40 cheap, weird products on Amazon you'll get so much freakin' use out of

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by Christina X. Wood
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Here's the thing: I never knew that I needed — or even wanted — a bidet until I bought one out of desperation because I couldn't find toilet paper in the store. Now, I have no idea how anyone can live without one because I get so much use out of it. Believe it or not, Amazon is full of weird products that you'll get so much use out of — and I've included a bunch on this list. They're all pretty cheap, too.

Let's not stop at the bidet, though. I also never knew I needed a device that could project a galaxy or ocean onto my ceiling — but now, I can't wait to go to bed each night to relax under it. (My cat is also a fan.) And don't even get me started on the mini-bed for my dish sponge — complete with tiny pillows — because it's seriously convenient. Sometimes, you just end up acquiring a thing that seems silly but ends up being essential on a day-to-day basis.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this: Try not to bypass the seemingly weird products on Amazon, because they're the ones that you'll probably get a ton of use out of in the long run.

1. The chiller sticks that'll keep your beer bottles cold

Do you like really cold beer? Because if you insert one of these chiller sticks into your beer bottle, that's what you'll get — and that beer will stay cold right down to the last sip. Just freeze a chiller stick, open a bottle, take a couple of sips to make room, and then insert it into the bottle and drink through the opening.

2. A wood template that easily recreates irregular shapes

If you want to duplicate the shape of something irregular so you can draw it or create a template to cut around it, this handy gauge will make that so much easier. Just press the edge of the gauge to the shape you want to copy — a corner angle, post, or whatever — and the pins will conform to its shape and stay that way so you can trace the shape to paper, wood, flooring, or whatever you are working with.

3. These remote-controlled strip lights that stick onto surfaces

You can design lighted interiors easily and for almost no money by using this stick-on lighting strip. Just cut the length you want, peel away the backing, and press a length of light behind the headboard or TV, inside cabinets, along counters, or anywhere you can think of. Then, connect them to the controller to choose a color. You can change the color with the remote, too.

4. This platypus-spatula that gets every last bit out of the drawer

You know that last bit of Nutella at the bottom of the jar, or maybe the cream cheese in the tub that you hate to throw away? This platypus-looking spatula (aka the Splatypus) will happily go in and get it out for you. And it does a great job of spreading it on your bread, bagel, or cake, too.

5. A minimalist bidet that attaches to your toilet bowl

Once you go bidet, you'll never go back to TP — and this slim bidet is a simple way to get there. It's easy to install and slim enough to let your toilet lid still close as it should. It draws water from the same source your toilet uses so it won't require any fancy plumbing. It even comes backed by more than 1,700 perfect five-star reviews on Amazon.

6. This gaming keyboard with changing LED lights

Add this slick gaming keyboard to your rig and you'll wonder how you managed without the mechanical-feeling keys, a fast response rate, and customizable LED lighting system that lets you color your desk just how you like it. It's also a great work keyboard and comes with a matching mouse.

7. This inflatable travel pillow with a built-in hood

This travel pillow has a lot going for it: It's inflatable (making it easy to pack up in between travel), it's lined with smooth velvet, and it has a built-in hood. In other words, it provides cushion and comfort while also providing some shade if you want to take a nap. It also comes with earplugs and an eye mask to make those on-the-go naps even more enjoyable.

8. A monster-shaped colander for your pasta nights

If you want your life to be full of laughter and pasta, you need this monster colander in your kitchen. The eyes are expressive and it strains a ton of pasta. It's also BPA-free as well as food-safe. Why have boring kitchen tools when this is available?

9. This bed for your sponge that's better than a dish

Many other people have a sponge next to the sink for doing the dishes, but you could have a tiny bed with pillows where your dish sponge sits between washes. When you pick up the sponge, the pillows stay — they are attached to the frame — so you never have to make the bed.

10. A collapsible splatter cover that doubles as a strainer

Set this silicone cover over your food before you put it in the microwave to stop it from splattering all over the inside of your machine. Vents on top let steam out so it doesn't change the way your food cooks, and it collapses into a flat disk for the easiest storage. It also doubles as a strainer if you flip it over.

11. This comfortable headband that doubles as headphones

These headband headphones are so versatile, you can wear them day and night. When you go for a run, they hold your hair out the way while comfortably playing tunes right into your ears — and there is none of the hassle of earbuds falling out. At night (or when you need a nap), pull them down over your eyes and they'll block out light while playing relaxing sounds right into your ears.

