47 cheap products that are so popular Amazon can barely keep them in stock

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by Amanda Fama, Amy Biggart, Ileana Valentine and Jen Fiegel
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cheap products that are so popular Amazon can barely keep them in stock

Sure, Amazon runs a pretty impressive logistics operation, but when faced with the clamoring demand for inexpensive products that make life better, even the best-managed supply chain can experience hiccups every once in a while. On the flip side, when thousands of customers are telling friends, family, and forums about their latest and greatest cheap finds others just have to try, you know there’s something to them.

From a $12 wireless charger in more than a dozen colors to an anti-chafe balm that’s strong enough for ultra marathoners, what makes an Amazon product customers can’t get enough of all boils down to items that work amazingly well at a great price. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your bath routine, a car, or the office, these little solutions are also all super easy to put into place and tackle painfully common headaches — the priciest purchases are those your never use, after all.

The only problem with these little discoveries might be that these are always selling out, so you’ll want to act fast. And when everything here is less than $40 (with most coming in at under $20), you might even pick up a few clever fixes. But on the off chance they don’t work for you? There’s always that Amazon no-hassle return policy. So you’ve really got nothing to lose but missing out.

1. These sticky cable clips that help organize your wires

Whether your work desk is cluttered with tech wires or your nightside table is filled with charging cables, these clips can help. They’re designed to secure and organize cords while adhering to the surfaces of your choice (all thanks to the attached adhesive). One pack comes with 16 of them in a range of sizes.

2. The extra-bright flashlights made with durable aluminum

These flashlights are seriously durable, thanks to their aluminum construction that can withstand 10-foot drops (per the brand). They’re also water-resistant and boast five different brightness modes, depending on what kind of light beam you want. Not to mention, they each run on three AAA batteries — though they aren’t included.

3. These shoe organizers that fit sneakers & boots

Instead of throwing your shoes into a pile by the front door (no shame), you can store your seasonal favorites underneath your bed with the help of these organizers. One of them comes with smaller compartments to fit 16 pairs of shoes or sneakers, and the other has larger sections for four pairs of boots. They’re made with durable, non-woven material and have handles along with clear tops so you can see what’s inside.

4. A calming epsom salt bubble bath that smells like lavender

This bubble bath by Dr Teal’s checks all the boxes: It can help relieve soreness while calming your mind before bedtime, leading to a restful night’s sleep. It boasts three core ingredients, including epsom salt, lavender essential oil, and aloe vera (among others), which work together to help ensure a relaxing soak each time. It’s even been tested by dermatologists and is cruelty-free.

5. An exfoliating brush that can help prevent ingrown hairs

The surface of this brush boasts teeny, tiny bristles that can help exfoliate your skin pre-shave to help prevent ingrown hairs. It’s meant to be used twice a day on wet or dry skin, and it can be easily taken apart for cleaning. Not to mention, the ergonomic handles makes it easy to use — and it has over 10,000 positive reviews on Amazon.

6. This lotion applicator with a sleek lotus wood handle

This lotion applicator lets you moisturize hard-to-reach places with ease. It features a 17-inch handle made of lotus wood that has a nonslip grip at the bottom (which makes it even simpler to use). The replaceable foam pad at the top shouldn’t absorb your lotion or gel, and the rope at the other end makes it easy to hang up in the bathroom.

7. A portable charger that can power an iPhone over 2 times

Thanks to this portable charger by Anker, you’ll have power on the go — even when there aren’t any outlets available. When it’s fully charged, it can power an iPhone 12 over two times (and a Galaxy over one, depending on which model you have). It’s slim enough to fit in your pocket and even features temperature control. Choose from two colors: black or white.

8. The faux leather desk pad that’s backed with suede

If you work from home or store your tech on your desktop in between office trips, this mat can be useful. It’s made of faux leather and backed with nonslip suede — and it’s even water-resistant to help protect your desk. The surface is also smooth enough to use a mouse on, and it’s available in over 15 colors as well as three sizes. You can choose the mat that suits your office space best.

9. This slim wireless charger made of aviation aluminum

Thanks to this futuristic charger, you don’t have to fumble around your nightstand trying to find your charging cable. It’s super thin — coming in at 5 millimeters thick — and boasts a subtle LED light that changes while your phone is powering up. It works with various phone models that allow wireless charging, and it’s also available in various different shades (all of which are as sleek as the one pictured here).

