65 Crazy Things on Amazon That Are Shockingly Clever

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55 Crazy Things on Amazon That Are Shockingly Clever
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You may not have known that you need a plush tablet stand or stainless steel chilling stone with a built-in suction cup, but after checking out this list, you’ll realize that there’s actually a lot of life-improving, clever stuff that you’re missing out on. These crazy things will make everyday life easier from your car to the kitchen and office (and everywhere in between).


A refrigerator deodorizer that lasts for 10 years

Add this refrigerator deodorizer to your cart and you won’t have to worry about replacing it for a whopping 10 years. It eliminates odors at the source by decomposing gases, making it more effective than baking soda and activated carbon. It can also be used in your closet or car — it will freshen up any area that you place it in.


This couch cushion support made with solid wooden boards

Before you drop big bucks replacing a saggy couch, try this couch cushion support. Underneath its water-resistant and nonslip fabric are solid wooden boards that will add firmness. It’s available in a few sizes in the listing to fit various couches, loveseats, and armchairs.


A folding banana hanger that can hold up to 27 pounds of fruit

This folding under-cabinet banana hanger makes bruised fruit a thing of the past. Aside from keeping them looking good, the hook also allows your bananas to naturally ripen — it can also be used for grapes, peppers, and bags of onions or garlic. Install it using the included adhesive (for up to 10 pounds) or pre-drilled holes for screws (which holds up to 27 pounds).


Some absorbent mop slippers that can be used wet or dry

This set of mop slippers comes with five pairs that can be used wet or dry to dust and mop all kinds of hard flooring. They’re made of absorbent microfiber strands that are machine washable. The elastic top line will stretch to fit just about everyone.


These portable sneaker cleaner sponges that are invidvidually wrapped

This sponge shoe cleaner is for all the stains and scuffs that you thought were too old to wash out of canvas or off of rubber. The sponges come pre-moistened, ready to leave your shoes looking new thanks to the micro scrubbers that cover their surfaces. The set comes in a pack of five and they’re all individually wrapped, making them easy to take on the go.


This neck reading light with 94,000+ 5-star reviews

Your eyes will thank you for bringing home this neck reading light. Its dependable LED lights will never flicker and they block out blue light to help reduce eye strain. You can adjust the brightness and color temperature and the two ends can be adjusted and aimed independently.


This shirt-folding board that can also be used on pants & bedsheets, too

This shirt-folding board will give you a neat store display look without having to try multiple times to get it just right. And it works with much more than just tops. Use it with pajama pants, jeans, bedsheets, towels, and more. It’s durable enough to be used 50,000-plus times.


This clip-on silicone strainer that’s dishwasher safe

This dishwasher-safe silicone strainer has two clamps that can be attached to pots and pans of various sizes. It allows you full control when draining excess water (up to an 440 degrees Fahrenheit). The nonstick material keeps a strong grip to keep food from escaping and it’s half the size of a typical strainer.


An under-cabinet jar opener that can be installed 2 ways

You won’t have to sacrifice any drawer space to welcome this jar opener into your home. All you need to do is use the screws or adhesive backing (both of which are included) to set it up. It will remain out of sight underneath your cabinets until you need to open anything from a small medicine bottle to a large jar of pickles.


A leak-resistant car trash can that comes with 20 liner bags

All your receipts and snack wrappers can be neatly collected in this car trash can instead of strewn about the seats and floor of your car. It has a two-gallon capacity and comes with 20 leakproof liners. Use the sturdy straps to hang it on the back of your seat.


This light-up drink wrap that keeps your can cold

This neoprene LED drink wrap wraps around your can like a slap bracelet from the 90s and it lights up to help you keep track of your beverage when it’s dark out. The fabric has a nonslip backing to keep it in place and is insulated so that your drink stays cold for longer. Choose from a few colors in the listing.


This popular condiment fork that keeps your fingers clean

This condiment fork can be attached to any jar because it comes with two sizes of silicone rings that can stretch over lids of various sizes. You won’t have to reach for a new utensil each time you’re in the mood for a snack and it’ll keep your fingers and counters clean. It has earned a 4.7-star overall rating after more than 11,000 reviews.


