60 genius things on Amazon you'll wish you knew about sooner

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Have you ever come across a genius, problem-solving product that you wish you know about sooner? I feel you; I have so many times. For example, I recently dealt with a too-shallow bathtub and went on a rant about overflow valves that steal the water, leaving me sitting in a puddle. Then, I discovered an $11 thing that fixes that (which, yes, is on this list). I ended up buying that thing, and I wish I’d known about that thing sooner. The same goes for all of the genius Amazon products on this list.

I know I’m not the only one who has these experiences, which brings me to my next question: Do you really enjoy ironing? Well, did you know you don’t have to? And let’s talk about being defeated by a jar that simply cannot be opened by humans. Did you know there is a tool for that? Oh, and how about that wet shirt you wear every time you wash the dishes? Cause there is this genius thing that prevents that, you know.

Again, once you scan through these kind of items, you’re going to wish you already had them.

1. This mini bag sealers to help prevent stale snacks

How many times have you moved the chips, crackers, or pretzels to a new bag so they wouldn’t get stale? Resealing the bag they came in is so much easier. The grippers in this bag sealer heat up to reseal your snack bag, and a hook keeps it handy. There are two here, so you can keep one in a drawer, gift one, or keep one in your camping gear.

2. This tablet that makes it easier to draw virtually

Tired of trying to edit photos or create drawings with your finger or mouse? This graphics tablet lets you hold a pen to work in graphics software on Windows or Mac OS. You can get the same kind of accuracy you get with a brush or pen directly in a digital image. At this price, it’s handy even if all you do is sign a lot of documents. Almost 3,000 people have given this clever device five stars.

3. This windshield sun shade that keeps the temps down

When it’s sunny out, the interior of your car can get hot. Why go through that when all you have to do is pop this simple, easy-to-deploy sunshade into the windshield interior? It’s quick to fold and stash, too — and fits in a seat pocket.

4. This phone mount that fits in a cup holder

Have you given up on finding a place in your truck or car for a phone mount? This cup holder mount is the solution. It drops into the cup holder, extends a gooseneck arm that you can adjust, and holds firmly onto your phone. If you have a big cup holder, snap on the included mount extenders that grab into a cup holder with a four-inch diameter.

5. A slim wallet that holds everything you need

A slim wallet fits your jacket pocket, front pocket, or skinny jeans pocket — but many of them don’t provide enough storage. This one is designed to not only hold everything you need, but to make it all easily accessible. An exterior sleeve delivers your most-used card, an ID window pocket makes it easy to flash your license, and a slick money clip lets you carry and access plenty of cash.

6. This cooling pad so your laptop doesn’t cook

If your high-end laptop gets hot enough to make you sweat while you work or game, it’s important to address that. This is not just uncomfortable, it’s bad for your computer. This cooling pad does more than provide airflow, it actively pulls heat away from the processor with two fans mounted under a mesh surface.

7. This brilliant way to take a deeper bath

The overflow drain on many bathtubs is so low that you can’t get a bath that’s deep enough to submerge in. This drain cover is the solution. It stops the water from flowing out of the overflow drain until the depth exceeds the top of the drain cover. That gives you a few more inches to relax into and fixes the problem in most tubs.

8. This heel cream you never have to touch

Rub this soothing cream — which is made with aloe — onto your feet several times a day to moisturize those dry cracks and rough spots. Not only is it exactly the moisture your feet crave, it comes in a package that’s like a deodorant so you don’t have to touch it or your feet to apply it.

9. A clever lever for opening jars & bottles

Instead of asking someone for assistance while opening a tight jar, use leverage instead. This jar opener grips the jar hard while you squeeze, amplifying your efforts with purchase and increased pressure. A bonus bottle opener gets the lid off of stubborn water and soda bottles. Over 4,500 people have sworn by this thing.