10. This power strip with 12 outlets & 4 USB ports

Have a lot of tech that needs to be charged? If so, you can add this surge protector to your cart. The power strip has 12 — yes, 12 — outlets, along with four built-in USB ports. In other words, you can power your entire desk and all of the accessories you need for work in one place. It even has mounting holes, so you can easily adhere it to your wall.

11. These floating bookshelves that are easy to install

Store and display your book collection, or other odds and ends, on these floating shelves. Sold in a pack of three, they’re made from durable metal and mount directly to your wall. The L-shaped shelves practically disappear once you stack a few books on them, which creates a cool optical illusion that both declutters your space and adds to your decor.

12. This protective remote control cover for Samsung TVs

It’s likely one of the most handled pieces of technology in your entire house, so investing in a protective case for your remote can be a game-changer, especially if you live with any self-identifying “droppers” or children or pets. These silicone, shock-proof cover is compatible with most Samsung remotes, and can even fit over Fire TV remotes as well, according to reviewers.

13. This best-selling screen cleaner that works on all of your tech

This versatile screen cleaner can work on phones, tablets, computers, and televisions, to remove dust and clean your surfaces. With a microfiber cloth and 16 ounces of cleaner, this kit has everything you need to keep your tech looking crystal clear. Over 10,000 Amazon users have invested in this set and it has earned a 4.6-star rating overall.

14. This hub that can add extra USB-compatible ports to your devices

If your tech has a limited number of USB ports, this hub can instantly turn one port into four, so you can add a receiver for a Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, or hard drive. While this doesn’t facilitate charging, the on and off buttons work individually, so you can shut down specific ports simply using the LED backlit buttons on the base.

15. This adapter that turns USB-C ports into USB ports

This USB-C to USB adapter can convert a standard USB-C port into a USB port so you can use chargers and cables that otherwise wouldn’t be compatible. Sold in a pack of two, these adapters are a super affordable (and small) solution that reviewers love. They have 54,000 Amazon reviews and counting with a 4.7-star overall rating.

16. This gadget that works as a phone grip & stand

PopSockets are some of the most tried-and-true phone accessories out there, and can function as a stand, a grip, or even as holder, so you can easily prop your phone, grab it to take a selfie, or clutch it securely in a crowded space. The original PopSocket Popgrip is a super popular item on Amazon, to the tune of over 2,000 five-star ratings.

17. A universal cell phone mount that suctions to your dash

This universal phone mount can work with just about any smartphone, no matter who is in the driver’s seat of your car. This mount can adhere to your dash, your window, or even a solid surface in your home like your desk for the most versatility. With 13,000 Amazon reviews and counting, this is one of the most popular car accessories you can find.

18. A window shade screen for your car that blocks sunlight

This car window shade uses static cling to stick to your windows without adhesive or suction cups, and has a two-layer mesh design that makes it easier to see out, while still allowing for privacy inside your car. The manufacturer also claims this can block up to 97% of harmful ultraviolet rays, which is a big plus if you’ll be in the car for long periods of time on a sunny day.

19. These headrest hooks that’ll keep your bags off the floor

This four-pack of headrest hooks can outfit your whole car, so you never have to drop your bags on the floor of your car. These are really easy to attach to your headrest and can be removed whenever you want. These also come in multiple colors if you’re looking to match your car’s interiors.

20. These air fresheners for your car from Yankee Candle

From one of the most popular candle makers around, Yankee Candle, these hanging air fresheners can be placed anywhere in your car and come in a range of scents so you can switch between them or pick the one best for you. These popular air fresheners have made it into the cars of over 20,000 Amazon users.

21. A trash can for your car with a waterproof liner

You can easily clip or place this trash can anywhere in your car, and it comes with trash bags and a lid that will keep your messes contained. The waterproof interior will keep any trash from dripping or spilling into your car, and it also has mesh pockets on the exterior for storing extra bags.

22. These brush attachments that turn your drill into a cleaning tool

This 26-piece set of brush attachments work with your standard drill at home, so you can scrub tile, grout, or sinks and tubs without needing a lot of extra cleaning tools. With thousands of five-star ratings, this brush set has won over so many reviewers because it’s just that useful (take a look at the before and after pictures in the review section if you don’t believe me).

