is no side table to set your coffee on when you relax on the couch with a beverage, drape this clever bamboo tray over the arm and give your beverage a stable and grippy spot to rest. It molds to the shape of any arm, is quite stable, and comes in 10 colors to match your furniture.

39. A tiny dehumidifier that quickly dries small rooms

Just set this little dehumidifier in your bathroom, closet, or anywhere where you want to cut down the humidity. It’s filled with a humectant that pulls moisture out of the air quickly and effectively. When it’s full of water an indicator will alert you that it’s time to plug it in, which dries it out and resets it. Over 13,000 people give it five stars.

40. This phone mount you can suction to the wall

When you want to look at your phone without holding it in your hand, this portable phone mount will let you. Just suction it to a clean surface — like the wall or your mirror — and suction the other side to your phone. A rotating swivel lets you turn and rotate the screen in any direction so you can watch cooking videos while you cook or do video calls while you go about your life.

41. A holder so you don’t cut your hand on the mandoline

If you have ever had to cancel dinner for a visit to the ER because of a sharp mandoline, you have probably stopped using that helpful slicer. But this simple and inexpensive holder makes it safe to use it again. Just stab it onto the onion, tomato, or whatever else you want to slice and it will protect your hand while you slice away.

42. This double-ended silicone spatula

Use this heat-resistant silicone spatula for everything from stirring to getting the last bit of batter from the bowl to spreading frosting. It has a spatula on both ends and is formed from one piece so there are no cracks to gunk up or break. It’s elegant and extremely functional.

43. A water bottle that coaches you to stay hydrated

Are you getting enough water? This 64-ounce bottle will let you know when you aren’t and provide the water and motivation to fix that. Markers on the side track your hydration so you can see if you are falling behind of your goal. It comes in five colors and sports a big handle and integrated drinking straw.

44. This drink-carrying tray so you never spill a drop

If you can’t carry a drink across the room without spilling, set it on the tray of this carrier. Now, you will be able to dance across the room with a hot cup of coffee that’s filled to the brim without worrying about spilling. It uses simple physics to make it nearly impossible to spill.

45. A handle that lets you carry all the grocery bags

This clever handle makes it easy to carry lots of grocery bags, shopping bags, paint cans, or other thin handled things that can strain hand muscles. Just clip those annoying handles into the plastic carrier and grab its thick, comfy handle instead. When balanced right, you can carry up to 80 pounds this way.

46. This bar that washes & conditions your hair & body

These two bars of solid shampoo and conditioner will wash you from head to toe — hair, face, and body — and condition your hair without involving a single plastic bottle. They feature argan oil, vitamin E, and fatty acids to nourish hair and skin with an uplifting citrus and lemongrass scent.

47. A storage ottoman that hides all your junk

Clean up the living room fast by tossing all the toys, magazines, and clutter in this storage ottoman and closing the lid. They are out of sight but you can still reach them again easily. It holds up to 80 liters of your stuff, looks great — there are three colors — and gives you a place to put your feet up.

48. A fogless mirror for easier shaving in the shower

It’s a lot easier to shave in the shower when you can see what you are doing, and this mirror suctions easily onto the wall of any shower. An anti-fog coating keeps it from clouding up and a built-in hook keeps your razor handy.

49. This watch winder for self-winding watches

A self-winding watch relies on your movement to keep the time so when you don’t wear it, it will cease to be accurate. Put that in this watch winder on those days when it’s not invited. It replicates your movements with clockwise and counterclockwise turns and pauses to keep it wound and accurate. The case looks attractive on your dresser, too.

50. A cute character that vacuums your desk

Keep this cute cartoon character vacuum around for when you spill cookie crumbs or eraser shavings all over the desk. Then let it hum around the desk or lunch table pulling debris into its belly. It runs on two AA batteries and there are four characters to choose from.

51. This waterproof paper for capturing ideas in the shower

Why do the best ideas happen in the shower where you can’t write them down? Stick this pad of waterproof paper to the wall and capture them. It comes with suction cups that stick it to the shower wall and a pencil with its own suction cup holder. The forty sheets of paper are completely waterproof so you can write as you bathe.

52. The bowl that keeps your cereal from getting soggy

If you love a crunchy bowl of cereal and are frustrated by how quickly it can get soggy, there is a brilliant solution: this divided bowl. Pour the milk in one side and the cereal in the other and mix as you eat. There is a clever channel for slowly adding cereal to milk and the bottom is designed to fit easily in your hands.

53. An alarm clock that shakes the bed so you can’t oversleep

This alarm clock looks slick on your bedside table and does all the usual alarm-clock things: tells time, has a loud alarm, sports a battery backup in case of power outage, and is easy to set and stop. But it has a secret alert for those times when you can’t afford to oversleep: A powerful bed shaker that wakes you even if you ignore the alarm.

54. These apples that trap fruit flies

If the fruit bowl tends to attract fruit flies, drop one of these apple-looking fruit fly traps into or near it. No one will really notice it, but those flies will be lured in through the holes by the sweet-smelling trap juice inside. Once in there, they will meet their immediate, untimely demise.

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