12. A projector that puts a galaxy or ocean onto your ceiling

Almost 4,000 Amazon reviewers are sleeping under the stars (or under an ocean scene), because this projector transforms an indoor space into a planetarium or fantasy realm, plays music or it's own ambient sounds, has a remote so you don't have to get up to change the show, and is great for parties or simply relaxing.

13. This brush kit that quickly cleans blinds & vents

Dusting your window blinds with a rag is time consuming, but this dusting kit lets you whip through that task quickly. One swipe does three rows easily, and you can throw the sleeves in the wash to clean them. It works great on car and air conditioning vents and comes with a spare set of sleeves.

14. The cap that holds your emptying bottles upside down

Replace the lid to your ketchup, honey, maple syrup, or lotions with this clever inverter lid and you'll never have waste your time shaking product down the bottle so you can get it out. This lid lets you store the bottle upside down so that gravity keeps the product at the bottom for easy use.

15. A motion-detecting light that makes your toilet bowl glow

You might install this toilet bowl light because lighting up your toilet bowl is a laugh. But you'll quickly be amazed that you ever lived without a toilet bowl that lights up when you approach — in the soft color of your choosing — and shuts off again when you leave. You'll never have to turn on a bright bathroom light in the wee hours and you can easily find your destination because it's a shining beacon of colored light.

16. This game where you to throw burritos around

If you have fond memories of dodge ball and like the game Exploding Kittens, this card-dodge ball fusion game is for you. According to reviewers, it's hilarious and something you want to play in a space where you can't break anything, because you will be lobbing a soft burrito at each other.

17. These slippers that mop the floor as you walk

Put on some music, put these mop slippers on your feet, and have a dance party. It's fun, and the multitude of microfiber strands you're wearing will help get the floors clean. You can put them on your hands for dusting, too. There are ten slippers here, so there will always be a mop slipper handy when you feel the urge to dance (or clean).

18. The light saber chopsticks that make meals fun

When you want to own a light saber but your apartment is small, these light saber chopsticks are just the thing. You can use them to fight your food into your mouth, and they make every meal a battle between good and evil. (Not to mention, they look cool.) You choose your own LED light color — there are seven options — and turn them on when you are ready to battle with your stir dinner.

19. A wide body-grooming shaver for your chest & abs

This wide body shaver from the people who make the wildly popular Bakblade is designed to make grooming your chest and abs fast and easy. In fact, it's much faster than using ordinary blades because the blade shaves a wider surface area and the handle lets you get a firm grip. You can use it dry or in the shower, and it uses the same razor blades as the Bakblade.

20. These silicone gloves that make it easier to do the dishes

These reusable gloves are made with silicone and have tiny bristles along the palms and backs that'll make doing the dishes a lot easier (and faster). You can toss your sponge and use them to clean other surfaces, too, like toilets, tiles, your car, and more. Then, they can be thrown into the dishwasher for a cleaning of their own.

21. A fidget device with twelve sides to keep your hands busy

This advanced fidget toy can help you focus more by giving your fingers small tasks to complete so your brain can think about other things. It has twelve sides with switches, gears, buttons, a joystick, stress balls, and a loop to keep it attached to your hand. Almost 5,000 reviewers have given it five stars, writing it helps reduce stress while keeping them focused.

22. This cleaning gel that dusts hard-to-access crevices

This weird gel is the easy way to clean your keyboard, the vents in your car, electronic equipment, and anything else with tiny crevices that get dusty. Squish it into the crevices and pull it out again. It'll be full of dust, and your crevices will be clean. It smells like lavender, feels squishy, and is biodegradable.

23. This beautiful throw blanket that lights up at night

By the light of day, this blanket is soft, warm, and cozy with a beautiful planetary pattern. At night, though, it really comes to life when the planets all glow in the dark. Kids love it, but it'll also look amazing on your couch or draped over your bed.

24. The easy organizer for your bed or couch

The phone, water bottle, hand sanitizer, and other items that are cluttering up your coffee table or bedroom can easily be corralled into this caddy that you can tuck right under the mattress or couch cushions. It keeps everything organized and right at hand with five pockets — including one that's roomy enough for a water bottle — and space for everything from your phone to a laptop.

25. A set of tiny magnetic lights for brightness in small spaces

Each corner of this weird spiky ball has a high-powered neodymium magnet on the end of it so you can stick it to most metals. One LED light emits a beam from the center of the ball. Just turn it to point the light in the direction you need. Included in your order are three balls so you can use them altogether or in distinct locations.