23. The $12 gadget that makes your car way more functional

This car tray is a best-seller and has customers raving, “Where have you been all my life?” It attaches to most steering wheels in seconds and features a smooth side that’s ideal for laptops, tablets, and books, as well as a side with a cup holder to make eating in your car a neater experience.

24. A cleaning gel that gets into impossible-to-reach spots

Get deep into air vents or even use it on your keyboard. This cleaning gel reaches into all those awkward corners to trap dust, grime, and more, leaving behind nothing but a gentle lavender scent. Plus, it’s reusable so you’ll get plenty of value for each $7 tub.

25. A waterproof webcam that connects with WiFi

Reviewers have used this waterproof camera while skiing and scuba diving. Some have even attached it to a drone. The HD camera captures “crystal clear” video and a 170 degree wide angle lens is great for action shots.

26. These body poufs infused with deep-cleaning bamboo charcoal

Why settle for a normal clean when you can get an extra-deep clean with this set of charcoal-infused body poufs. You get four in a pack and at nearly 5 inches across, they’re big and luxurious. No wonder they’ve got customers writing things like: “It suds up fast and holds up to grease and grime cleans really well and I will be buying more when I run out. If I ever run out.”

27. A scalp massager that feels great & helps with dandruff

Great for everything from a relaxing massage to working hair products deeply into your scalp (even super thick hair!), this hair brush has earned an astounding 60,000-plus five-star reviews. Many customers also swear by it for scalp irritation and dandruff. “I have tried just about every dandruff shampoo on the market, but even after getting out of the shower I could see horrible flakes on the edge of forehead in my hairline before I'd even brushed it. I've used this product twice now and while I still a have a flake here and there after about two or three days, it has MASSIVELY improved the condition on my scalp,” one fan wrote.

28. The anti-chafe balm that’s tough enough for ultra marathons

From sweaty gatherings to long work days, these handy sticks of anti-chafing balm have racked up thousands of perfect five-star reviews. Invisible and fragrance-free, it’s safe and easy enough for everyday use but strong enough for serious endurance athletes, too. “Been running for more than 30 years, and currently focus on marathons and ultras. Body Glide is an essential part of the running kit for any rubbing, chafing, or blistering,” one customer wrote.

29. A rechargeable paddle that makes zapping bugs more fun

“This is fun! It makes a major zapping sound when you get a bug which made me want to hunt some flies,” one buyer wrote. If you’re ready to add a little fun to your pest control game, these mini rackets with a blue light designed to attract bugs is a popular pick for being USB-rechargeable and conveniently sized.

30. These outdoor traps that caught a “layer of flies at least 2 [inches] deep” in a week

If you’re tired of flies crashing your barbecues and patio parties, hundreds of reviewers have given these outdoor fly traps the thumbs up. “I hung one of these outside around 8 feet from our door. Just over a week later the layer of flies is at least 2" deep,” one customer wrote. Just add water and hang it up to see the magic for yourself.

31. A $10 hygrometer & thermometer that’s really accurate

Does your room feel uncomfortable but you’re not sure why? It might be too dry or too wet. This hygrometer and thermometer in one makes it easy to adjust for maximum relaxation and health.

32. An easy-to-use sprinkler that covers 3,600 square feet

Adjust your watering patterns and coverage area with ease using this best-selling sprinkler. It works with standard hoses and comes with 16 nozzles. There’s even an included cleaning tool on the off chance you experience a clog.

33. These reusable dryer balls that make your laundry so soft

The nubs on these dryer balls reduce static cling and wrinkles while also cutting down on drying time. They’re effective without chemicals, making it a great option for sensitive skin. They’re sold in a pack of two, and best of all, you can reuse them for years.

34. This LED desk lamp with adjustable brightness

Brighten up your desk or nightstand with this LED desk lamp that’s adjustable, foldable, and compact. It provides stable light with three brightness levels, and its arm rotates 230 degrees so you can angle the light exactly where you need it. And it’s easy to move the lamp to where you need it since it can plug into any USB port or an AC adapter for power.

