42 cheap things skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon that should be on your radar

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by Christina X. Wood
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I don’t usually let popularity guide me when it comes to making choices. I mean, lots of surprising things have become popular — like planking, pet rocks, ultra low-rise jeans, toe shoes, and so much more. But sometimes, the hive mind gets it right. This happens when people discover something that’s super useful and feel the need to share that useful thing with the masses. Then, a trend happens and it becomes an item that’s skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon. This list is full of those kinds of things, and they’re all pretty cheap.

When this happens, there’s usually a good reason. It’s typically a product that helps solve a common problem, and does it cleverly (for very little money). It could be anything from a stain remover to a cable organizer — or even something that helps prevent rugs from sliding around. Regardless, it’s something that tons of customers are using on the reg — and you can, too.

The good thing is I tracked down the most cheap and popular things that should be on your radar right now. Since they’re all on Amazon, you can order many of them with Prime and have them in just a few days.

1. A convenient mask dispenser for your car

How many times have you left the house, gotten to your destination, and had to go home to get a mask? You can end that problem now by installing the disposable mask dispenser in your car. It clips on to your visor and comes pre-filled with masks. When those run out, you can refill it.

2. This water repellent for leather for shoes, bags & more

Don't get caught in the rain wearing your favorite leather shoes or carrying an expensive bag without first protecting that investment with some rain and stain repellent from Apple Brand. According to reviewers who love excellent leather bags, this is the one product they trust to protect their gear (especially in rainy locales).

3. The double-sided pumice stones that 25,000 people adore

There are a lot of foot pumices out there, so it can be hard to know which one to buy. Why not ask the Amazon customers who’ve tried ‘em? This four-pack is the one that has gotten almost 25,000 five-star reviews, is used by professionals, and is also super affordable. Each pumice is coarse on one side and fine on the other.

4. This surge protector with rotating outlets

Amazon shoppers are excited about this power strip — and with good reason. It might be priced like a simple power strip, but it's actually a surge protector that's compact and useful enough to use daily. The outlets rotate so you can fit all your plugs, and there are three USB ports.

5. A knife that makes spreading butter so much easier

This knife is designed with butter in mind, and it’s genius at scraping the perfect quantity from the stick. Tiny holes on the edge create thin lines of butter that warm on toast and spread quickly, and the serrated edge slices perfect butter pats. Plus, a keyhole end lets you scrape a spreadable amount from a cold stick of butter.

6. These shower puffs that are infused with charcoal

Sure, your shower puff is colorful — but does it have activated charcoal embedded into it to purify your skin as you exfoliate? Thousands of people have discovered that this grey scrubber not only looks elegant in the shower, but it also has the perfect texture for getting clean while the infused charcoal keeps it from mildewing as it washes away impurities.

7. A jump rope that doesn’t actually have a rope

Jumping rope is a terrific aerobic workout — but until you get the hang of it, you might trip over the rope, whip yourself in the feet, and destroy the overhead light fixtures. (I say this from experience.) Not with this clever weighted jump rope, though. That’s because weighted balls replace the rope. You simulate rope jumping in much the same way a treadmill simulates walking. This fits in a drawer and costs $15, though, which is why so many people have given it five stars.

8. This stain remover that gets pretty much anything out

So many people are raving about this stain remover that can apparently get any stain out — even from wine and cherries or those that’ve already set in. You just spray it on, blot it off, and rinse away the mess.

9. These coasters for the cup holder in your car

Ever spilled into the cup holder in your car's console? Getting that mess cleaned up is an ongoing project unless you put one of these car coasters in there before it happens. Once installed, they’ll catch all the mess and you can lift them out to wash them.

10. A small-but-powerful bottle of face moisturizer

This facial lotion is not only popular, but it’s also loaded with many high-quality, natural ingredients (like aloe, jojoba oil, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and green tea). Together, they work to hydrate, protect, and soften your complexion. It smells like peppermint, eucalyptus, and lemongrass, too.

11. A pomade that creates perfectly styled, yet touchable hair

If you want styled hair, this Smooth Viking fiber cream is the stuff. It's not shiny, won't make your hair too firm, and is soft enough that you will remain touchable (but it’ll keep your hair where you want it). Extra points for nourishing your locks so they become increasingly stronger and not brittle.

12. These toe stretchers that help get rid of foot pain

Foot pain is the worst because you have to stand on your own painful parts all day. If that pain is in your toes or the ball of your feet, try these toe separators. They stretch your toes apart and help provide relief to the tendons and nerves between the small bones in your feet, which are often compressed by being jammed into shoes that are too narrow. Lots of people find that these give terrific relief.

13. A scalp scrubber that exfoliates & feels incredible

This simple scalp brush is the exfoliation your scalp needs to encourage hair to grow and blood circulation. Just put shampoo on it and scrub gently to wash your hair. The little rubber fingers feel terrific and the whole experience is relaxing. Reviewers are thrilled with it, writing that it greatly reduces scalp itch.