10. This clever bedside shelf that’s easy to install

If you need a spot next to the bed for a glass of water, a stack of books, or your phone charger, this clever clamp-on shelf will help you — even in a small room. It fits beds with rails or those on a box spring or platform, and it has two pretty serious clamps holding it on. (If you have a box spring or platform, it’s advised to get one that slides under the mattress.) It holds 15 pounds — which is a lot of books — and has a channel for charging cords.

11. This biotin shampoo that encourages hair growth

Many of the reviewers who are raving about this shampoo — which has over 2,500 five-star reviews —  say they wish they had tried it sooner to prevent hair loss, add volume, and encourage new growth because it works. It smells of citrus and contains biotin, keratin, vitamin B, vitamin E, saw palmetto, green tea, and more.

12. This electric wine opener that does all the work

If you struggle to get the cork out of a wine bottle with the tools you have, consider this electric cork remover that’s simple to use. Just remove the foil with the included foil cutter, put the opener on the top of the bottle, and press the power button. It’ll send a corkscrew into the cork and then pull it out — cork attached. All you do is hold everything steady with a wine glass at the ready.

13. A power bank that refills with sunlight

Whether you trek into the wilderness or are just bad at remembering to keep your battery packs charged, this solar-powered power bank will save you from an empty phone battery. Just set it in the sun to charge it up. It’s also a high-powered, double-beam flashlight, can be charged via USB, and comes with a carabiner so you can clip to your pack.

14. These cooling headbands that keep sweat out of your eyes

One of these headbands will help you get outdoors and keep working or working out, even when the weather is warm. When it’s wet, it uses evaporative cooling to help you feel refreshed in the heat. At the same time, it keeps sweat out of your eyes, amplifies the cooling effects of sweating, and keeps your hair out of your eyes (as well as the sun off your forehead).

15. This tiny Bluetooth speaker that you can use to make calls

Remember when speaker phones were huge and expensive? This small speaker is different. Set it down at the table and invite anyone to join the conversation. It’s small, inexpensive, and connects to your phone wirelessly. It’s also great for listening to books or music while you work and comes with a hard case so you can take it anywhere.

16. These light saber chopsticks for that actually light up

If you are going to eat with chopsticks, why not own a pair that acknowledge your love for Star Wars? These light saber chopsticks come in seven colors, light up when you turn them on, run on small camera batteries, and make eating way more fun.

17. This cold-brew coffee maker that’s simple to use

It is so simple and easy to make cold-brew coffee with this rig that you will kick yourself for all the money you’ve spent buying your favorite brew from coffee shops. Just fill the stainless-steel mesh inner tube with grounds, add room-temperature water up to the “Max” line, and put it in the fridge overnight. You will have on-demand cold brew for up to two weeks.

18. A cool mist humidifier that runs for 24 hours each time

If the air in your room is dry, set this cool-mist humidifier on the bedside table. Then, add water — it holds 1.7 liters and will run for 24 hours — and turn it on. It can help make breathing feel easier, your skin will love it, and your house plants will flourish. It’s easy to use and has an automatic shutoff feature so you don’t have to worry that it will run out of water while still running.

19. The oil that makes your beard look & smell amazing

It’s common knowledge that a beard oil will help improve the texture of your beard, making you feel more groomed even without a trim. But this particular beard oil is not only terrific for your beard, but it also has a pleasant oak-moss sandalwood scent. It’s also a bargain in this category. How can you go wrong?

20. This chunky twist tie that’s useful for basically everything

Wrap one of these rubber twist ties around your headphone wires to keep them from tangling. Or, use them to shorten a charging cord to create order, mark your stemware at a party, or hundreds of other things. People are using these to fix or augment everything from face masks to camping gear to shower supplies. They are brightly colored (or black), and you get four in a pack.

21. This stencil for even beard edges

If your look requires a precision edge (but you are tired of paying a barber or hairdresser to execute it), here is a $12 tool you will wish you bought sooner. Just line your own shaver up to the straight or curved edges of this clear, plastic stencil and make that edge sharp. It has lots of curve options and a built-in comb.

