46 genius new products that are skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon

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by Christina X. Wood
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When you let hordes of savvy shoppers loose in a store, they will seek out new things that are super useful and a great deal. And that’s how you find the worth-your-time products that are simple, functional, and completely affordable. It’s the same thing when shopping online. The smart shoppers find it fast because they have a nose for the clever and affordable. So all I had to do to find these 47 genius new products that are skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon was follow the crowds of shrewd buyers.

This small version of the George Foreman grill, for example, got their attention because it’s a brilliant way to make a quick meal with little prep time or clean-up. And this slick, minimalist phone mount for the car was an instant favorite because it takes up so little space and looks cool even when the phone’s not in it. And the wired shoppers hovered over this notebook that’s the perfect compromise between paper lists and digital ones. But there are lots more of these genius solutions and you will want them for your car, home, and office — so keep reading.

1. The tech pouch that creates order in your travel bag

When you pack your laptop bag or backpack, eliminate the chaos in there by stashing your cables, earbuds, power bank, and other small essentials into this organized and waterproof pouch. You’ll be able to find what you need and everything will be secure in the small mesh pockets that divide up the two larger compartments. It comes with five cable ties to rein in errant wires.

2. This shaving powder that’s like a barber in a can

This shaving powder was designed to give a close shave without causing razor bumps, and reviewers report it works well. Just mix it with water, smear it on, wait five minutes, and wipe it off. Your beard — or the hair anywhere that you don’t want — is gone and your skin has been treated with aloe and vitamin E instead of scraped with a sharp blade.

3. A set of cable protectors so your cords don’t fray

Before your new charging cord starts to fray, cover the part that suffers the most abuse — near where you plug it in — with these silicone wire protectors. Your cords will last longer, and if you choose the multicolored ones you can color code them so you don’t have to put on glasses to find the right cable.

4. This handy dry erase board with storage for your desk

Set this glass dry erase board under your monitor and you can keep important reminders and timely notes where you can see them. It’s designed to fit — physically and aesthetically — between the keyboard and monitor and it even has a tray for your marker and a drawer for small office supplies.

5. A clever in-car phone mount that fits in the smallest space

This tiny phone mount for your car is genius. Just stick the steel ball — that’s the mount portion — to any available space on your dash. It has a tiny footprint. Then stick the magnet to the back of your phone or phone case. Now touch your phone to the ball and it will grab on while being able to turn, angle, and adjust however you like.

6. This magnetic hiding place for your spare key

Take a few minutes to put a key in one of these three magnetic key boxes and hide it somewhere — on the body of your car, near the door to your house, or close to your mail box — and you will never find yourself locked out again. A strong magnet holds the box securely to anything metal and it’s so small that, if you hide it well, no one else will find it.

7. A pepper corer for fast & easy jalapeño poppers

This clever tool is designed to quickly and easily trim the end and remove the seeds from any kind of pepper. It creates a beautifully cut end and a hollowed-out pepper in seconds, cutting your prep time considerably. You’ll have a sheet pan full of jalapeño poppers in no time. It goes right in the dishwasher for cleanup, too.

8. This outlet timer that automatically turns off appliances

If you have a curling iron, space heater, or coffee pot that you always forget to turn off, plug it into this outlet with a shut-off timer. Choose how long you want to let that appliance have power — in 15-minute increments for up to 12 hours — and once its time is up, the power shuts off. Fire hazard eliminated and energy saved.

9. A UV light sanitizer for all your small personal items

Drop the things you take out into the world into this simple and easy-to-use UV-C light sanitizing box when you get home. Then hit the button and let it thoroughly destroy any virus, bacteria, or other pathogens they picked up out there. There are no chemicals or liquids involved so there’s no fear of damage to electronics, but this spectrum of light is effective enough that hospitals use it for cleaning, so your gear will be safe to touch.