14. An exerciser that boosts your residence band workout

Add this system to your workout to sculpt arms and target shoulder, triceps, biceps, and upper back. It's simple to get the movements right and you just increase the resistance band as you get stronger. It comes with three resistance bands and an instruction booklet that even covers nutrition.

15. A pack of steamers so every shower feels like a spa

Shower steamers are the bath fizzies for people who don't take baths. Just toss one into the hot water stream when you shower, and it’ll fill the room with a mood-enhancing scent. This is a package of six shower steamers in lavender, rose, jasmine, mint, lemongrass, and orange scents.

16. The cable clips that’ll organize all your wires

People are crazy about these cable organizers for some very practical reasons. They’re inexpensive, come in a pack of 50, stick to everything from the bottom of a desk to the back of a shelf to a car's interior to the exterior of the house, and are big enough to hold whatever cable you are trying to tame. They’re also easy to use. Simply peel off the back and stick it where you want it.

17. A set of resistance bands for a better at-home workout

This set of latex resistance bands in five levels of resistance have quite a following — with over 5,000 five-star ratings on Amazon — because they’re easy to use, versatile, and come with their own carrying case. They’re great for boosting all sorts of exercises to the next level. And because you can keep them in a backpack, they let you fit a workout break in anywhere.

18. This adhesive that fixes shoes & anything that’s broken

It seems like just as you get a pair of shoes broken in and comfortable, the heel starts to pull away from your boots (or the toe comes off your running shoes). None of that is a problem if you have some ShoeGoo handy, though. It’s strong, easy to apply, malleable, and super durable. People love this stuff and use it all over the house — not just on shoes — to help repair whatever breaks.

19. The soap pump for your dish sponge

This soap pump for your dish sponge solves so many tiny hassles about washing the dishes that you'll wonder how you lived without it. Fill it with soap, put the sponge on top, and press down to infuse the sponge with suds. It saves massive amounts of time in small increments and is so much tidier than other solutions that over 11,000 shoppers love it.

20. This gripper tape that helps fix sliding rugs

My cat’s workout — running, claws-out, over every surface — bunches up my rugs every day (often more than once). These rug grippers are the solution. Peel-and-stick them to the bottom of the rug in all four corners. Then, peel off the other side of the sticker and flip the rug over. It holds the rug securely to the floor using tiny suction pores instead of adhesive so you can pull it up — and it shouldn’t leave any residue. You can even put the rug in the wash with the stickers still on, which explains the cult following these have.

21. The simple way to help prevents oven rack burns

When you put something in the oven, there’s usually a dangerous moment when your hand, arm, or wrist come near the hot oven rack. If you screw up that entry, you might be marked with a painful burn line. Make this moment less scary by wrapping those edges with these protectors. They’re silicone, so they can withstand the heat — but they don't conduct it so you won't get burned.

22. A silicone tea infuser for the finest teas

This tea strainer is not just cool to look at, but it's a practical and simple way to brew tea right in the cup — even if that tea is super fine. A fine stainless mesh body and a leaf-shaped silicone top and handle make the perfect cuppa and then sit on the included drip tray while you sip. There are four of them, so there’s always a clean tea infuser at the ready.

23. This hand-operated drone that's simple to fly

This little drone flies around on its own, avoiding obstacles, without requiring you to master a complicated control system. Just wave at it to make it go in the direction you want and it pretty much handles the rest. It's rechargeable and much-loved on Amazon, with over 1,000 five-star ratings.

24. A light strip that turns on when you approach it

Illuminating a dark closet, brightening up the laundry room, or installing under-cabinet lights in the kitchen is super easy with this cut-to-length, adhesive strip light that runs on batteries. Because it only comes on when motion is triggered — and turns off again seconds later — the batteries last a long time.

25. A silicone toilet cleaner that's so much easier than a brush

This toilet brush isn’t a brush in the traditional sense. It’s more like a silicone scrubber, but it’s genius because it doesn’t hold water or grab toilet debris. Everything washes away while you clean, and it bends to reach hard-to-access crevices. The sleek caddy has a suspended base with ventilation to keep things dry inside too.

26. An exfoliating back scrubber people are in love with

Whether you want to lather up the part of your back you can’t reach or get a deep, exfoliating cleanse all over, this scrubber will accommodate. One side offers a light scrub, but flip it over for a loofah-like deep exfoliation. There’s a handle on each end and you can hang it from either of those to dry. Almost 9,000 people consider this an amazing shower accessory.

27. The laptop stand that folds up small

Hunching over a laptop can cause pain, but raising the screen up so you can sit easier can help alleviate it. This lightweight folding laptop stand does just that — even if you don’t have space to set up a permanent workstation. When folded, it’s small enough to take in a laptop bag — but it’s also versatile enough to give you several height adjustments to suite whatever surface you’re working on.