22. This cocktail maker set that’s everything you need

Every bar needs a cocktail shaker and a few accessories in order to make drinks that are more complicated than a whiskey and soda. This set is everything you need: a shaker, spoon, built-in strainer, shot glass, and more. It’s a great set for a great price — and once you make a mojito in it, you will wish you had it last weekend.

23. A splash guard for washing dishes

Unless you enjoy going about your after-dinner evening with a wet shirt to prove you were the one who washed the dishes, you probably want this clever splash guard that suctions onto the sink edge between you and the water. You can also use it behind the sink if water tends to splash onto the wall.

24. A shower mirror that won’t fog up

The premise of this shave mirror is simple and effective. Hold it under the water to match its temperature to the temperature of the shower, and it won’t fog. It comes with an adhesive wall hook to hang it from and makes everything from shaving to removing cosmetics so much easier to do in the shower.

24. This container that keeps guacamole green

It’s so frustrating to make a batch of guac only to watch it turn brown before you get to the end of it. That shouldn’t happen with this container, because it has a lid that pushes into the container to eliminate all the air. Your guacamole will stay green until you finish eating it, and then you can put the container in the dishwasher.

26. This dual-beam reading light that you can wear

There’s no need to change the lighting in the bedroom so you can read into the wee hours. Just don this clever reading light and use the gooseneck arms to aim a beam, in the color — warm white, bright white, or cool white — of your choice and the brightness you like (there are three levels). It’s also useful for working in tight, dim spaces.

27. This sound bar that will improve your movie experience

When you watch TV and listen through the tiny speakers on most of them, you’re probably missing a great deal of the experience. This sound bar will let you hear the full range of sounds in a movie and is easy to install using an optical, RCA, or Bluetooth connection. It can also connect to a laptop or phone for better games or music.

28. This mug warmer so your coffee is never cold

I could have avoided so many “yuck, this coffee is stone cold” moments if I’d set my coffee on this coffee warmer instead of my desk. And how many gallons of coffee is that? You can choose the heat level you want — between 131 and 167 degrees Fahrenheit — so your coffee stays just the temperature you like until you’re done. It plugs into a standard outlet.

29. This spray that keeps your glasses from fogging

Wearing glasses in the summer or while wearing a face mask has a dreaded side effect: fogged up glasses. If you’ve been enduring this, you’ll be mad you didn’t buy this anti-fog spray sooner. Just spray it on, wipe it off, and your glasses won’t fog. Repeat the process whenever you need to.

30. A tiny sea monster that brews a cup of tea

Have you been making your tea with ordinary tea bags or a boring tea ball when there is this adorable Nessie tea infuser out there willing to do it? It swims in your mug while the leaves infuse your hot water with flavor. And then it stands in a saucer while you sip. It’s so cute and helpful.

31. This portable hammock so you can nap anywhere

This hammock is so small the you can fit it in a backpack — or even the tiny storage compartment in a kayak or bike — and go anywhere. And when you get there and you’re tired, you can nap in comfort because this thing is super cozy. It’s easy to set up: Just attach it to two trees that are far enough apart and get in. Over 13,000 people have given it five stars, and it costs less than dinner out.

32. This notebook you erase in the microwave

This notebook is perpetual; buy it once, use it forever. Jot your notes on the letter-size pages because you enjoy the feeling of pen to paper. Then, send them to the cloud service of your choice: Google drive, Dropbox, Evernote, box, OneNote, Slack, iCloud, email, or whatever. After that, microwave the notebook to erase everything — and then do it all again.

33. The steering wheel desk for meal breaks in your car

How many times have you eaten takeout in your car and spilled ketchup on your lap while reaching for fries jammed into the cup holder? This steering wheel desk gives you a table right in the car. Just store it under the seat and snap it into the steering wheel when you need it. It’s also great for getting work done in between meetings.

34. These lights that’ll make the TV glow

Throwing back lighting on the wall behind your TV makes watching movies a much better experience, and it’s so easy to do with this stick-on strip lighting. Just peel and stick the lighting to the back of the TV, plug it into a USB plug, and choose your color scheme with the app. The light strip has a microphone so it can sync with the sound of the movie to make the wall behind your screen part of the experience.