10. This adjustable mount for your Ring doorbell to improve your view

This angled mount for your Ring doorbell lets you adjust the viewing area so that you capture the part of the approach to your front door that interests you most. If you mounted the Ring directly to your wall and find that it captures nothing, too much, or just the wrong things, this is your fast and easy solution to that problem.

11. This weird foam pillow with comfortable space for your arms

This oddly shaped memory foam pillow is designed to support your neck when you sleep on your back or side with a place for your arms when you sleep on your stomach. The strange contours hold your head at an angle that reduces snoring and neck pain and it gets almost 7,000 five-star reviews from happy sleepers.

12. A banana hook so your fruit ripens perfectly

This banana hook will hold one banana or an entire hand of them in the position that bananas like best: as if they were hanging from a tree. In this case, they hang under your cabinets attached to a hidden eye screw. When you have bananas, attach the bungees and hang them. When you have no bananas, no one will notice that screw.

13. This clip-on case so you never lose your sunglasses

Clip this soft case to your keychain, bag, or belt and you will always have an easy place to store your sunglasses when you take them off. You won’t lose them, and they will stay pristine, unscratched, and in one piece longer, too. Choose from 18 colors for whatever vibe you rock.

14. A space-saving cutlery organizer that fits so much more

The clever design of this cutlery organizer takes advantage of that small amount of vertical space that typically goes unused in a drawer by stacking — ever so slightly — your flatware on top of each other. The bamboo is pretty and each of the sections is marked with cute icons so you can remember what goes where.

15. This 2-in-1 grill & griddle that’ll take your lunches to a new level

Whip up a quick panini that’s so much better than the sum of its ingredients. Enjoy a piece of freshly grilled chicken on that salad. Or have yourself a burger lunch without braving the outdoors. This two-in-one griddle and grill from NutriChef with a built in drip tray and nonstick coating is just what your kitchen and lunches need.

16. A seat cover so your pup can ride shotgun

If you and your canine companion are a roadtripping team, you might not mind that the pup wants a seat in the front. But what about the next person who sits in that seat? Install this waterproof, non-slip seat cover designed for the front passenger seat and make everyone happy. It buckles to the headrest, won’t slide around, covers the entire seat, and is machine-washable.

17. The multicooker that makes rice while steaming the rest of dinner

Put the rice and water in the bottom of this clever multicooker, set the steamer tray over the rice with your veggies and meat or fish in it, then hit the button. About 20 minutes later, you’ll be eating a perfectly steamed meal. You can use it as a rice cooker, without steaming food on top, too.

18. A tote that’s perfect for two bottles of wine

If you are carrying wine to a party or picnic, you want it to arrive unbroken, right? This insulated and padded wine tote carries two bottles of wine with a center divider that keeps the bottles from colliding and breaking. You can zip the leakproof interior shut and wear the carrier over your shoulder.

19. The neck fan that looks like a pair of sleek headphones

When you wear personal neck fan, a cool breeze will always keep the bugs, heat, and hair out of your face, but no one will know your secret because it looks like you are simply wearing your headphones. It’s rechargeable, bladeless, features three speeds, weighs only 7.8 ounces, and comes in four colors.

20. An easy-to-clean liner for your toaster oven

Set this toaster oven liner on the bottom of your toaster oven to catch the melted cheese, crumbs, and other spills, and you’ll no longer have to clean the entire oven. The liner slides out, cleans up fast, and goes right back in. It’s sized to fit standard toaster ovens but you can trim it for smaller ones, too.

21. This badge holder that doubles as a minimalist wallet

Wear this badge holder to work when you have to wear an ID and it will protect it and display it at the same time. But it will also hold a few credit cards, either behind your ID so you are always ready to spring for lunch or behind your license, when you aren’t at work. It’s strong, clips to a pocket or lanyard and gets well over 12,000 five-star reviews.