This alarm clock on wheels that reviewers say works great

If you struggle to get out of bed on time, that just means that you don’t have an alarm clock on wheels yet. This moving gadget will roll right off your nightstand and continue beeping until you get up and shut it off. One fan wrote, “It gets me out of bed. Reliably. In a way that having to walk across the room to turn of a traditional alarm never could. [...] By the time I catch it I'm awake.”


This fun rechargeable night-light that can be dimmed

This rechargeable pizza night-light is made of smooth and soft silicone and it can stand on its own on your nightstand. Its relaxing glow can be adjusted between two brightness levels and you can also place it on a timer.


A sofa arm tray table with a built-in device holder

The creators of this bamboo sofa arm tray table were clearly well aware that in order to truly enjoy your meal, you most likely want to be watching your favorite show as you do. That’s exactly why they built a device holder into one end that even rotates so that you can view it from any angle. The entire piece is waterproof and it fits over chair arms ranging from 2 to 12.8 inches wide. It’s available in several colors and two sizes in the listing.


This highly rated shoe deodorizer that can be reused for 1 year

This shoe deodorizer doesn’t have a banana shape just to make you laugh — the unique design actually makes it much easier to slide into any pair of sneakers, boots, or sandals. Filled with active ingredients like dried lavender flowers, patchouli, and tea tree oil, they absorb moisture, neutralize odors, and prevent future odors. The pair lasts six to 12 months and has a 4.5-star overall rating on Amazon.


A garlic crusher that can also be used on ginger, nuts & more

Your fingers will be a safe distance from the strong teeth of this garlic crusher to not only keep you from getting hurt but to keep your hands from smelling of your ingredients as well. The deep grooves can press, crush, and mince in seconds. The Dracula-shaped tool can also be used with ginger, nuts, peppers, and more.


These magnetic hooks that won’t scratch your grill or smoker

These magnetic hooks have a strong hold but the backs are coated in silicone to prevent damage to the surface beneath. Attach them to any metal appliance (like your grill or smoker) and hang your most-used tools and accessories. The set comes with three hooks.


A far-reaching waterproof flashlight with a built-in stand

The bright beam of this high-lumen spotlight can sweep over the length of two football fields. As if that isn’t impressive enough, it is also waterproof and durable enough to survive a 10-foot drop. The rubberized handle is comfortable to hold but you can also use the built-in stand to be hands-free.


This LED light strip that can adhere to almost any surface

Installation of this 3-foot LED light strip is a breeze thanks to its flexible adhesive backing that can even wrap around edges and corners. It can remain completely hidden underneath cabinets or in the back of drawers and it’s battery operated.


A double-layered bowl that keeps dips chilled

Your guacamole, salsa, and dairy-based dips will stay chilled and fresh for hours in this dual-layered dip bowl. It has just enough room for the bottom layer to be filled with ice and the upper bowl holds 16 ounces of food.


These genius stretchy trash can bands

These trash can bands are a simple way to make your bathroom and kitchen look neater. The rubber-coated pieces will keep each bag from wrinkling or popping off. They’re made to last years and can stretch to accommodate bins that hold anywhere from 10 to 33 gallons. The set comes with three bands.


A safe bagel knife that also works on buns, rolls & more

This bagel knife will finally give you those perfect two halves that you always strive for without putting your fingers in danger. The serrated blade is held between two protective shields so that only the bread is ever touched (it also can halve buns, rolls, and other baked goods). The ergonomic handle also helps give you a firm and comfortable grip.


This hammer that’s actually 12 tools in 1

Anyone who loves a good DIY project will appreciate this hammer multi-tool. The instrument transforms into stainless steel pliers, a serrated knife, a saw, wire cutters, a prying claw, a nail file, a bottle opener, and flat and Phillips head screwdrivers. It also has a safety lock to prevent accidents.


A tablet pillow stand with a washable cover

If you’ve ever tried to create a pillow fort to give your phone something to lean on in bed, you need this tablet pillow stand. It keeps your screen at a comfortable 60-degree angle so that you have a clear view of your favorite show. It’s also equipped with a side pocket to hold headphones, chargers, and more. Plus, the cotton-blend exterior can be unzipped and removed when it’s time to wash. Choose from a few colors in the listing.