28. These cooling towels to help you chill in the heat

Don't’ let the heat keep you from your outdoor workout, activities, or work. Pack this Chill Pal towel along — and when you feel yourself getting warm, soak it with water and wear it over your shoulders. The evaporative cooling helps lower your body temperature, therefore making being outdoors in warm weather much more comfortable.

29. A wireless charger so small you can take it along

“Aesthetically pleasing” and “phone charger” are not terms you usually see in the same sentence. But in many of the 8,000 five-star reviews for this slim little wireless charger, that’s exactly what people have written. It’s 5 millimeters thick, comes in 14 colors, and has a pleasant heft and rubber feet to keep it from moving around on your desk. Plus, it can charge any Qi-compatible phone.

30. These pet-grooming brushes that fit like gloves

When you pet the cat or dog wearing these clever grooming gloves, you’re doing more than showing them love. You’re keeping the house clean — because when you don one of these two gloves, your palm will be covered with rubbery bristles that feel terrific to your pet and collect loose fur like a brush. Just pull the fur off the glove and throw it away each time.

31. A receiver that adds Bluetooth to your car

Don’t have Bluetooth in your car? Just plug this receiver into your AUX port, and you’ll be able to stream music wirelessly — all from your smartphone. The rechargeable battery lasts for up to 16 hours, and it takes less than three to power up once dead. Plus, you can even pair it with up to two devices at once.

32. A screen cleaner designed for all your tech

When there’s a smudge on your TV, laptop, tablet, or phone, it’s usually hard to see the screen. This cleaning spray will handle all of that in seconds. Just spray and wipe with a microfiber cloth for a sparkling, streak-free screen. Reviewers have written that it’s terrific — and there’s plenty here to clean all your screens for a long time to come.

33. These lights that turn your TV into art

This light strip is an easy and fast upgrade to your TV or gaming room. Just stick the lights to the back of the TV or monitor, connect them to the smart phone app, and choose your color. It gives a nice soft glow that’s thrown onto the wall behind the screen, transforming your once-plain device into a pleasant lighting element. It comes with a remote control and can pulse the light in tune to your music.

34. These core exercise sliders that are easily portable

Here’s an ab workout you can use anywhere that’s small enough to fit in a drawer or travel bag. Just drop these sliders on the floor and use them to up the ante on a wide range of lunges, planks, bridges, or anything you like to do. They slide easily on carpet or hard floors — just flip them over for different surfaces — and make your abs work hard.

35. This wearable fan that’s convenient in the heat

Summer heat, a hot kitchen, an office with weak air conditioning, or a run on a warm day are all more tolerable with a cool breeze blowing directly in your face. Wear this pair of fans around your neck and that breeze will go with you wherever you go. It’s powerful, lightweight, and cools you right down.

36. This flash drive that's extra memory for your phone

Want to get your photos and other large files off your phone without paying monthly for cloud storage? This portable flash drive stores lots of photos and makes it easy to move them to a computer or other storage device. Just plug it in to your phone and move photos to it. Then, plug it into a computer.

37. This utensil holder that’ll keep your counters clean

When you’re cooking, a tiny spoon holder that holds one spoon is unlikely to cut it. Set this silicone rest on the counter, though, and you’ll have a place to set the whisk, spoons, spatula, and whatever else you use. The slots hold the handles, and the spoon area is a perfect place for a ladle. Just throw it in the dishwasher for cleanup.

38. These stones that chill your drink without diluting it

When you want to pour your whiskey over ice to chill it (but have no interest in diluting that fine sip with water), drop these chilling stones into the glass. Once you freeze them, they’ll act much like ice cubes. However, since they are made of fine soapstone, they won’t melt. This works for wine and other spirits as well.

39. A set of magnetic laces you’ll never have to tie

Hate tying your shoes? Just get these genius laces and install them on any lace-up shoe, and you’ll never have to tie them again. The laces are a flat elastic that attach to a magnetic clasp. Once you set it up, you can open the shoe and close it with the clasp. Or, for many shoes, just slip them on. They come in 37 colors, so there’s a color for every shoe you own.

40. The plug-in solution to your Wi-Fi problems

You don’t have to tolerate spotty or intermittent Wi-Fi signal just because your router is too far from all the comfy work spots. Just plug this Wi-Fi extender in where the signal starts to fade and it’ll throw your connection further. It’s easy to set up, inexpensive, and it just works, which is probably why over 26,000 people love it.

41. These covers for your web cam that lock out snoops

Privacy can be hard to come by these days — especially in the midst of ongoing video calls. But you don’t have to worry about leaving your webcam open post-Zoom; just stick one of these covers over it and close the door. They’re simple to install and offer instant security. When you want make another call, open the door again.

42. A pocket-sized immersion blender to mix your drinks

If you add protein, collagen, or other powdered supplements to your drinks (or if you’re devoted to instant coffee), you’ve probably struggled to get everything mixed smoothly. This tiny blender is built for this purpose, and it's small enough to take along. It runs on a AAA battery, mixes beverages quickly, and also foams milk. It even comes with a travel bag.

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