35. This mirror bib so you don’t have clean up after shaving

With this bib, you will never have to clean tiny pieces of hair out of the bathroom sink after shaving. It seems like an easy choice, right? Just suction two corners of it to the mirror. Shave away while the bib catches all the clippings. Clean up is a matter of shaking the bib into the trash.

36. This water bottle that’s a speaker & a hydration reminder

This water bottle is everything you need to get you through the day. The insulated stainless steel bottle will keep beverages hot or cold for hours. It screws onto a Bluetooth speaker so you will always have tunes or a speaker phone with you. And it glows to remind when it’s time to sip.

37. These lightbulbs for smart lighting with no wiring

You want to tell Alexa — in your best Star Trek voice — “Computer, turn off the lights!” But sometimes, wiring all the overhead lights is so much trouble. No need, though; just screw these smart lightbulbs into the sockets, connect them to your AI, and you can turn the lights on and off by voice. It’s simple.

38. A motion-sensing light for underneath your bed

When you get up in the night, do you stumble around in the dark? Instead, install this under-bed light that comes on when it senses motion and illuminates only your feet (so it won’t shock your senses or wake your partner). It also turns off again after a few seconds. Just stick it on and dial the control to the brightness you want.

39. A hygiene collection with toner, deodorant & body wash

It’s important to use products that are designed to clean and refresh your most sensitive areas, and this collection is it. There’s a wash, a toner, and a deodorant that are all designed to be gentle while preventing chafing — and they’re specifically meant for men. They even come with a shaving mat to stand on that makes cleanup quick and easy.

40. A solution that brings relief to unwanted razor bumps

If razor bumps weren’t what you asked for when you shaved, you might want this stuff. Just apply it after you shave or wax, and it’ll help prevent the ingrown hairs and razor bumps that interrupt your smooth skin. Over 11,000 people have sworn that this stuff works.

41. This stool that makes it easier to use the bathroom

This stool by Squatty Potty has a cult following because it makes sitting on the throne easier. It essentially raises your knees up to approximate a squatting posture and puts your pipes in the right order. Judging from the nearly 29,000 five-star reviews, it gets the job done.

42. A cooling stand that keeps your PS4 chilly

Your PS4 can create heat, and this stand has two fans to eliminate that problem. It also holds the PS4 vertically, has a charging dock for two controllers, and stores your games — so it’s a great way to clean up the gaming area.

43. This Tile for all the things you lose

Attach this Tile tracker to your keys — or whatever you don’t want to keep losing — and connect it to your phone. That’s it. If, in the future, you can’t find your keys (or even the cat), just look at the app on your phone and it will tell you approximately where they are. If they’re nearby but hiding, tap the “Find” button, and the Tile will ring so you can track it down.

44. This phone-holding ring that doubles as a stand

If you love your phone, put this ring on it. You’ll be surprised by how much this simple addition improves it. Slide a finger through the ring while texting or walking for a safer grip. Pop the ring out and use it as a kickstand for your phone. The ring rotates 360 degrees, lets you position your phone at any angle while standing up, and the metal plate works well with a magnetic car mount.

45. This charcoal toothpaste to help whiten your teeth

Have you been thinking about asking your dentist to whiten your teeth? This charcoal toothpaste might be all you need. It’s loaded with activated charcoal to whiten and polish, and it tastes like mint. It’s even free of fluoride, which is a plus.

46. This memory foam seat for cozy support while you sit

Does your bottom hurt when you’ve been working or driving for a while? This heat-responsive memory foam cushion will help transform your uncomfortable seat into something that’s comfortable and supportive. The coccyx bone cutout makes it so your tailbone floats in air, which helps prevent pressure. It comes in five colors.

47. These lids that keep carbonated beverages fresh

Snap one of these lids onto your soda can when you make a mixed drink or can’t finish the whole can. A flip top makes it so you can sip or pour with the lid on, and the carbonation — along with the liquid — stays inside the can.