22. A set of lenses for amazing photos using your phone

Clip one of these nine lenses and filters over your cell phone’s camera and add some fun to your everyday photography. There’s a wide angle, macro, telephoto, fisheye, CPL filter, starburst, and kaleidoscope. They are easy to use, come in a carrying case that keeps them safe and handy, and work with most smartphones.

23. This mesh storage compartment for the front seat

Instead of tossing your bag, wallet, and other personal items into the back seat when you drive, keep them where you can reach them by slinging this mesh organizer between the two fronts seats. It’ll prevent your stuff from sliding into the back. And it’s strong, attaches securely to the headrest and seat bottom, has three roomy pockets, and also keeps the dog in the back seat.

24. These eyeglass cleaners so you can see clearly

This pack of handy eyeglass cleaners gently scrub the lenses clean with two soft microfiber pads held in a colorful, plastic tweezer. Clip one to your keychain, toss some in your bag, and keep a few in your desk drawer for a quick polish whenever you want to see clearly.

25. The screen stand that’s way better than a bed pillow

If you like to work in bed with your laptop or tablet on a pillow, this is the pillow stand you want. Fold it up and it holds a tablet at the right angle, with a lip to keep it from slipping. Open it up and it’s the perfect spot for a laptop or keyboard. There’s are pockets on the side and back for your stylus and other sundries, and it comes in nine colors that will look cute against your bedding.

26. A hanging shoe organizer for your closet

Hang these shoe shelves from your closet rod and get your shoes up off the floor and organized. It holds eight pairs of shoes in a minimal amount of space. This storage design also makes it easy to see your shoes and find what you are looking for when you’re getting dressed.

27. The sunglasses that connect to your phone

These Bluetooth sunglasses connect to your phone and have built-in headphones and a speaker, so you can listen to music through them and speak to your AI. Wear them while you walk or bike so you can ask Alexa or Siri to take notes, put things on your shopping list, or turn the lights off at home while you go about your outdoor life.

28. This low-profile handle for gripping your phone

Stick this low-profile, stretchy strap to the back of your phone and you’ll stop dropping it once and for all. Slide a finger or two through the strap when you text one-handed or are carrying other things. When you aren’t using it, it lies flat so it won’t get in the way when you want to slip your phone into your pocket or bag.

29. A super wide rear-view mirror that snaps right on

Want to get a better view of what’s happening behind your car? This wide-angle rear-view mirror lets you see more of what’s happening behind you in all directions, and it’s so easy to clip on over your existing mirror. It comes in several size options, and tinted or flat versions as well.

30. This square cube light in the color you choose

You can set this cool lighted cube down anywhere — in the kids room, on your beach blanket, or on your patio — to bring the mood lighting your moment needs. It’s rechargeable and remote-controlled so you can easily choose from 16 colors, five brightness levels, and four transition effects.

31. These leakproof travel bottles that squeeze out the last drop

Before you get on a plane, fill these four travel bottles with your favorite shampoos and other personal care products so you can speed through security and have the products you need with you. Their openings are wide so they’re easy to fill, and they are made from a flexible material that makes squeezing out the last drop super easy. The leakproof bottles fit conveniently into the provided clear pouch.

32. A tool that’s better than a wire brush for cleaning the grill

Hang this strange-looking brass disk on or near your grill and you can toss those wire brushes that can potentially add dangerous pieces of wire to your next grilled meal. The cutouts around the perimeter of this disk are sized to fit the grates of just about any grill and they scrape off burnt-on crud quickly and safely.

33. A cordless jump rope you’ll never get tangled in

Jumping rope is a classic exercise, but doing it without whipping yourself with the rope requires some practice, and doing it indoors presents a hazard to overhead lights. But with this weighted, cordless version, you really can jump rope anywhere. It replaces the rope with weighted balls that give you same workout without the need to master the rope. It’s still an excellent workout, it’s just easier and safer.