35. A wider rearview mirror that reduces blind spots

Clip this wide-angle mirror onto your existing rearview mirror for a much broader view of cars and everything else around you. The 12-inch-wide mirror features a universal fit for cars, trucks, and SUVs. One reviewer commented, “I popped it in place in a second and I could believe the view it afforded. I have no blindspots! [...] Best $10 you’ll even spend on your car.”

36. An insulated stainless steel tumbler for hot or cold drinks

You need this stainless steel tumbler for keeping your daily beverages at more optimal temperatures. Double-wall insulation means hot drinks remain hot for at least six hours and cold drinks stay cold for an impressive 24 hours. This 20-ounce tumbler is also easy to hand wash and comes with a splash-proof lid. Choose from 17 colors, including navy blue, dark green, and gray.

37. These airtight compression bags that don’t require a vacuum to seal

For storing clothes or packing a few more outfits into your suitcase, you’ll love these easy-to-use compression bags. You don’t need a vacuum or pump to use them. Just fill the four large and eight medium bags with your clothes or linens, zip the top of the bags shut, and then roll them out to compress the items. You’ll get airtight storage that protects your clothes and dramatically reduces their volume for slim storage.

38. A lightweight hammock you can take anywhere

Thousands of fans on Amazon are obsessed with this camping hammock, which has earned over 18,000 perfect five-star ratings. It comes with everything you need to set it up, including a stuff sack, two carabiners, and 10-foot long adjustable straps. It comes in a variety of colors, as well as two different sizes.

39. These slim webcam covers that replace the tape on your laptop

If you want to be sure your camera isn’t on when you don’t want it to be, you need this pair of webcam covers. They look a lot sleeker than the strip of tape you may have been using to shield your laptop’s camera, and each cover features a slim design for a universal fit. Just remove the adhesive backing, press it over your camera for a few seconds, and then slide the cover open or closed as needed.

40. This set of stylish blue light-blocking glasses

Skip the eye strain after a long day at your computer with a pair of these blue light-blocking glasses. Each pair in the two-pack is durable, lightweight, and stylish. The lenses filter out blue light emanating from your laptop screen, TV, or smartphone, which can reduce eye strain, headaches, and fatigue from hours of screen time.

41. This under-$10 set of stylus pens for all your touch screens

With over 20,000 five-star ratings, this stylus pen set is a clear fan favorite. For less than $10, you get 10 pens with soft rubber tips that work on touchscreens. These stylus pens, which come in vibrant colors, work on iPads, iPhones, Androids, and other tablets.

42. An adjustable stand for displaying your tablet or smartphone

Give your tablet, e-reader, or even your smartphone a place to lean on with this adjustable stand. It’s portable, lightweight, and it allows you to comfortably display any device hands-free. It’s a gamechanger for watching videos, reading, or following recipes. Choose from black or white to match your phone or tablet.

43. A wireless keyboard with a built-in rechargeable battery

Use this universal wireless keyboard to set up a more ergonomic laptop work station or type with your tablet. It connects via Bluetooth to iPhones, Androids, iPads and other tablets, and Mac or Windows computers. The backlit feature can be adjusted for brightness and between seven colors to match your mood. Plus, it’s built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery means you can go months between charges.

44. This set of space-saving velvet hangers

Free up room in your closet with this 30-pack of slim velvet hangers. Their space-saving profiles mean your favorite shirts and pants will fit more seamlessly and spaciously. The velvet coating on each durable hanger gives it a non-slip quality. And at this price, it’s no wonder these hangers have over 99,000 five-star ratings.

45. The cult favorite sheets with over 171,000 five-star ratings

Looking for soft, lightweight sheets that won’t break the bank? You can’t go wrong with this microfiber set that has over 200,000 positive ratings from shoppers. Each set includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and a pillowcase, and it comes in 44 patterns and colors. And they’re even OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, which means they’ve been independently tested for harmful substances.

46. A pair of satin pillowcases for a luxe touch to your bedding

Though totally affordable, this set of satin pillowcases gives your bedding a decidedly luxe touch. And that silky-soft satin is gentler on both hair and skin than traditional pillowcases. Choose from four sizes and more than 20 colors.

47. The toilet brush that’s basically invisible during storage

Tuck this brush behind your toilet, and it’s basically invisible until you need to use it. To install the brush holder, all you need to do is lift the tank lid and hook the caddy over the edge. Then, just tilt the brush handle to the side to access it for cleaning.

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