This clever microwave cleaner that removes stuck-on food gunk

Easily remove all the stuck-on food gunk in your microwave with this steam cleaner designed to look like an angry mom. It can be filled with vinegar and water and placed in the microwave for five to eight minutes. As it heats, it releases steam to soften food residue so you can quickly wipe it away.


These food huggers that replace plastic wrap & foil

Buying this pack of five food huggers will keep you from repurchasing plastic wrap and aluminum foil to save leftovers. The various sizes can stretch over anything from a small lemon half to a large bell pepper. The flexible silicone creates an airtight seal to slow down the browning process so you have more time to enjoy the food you’ve brought home.


This stainless steel chilling stone with a suction cup base

This chilling stone will keep your drink cold without watering it down and the bottom is a suction cup to keep it firmly in place. It’s made of food-grade stainless steel and it’s dishwasher safe.


A sleek charging stand that comes in 5 shades

This soft silicone charging stand comes in five matte colors in the listing to blend seamlessly with your decor. It is compatible with various iPhone models and has a cutout for your cable so that all that’s visible is your screen.


A cup holder pillow that will keep your drinks cold or hot for longer

Stop stretching to reach your coffee table and instead keep this cup holder pillow next to you on the couch. It has five openings (including two with space for mug handles) and since it’s made of insulated foam, it will keep drinks both hot and cold for longer.


Some divided snack bowls that are microwave safe

These snack bowls will make your display more fun while minimizing clutter since each one is split down the middle to hold two snacks. Pile in a raw vegetable with your favorite dip on the other side or put your dip options together. The four bowls are both microwave- and dishwasher-safe.


This handy pair of seat gap organizers made of faux leather

Your wallet, phone, and lip balm will no longer have a chance to escape to the floor after you pop them in this pair of seat gap organizers. They even comes with spacers to ensure an optimal fit. The durable faux leather material come in three finishes in the listing to match your car’s interior.


A stretchy key chain strap that can be adjusted in size

This stretchy key chain strap can be cinched and adjusted in size to fit any wrist, but it can also be wrapped around your phone, water bottle, and more. And since it’s made of soft silicone, it will be comfortable on the skin as well. One shopper wrote, “I haven’t lost my keys since getting [this]! It fits perfect on anything because you can adjust it. I like to carry my keys by the handle and if doing something you can attach it to anything securing your keys.”


An adjustable, rechargeable hamburger lamp that turns into a night-light

Who says lighting has to be boring? This rechargeable hamburger desk lamp provides flicker- and glare-free lighting with three brightness options. And when you’re not sitting at a table or desk, it can be folded and used as a compact night-light.


These cut-resistant gloves that you can clean in your washing machine

These cut-resistant gloves should be your first step when starting a new DIY project or preparing for a barbecue. They will protect you from sharp blades and tools — the material they’re made from is four times stronger than leather. The most vulnerable fingers are even reinforced with stainless steel fibers. They come in five sizes in the listing and can be cleaned in your washing machine between uses.


An alarm clock that projects the time & temperature on the wall or ceiling

This projection alarm clock will make sure that you start off your day on time and prepared by projecting the time and outside temperature on your wall or ceiling. And it has a lot more information on its expansive screen. You’ll have the humidity percentage, weather forecast, and ability to set dual alarms.


This waterproof safe that’s disguised as a flowerpot

Since it’s waterproof, this flower pot hidden safe can be kept both indoors and outdoors. Use it to hide your jewelry in your bedroom or cash and cards in the living room. It’s made of solid iron that won’t rust and has two holes in the bottom so that it can be fixed onto any stone or pillar with screws. The safe can be accessed with the two included keys. Choose from white, brown, and black in the listing.


These magnetic toaster tongs made of bamboo

These toaster tongs let you grab your toast or bagel each morning without risking a burn. Their slim shape will easily pull out any piece of bread while keeping your hands a safe distance away. And since they’re magnetic, they can be kept right on your appliance so they’re always there when you need them. The set comes with two pieces.