34. A portable lint roller you can use anywhere

Go ahead and pet the cat or sit on your own furniture. Just keep this retractable lint roller on hand for a quick cleanup before a meeting or date. Twist the base to release a sticky roll of paper capable of removing that pet fur or lint in seconds. Tear off the used piece, throw it away, and twist the roller back in. It’s small enough to carry in a bag, comes in several colors, and its refills are easy to install.

35. This reusable notebook so you can make lists forever

If you like to make lists on paper but also like having lists stored in the cloud with your favorite note app, this little notebook offers the best of both worlds. Make your list, send it to the cloud, and wipe the page clean so you can use it again. It comes in 10 colors and each notebook has 48 reusable pages.

36. This telescoping pen so you’re never without one

Never go in search of a pen again. This telescoping ballpoint pen collapses into a tube that’s small enough to go unnoticed on your keychain but when you telescope it open, it’s ready to sign contracts, leave notes, and jot down phone numbers. It comes with three ink refills.

37. These condiment cups that snap onto your plate

If you love your ketchup or hot sauce but like it to stay neatly in its own bowl, these eight condiment cups will make your meals perfect. They snap onto the side of your plate so the condiment is right at hand. This nifty dipping bowl holds about one-third of a cup.

38. A handy shredder for junk mail & other small items

If you are concerned about identity theft, you don’t want to throw junk mail, receipts, and other pieces of paper with your personal information printed on them into the trash. This little shredder is small enough to keep on your desk to shred those items first. It’s small, the top lifts off to empty it, and it gets over 8,000 five-star reviews.

39. This pint glass that teaches you to tend bar

You can fill this glass with beer if you want to — it’s a full pint — but you can also fill it with ice and follow the directions printed on the side to make cocktails — a Brass Monkey, a Snake Bite and more — that use your favorite beer as the main ingredient. Mix it up a little and use this glass to do it.

40. A dictionary that hides your secret stash in plain sight

Got something to hide? Whether you are keeping prying eyes away from your love letters, cash, or another stash, this dictionary will keep them safe. It blends into your bookshelf, looks like an unassuming dictionary, and contains a locking steel box that opens to a three-digit combination that you chose.

41. The clip-on mouse pad that reduces arm strain

If you are constantly reaching up for your mouse, your arm and shoulder are probably starting to complain. Put the mouse within easy reach and prevent RSI from repeated movements. This mouse pad clamps to the edge of any desk and is a stable and simple way to get your mouse off the desk and closer to your hand.

42. A sharp edge that’s safe to keep on your keychain

If you are constantly looking for a sharp blade that will help you get boxes and other packaging open, attach this cutting tool to your keychain. The sharp edge is secured inside a brass cover that screws off easily so you can carry it safely and always have the sharp edge you need with you.

43. A bookmark that saves your spot while looking cute

This plastic Nessie bookmark will remember what page you were on and look adorable swimming along the top of your book when you close it. The legs and body lay flat between the pages while her neck and back spread out on the top of the closed book so it looks like your book is the body of water she is swimming in.

44. A set of magnetic hooks that keep items handy

These three, attractive hooks cling magnetically to your fridge or any metal surface so you can hang your keys, hot mitts, kitchen towels, or other useful items within easy reach. There’s no installation or sticky adhesive to deal with because they are held to the metal with powerful magnets.

45. This clever flexible shower caddy

This shower caddy hangs from either the shower curtain rod or the shower head and gives you two storage shelves and several hooks in the shower. The shelves are perforated so wet bottles of shampoo and conditioner can dry and be stored upside down, making it easier to get the product out. The flexible silicone construction also means it’ll never rust.

46. This minimalist organizer for your electronics, files & more

If your desk at work or at home is overflowing with stuff, keep it organized with this highly-rated acrylic organizer for your desktop. The transparent design is chic and simple, and each compartment can comfortably hold anything taking up space on your desk, from your laptop, to loose papers, to important files that you need quick and easy access to.

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