48. This fitness tracker that’s super affordable

Imagine what you can do with the difference in price between this fitness tracker and similar name-brand ones that cost over $100? It tracks your steps, monitors sleep quality, tracks your heart rate in real time, and notifies you if someone is calling or texting your phone. It’s also slender and comes in six colors.

49. A weighted blanket made with breathable cotton

Climb under this weighted blanket when you crave the comfort of a hug without the human, or even when you’re simply trying to relax. This weighted blanket is made with cotton, so you should stay cool while using it. This option also has loops to make it easy to add a duvet cover.

50. This charging station for your everyday tech gear

As your everyday tech rig expands, so do your charging needs. This charging station organizes everything you sport daily, from your phone to your smart watch to your Airpods — and it charges them all wirelessly. It works with any Qi-compatible phone and Apple accessories that are capable of wireless charging.

51. These crystal whiskey glasses for a satisfying cocktail

A big part of the satisfaction of a cocktail is the glass it’s in — and these are the durable, heavy-in-the-hand, cut crystal glasses that will make sipping a whiskey the moment of calm and reflection you are hoping it will be. They are break resistant and dishwasher safe and can hold 10 ounces each.

52. These shoe covers in case you get caught in the rain

Fold a pair of these silicone shoe covers up and stash them in your bag or backpack and go about your life. If rain, snow, or sleet happen while you are out in the world, stretch them over the shoes you have on and they will keep your feet dry. They’re great for travel, because you don’t have to pack rain boots. They also come in nine colors.

53. The travel pillow that packs easily & looks good on

Breeze right past all those novice travelers who are wearing giant neck pillows around in the airport because you own the TRTL, which is engineered to hold your head upright while you sitting up while and packing into your carry-on and looking like a sporty scarf you’re wearing it. It comes in six colors and almost 16,000 people love it.

54. This sink basket that holds food, sponges & more

Whether you are washing vegetables, drying cutlery, need a place for the sponge, or want to remove the liquids from something before you throw it in the trash, you will find yourself using this corner-shaped sink basket constantly. It mounts right to the sink with suction cups and there are two of them here (as well as a vegetable peeler).

55. This shower head that feels like a rainfall

If you’re unhappy with the water pressure or shower experience in your bathroom, do yourself a huge favor and unscrew the current shower head and replace it with this Sparkpod. It delivers a high-pressure rainfall shower that’s transformative. You will wonder why you waited.

56. A fabric shaver that helps remove pills & fuzzies

Those pills and fuzzies on your clothes and furniture make your stuff look older than it actually is, but this is an easy fix (and you’ll wonder why you waited). The rechargeable fabric shaver has three speed setting, three shaving hole sizes, and an LED display that shows you everything from the battery level to the shaving speed.

57. A handheld vacuum with tons of power

Want a vacuum for the car or kitchen that isn’t bulky? This handheld has lots of suction and works for thirty minutes on a charge. It even comes with a brush and crevice attachments and has washable filters, all while being a handy size that’s easy to whip out when spills happen.

58. A garment steamer, because ironing isn’t fun

Ironing is the worst, right? It’s boring, time consuming, and requires a lot of space-hogging equipment. But sometimes, you want to get rid of wrinkles — and for that, you need this handheld garment steamer that requires only a small shelf and some water to do the job. Just point it at the wrinkles and flatten them with steam.

59. This tiny fridge for your desk or bedroom

If you want to keep your lunch warm or a few beverages cold at your desk, this little fridge will do either. Plus, it’s small enough to fit in with your books and desk accessories. It even comes with a car plug so you can keep beverages cool on the road.

60. These stretchy water shoes with rubber soles

When you head to the beach, climb into your kayak, go surfing, or take a pool aerobics class, you probably want to protect your feet from the elements. These are the comfortable and affordable solution. Made from stretchy fabric and a rubber sole, your feet will have traction. There are 44 colors to choose from.

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