A 6-pack of bright LED lamps you can stick anywhere

Illuminate dark corners and crevices with this set of adhesive LED button lights. The tiny wireless lamps stick to most surfaces, providing 13 lumens of bright light in cabinets, closets, and other dark spaces. Batteries are included, and you can turn the lights on and off with a simple toggle switch.


These storage straps that can hold up to 50 pounds each

These Velcro-closure storage straps will declutter your garage floor. All appliances and tools can be hung so that you can clear up your space and move around freely. This pack comes with six pieces in three different sizes that can support up to 50 pounds each.


This set of aroma-boosting beer glasses that are dishwasher-safe

These cleverly designed beer glasses have a rounded top that will enhance the flavors and aromas of your drink. And because of their hourglass shape, the refreshment will sit comfortably in your hand. They’re also safe to pop in the dishwasher for cleaning.


These battery adapters that convert AAAs to AAs

It turns out that you’re not out of luck if you have only AAA batteries but need some AAs. With this battery adapter, you can transform one into the other. Each is equipped with a metal end to ensure that it comes in contact with the negative side. All you have to do is place your battery inside the casing. The set comes with eight pieces.


These microwave potato cooker bags that can also be used for corn

This microwave potato cooker bag will prepare your favorite ingredient so that it’s ready to mash or to eat as a fully loaded baked potato. The bags are made of polyester fiber that’s insulated to create a steam pocket and bring in just the right amount of moisture for tender skin and a fluffy interior. The set comes with two bags, each of which can hold up to four medium-size potatoes. You can also use them to reheat baked goods or cook corn on the cob.


A surprisingly sleek indoor insect trap that’s pesticide-free

You don’t need ugly hanging sticky strips to get rid of pesky visitors. This indoor insect trap will attract them with its UV light and trap them with its airflow and interior sticky board. It can eliminate fruit flies, mosquitos, gnats, moths, and other small bugs.


A lockable carabiner made of durable stainless steel

Tote your keys and other valuables securely with this lockable carabiner. Made from durable stainless steel, the S-shaped carabiner lets you lock your keys on one side and then securely attach the other side to your bag or pocket. Choose from black, brown, and rainbow-colored styles.


This universal socket tool that can be used by hand or with a drill

This universal socket tool is made up of 54 individual hardened steel spring pins that can transform to any shape, size, and fit that you need. It can also be used as an attachment to turn your drill into a socket driver. It has over 125 pounds of torque, yet it fits right in your pocket.


A Bluetooth headband that plays for 14 hours per charge

This Bluetooth headband gives you hands-free control over your calls and music and the material is highly elastic, breathable, and sweat resistant. When not breaking a sweat, use it to get a better night’s sleep by covering your eyes and putting on a calming meditation. It runs for 14 hours per charge. Choose from lots of colors in the listing.


An electric griddle with an easy-to-clean nonstick surface

Whip up a quick meal with this highly rated electric griddle. The nonstick surface has enough space for up to eight pancakes or eggs, and it’s also great for cooking bacon, sausage patties, and burgers. A temperature dial on the side allows for precise control while the dishwasher-safe drip tray catches any spills.


A touchless trash can that fits in narrow spaces

The only time you’ll have to touch this motion-sensing smart trash can is when it’s time to empty the 2.2-gallon container. It detects motion and automatically opens nearly silently. It comes in several colors in the listing and is just 6 inches wide to fit in narrow spaces.


This corner rack with rotating, adjustable tiers

These countertop shelves will make the most out of a wasted corner. The three tiers can be adjusted in positioning and it has four hooks for hanging utensils. Each level is made of bamboo and the bottom feet have a nonslip coating. Choose from various styles in the listing.


This mini vacuum cleaner with a 90-minute battery life

Rather than pulling out a full-size vacuum to use the attachments just to clean your desk, try using this mini vacuum cleaner. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand to pick up dust, crumbs, and paper scraps. It runs for 90 minutes on a set of batteries and can be used in your car, too.


This waterproof container to keep subs from getting soggy & crushed

This sandwich container can hold a 12-inch sub and keep it fresh and dry (it has an extra lid for 6-inch subs). It’s waterproof, crushproof, and will keep the bread from getting soggy. It’s just the thing you need for your office lunch or tailgate snacks since it’s easy to travel with.


A batter dispenser with a drip-free spout

In addition to forming perfectly circular pancakes, this batter dispenser with a 4-cup capacity will keep your counter and stove clean. It’s easy to fill through the wide top opening and releases evenly sized portions without allowing any drips to escape. Just squeeze the pulley handle to dispense.


This magnetic pickup tool with a 22-inch extendable neck

Nothing is worse than losing a nut or bolt and then crawling around to find it in the middle of a project. This magnetic pickup tool with a 22-inch telescoping neck is made for those moments so you can get the job done faster. It also happens to be a powerful flashlight with a magnetic base so you have hands-free guidance.


A collapsible solar-powered lantern that doubles as a phone charger

Whether you’re camping or hiking, you won’t regret bringing this solar-powered lantern along. Not only will it provide brightness but it can also be used as a phone charger. It has three lighting modes, including a flashing SOS option, and can be collapsed so that it’s easier to carry.


A dual-sided meat tenderizer that’s dishwasher-safe

Enjoy flavorful cuts of meat with this dual-sided tenderizer. The sturdy, lightweight mallet features a textured side for tenderizing and a flat side for pounding. Best of all, its top-heavy design helps it swing easily with less effort on your part, and it cleans easily in the dishwasher when you’re done.


This set of stainless steel drinking cups that's shatterproof

Whether you’re using them for a backyard party or as everyday drinkware, these stainless steel cups are built to last. The brushed stainless steel material is resistant to fingerprints and smudges and shatterproof if dropped. The set is also conveniently dishwasher-safe and nestable for easy storage.


These foot peel masks that help dead skin fall away

Watch the dead skin on your feet simply fall away after using these foot peel masks. Made with fruit acids and extracts, the foot masks are designed to be worn for an hour. After that, dry skin will peel off over the course of six to 11 days, revealing the baby-soft skin underneath.


A microwave ramen bowl that comes with chopsticks

Thanks to this microwave ramen bowl, you can make instant noodles without even having to boil water. The BPA-free bowl holds up to two packs of ramen and comes with a vented lid that allows steam to escape while cooking. When your ramen is ready, easily grab the hot bowl using the built-in side handle and enjoy your meal using the included chopsticks.


These adhesive hat hooks that keep your collection on display

Keep your baseball cap collection tidy and easily accessible with these adhesive hat hooks. Each hook is designed to hold up to 3 pounds and disappear behind your hat, letting your collection take the spotlight. The hooks are also curved, helping to evenly distribute weight and preserve the shape of your cap.


A car phone mount that holds your device in place with 10 magnets

With 10 built-in magnets, this phone car mount will keep your device securely in place on the dashboard. It installs easily with its 3M adhesive backing and has a rubberized coating to protect your device and car. Just stick your phone to the magnet and rotate your device for the ideal viewing angle.


These Non-Stick, Reusable Baking Mats For Less Than $5 Each

With more than 16,000 five-star reviews, shoppers back these non-stick silicone baking mats for a price that’ll surprise you. At less than $5 each, they’re much less than many other brands but still do the job.


This Genius Disposable Plate Dispenser To Save You Drawer & Counter Space

“I didn't know I needed this,” wrote one Amazon shopper about this handy plate dispenser, but now, “I absolutely love this simple but very helpful and very convenient too.” Install it with adhesive or screws. Either way, it’s a breeze to refill as you need.


This Adjustable Cat-Shaped Mug Warmer That Can Also Hold Your Phone

Sure, this mug warmer allows you to choose between three temperatures from 113 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit so it doubles as a candle warmer. But thanks to its clever cat-shaped design, you can also use it as a cell phone stand. Choose from seven colors.


A Set Of Taco Bowl Makers With 2,500+ 5-Star Reviews

Make taco shell bowls easily at home with these non-stick pans. More than 2,500 reviewers have given it a perfect five-star rating with one fan writing: “I love these for making taco salad! Use them often and have given them several times as gifts to family and friends.”

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