26. This retro embossing labeler that's simple to use

This retro embossing labeler is old school and a blast from the past, but it makes the coolest labels on peel-and-stick plastic tape. The dial is easy to use, it doesn't require batteries or power, and it fits in your hand. You just spin the dial to the letter you want and squeeze the handle to emboss it onto the tape. That the whole thing looks like a space ship just makes it all work.

27. A blanket that makes you look like a burrito

Sure, it seems a bit frivolous to buy a blanket just so you can look like a burrito — but over 10,000 people have given in and have no regrets. In fact, they turned out to love this soft and cozy burrito blanket so much that they came back to give it a five-star review. And why not? Warm, cozy, and laughing is a good place to be.

28. This kitchen gadget that cooks long egg tubes

Do you want an egg tube for breakfast? Actually, you probably don't even know you want that. But eggs are delicious and you can use this device anywhere to cook them. With that being said, it's great to have at work or when traveling. Just crack a couple of eggs into it and a few minutes later, you will have an egg tube that's cooked perfectly.

29. A set of toe stretchers that can help reduce foot pain

Foot pain is an agony that affects your every step, and sometimes the cure can be as simple as stretching the tiny muscles that connect the small bones of your feet. These specific toe spreaders — originally developed by a yoga teacher — can help separate your toes and stretch the muscles compressed by running shoes, work boots, dress shoes, and heels. This simple stretch can help relieve various foot pains including bunions, hammertoe, and more.

30. This adult party game that'll have everyone laughing

Reviewers warn that this game is not for children, and that your laughter will probably annoy the neighbors. It's easy to learn, though, and has a ton of clever cards. It's a bit like Scategories; you're given a topic and number of letters for your answers, which you write on a dry erase tablet. A timer sets a frantic pace to amp up the fun as you find yourselves debating and laughing well into the night.

31. A brilliant way to store your cap collection

If you have hats, you probably need a way to store them or they'll overtake every coat rack and dominate your closet. This double-row hat rack hangs over the back of the door and arranges your hats into a tidy strip that let you see each one. It's easy to install and holds 18 caps altogether.

32. This cheese board with utensils for better picnics

Swivel the cutting board on this clever cheese board and you'll find a set of utensils stored underneath so your picnic is never without a fork, cheese cutter, or spreader. The cutting board itself has a moat so the juices from your roasted meats won't drip onto your picnic blanket, and the entire package is at once easy to cart along and makes for an elevated charcuterie.

33. An easy solution to your mildewy washer

In some climates and households, the front-load washer isn't the laundry miracle you hoped it would be because the interior can easily grow mold if you don't leave the door open. But that open door gets in the way, right? Fortunately, this door holder is a simple solution that props the door open enough for air to circulate — but not so much that it sticks into the room or swings around. You can love your front-load washer again.

34. A paw scrubber that'll keep your house & car clean

Every dog owner is familiar with the horror at the end of a walk or visit to the dog park when the canine who has been digging or running through mud wants to get into the car or run through the living room. This paw scrubbing cup will end that. Simply add water to the soft silicone cup and dip those paws in. It'll gently remove the dirt, even if it's jammed between pads and caked onto fur. It comes with a soft drying cloth, too.

35. The electric candle lighter that never runs out of fuel

This is the lighter you'd take with you into space. It never runs out of fuel — because you can recharge it via USB — and it's so slim and easy to use that you'll wonder why you ever bothered with lighters or matches. An electric arc lights the candle, but that arc isn't a flame.

36. An adjustable reading light you wear like a necklace

This reading light that's meant to be worn like a necklace solves everything about your nighttime lighting situation. It throws two beams — each with their own controls — wherever you direct the gooseneck arms, and won't light up the room so you can read next to your sleeping partner. Each beam has three brightness levels and you can choose from cool white, warm white, or yellow to suit your preference and the task at hand.

37. This knee pillow packed with soft memory foam

So many side sleepers have reported that sleeping with this memory foam knee pillow helps them lie more comfortably and wake up without back pain. It is designed to align your spine as you sleep by holding your top leg straight. The adjustable strap also keeps it in place so you don't lose it in the night or constantly wake up to readjust it. Over 5,000 people have given it five stars.

39. The gardening gloves with claws to worth through dirt

These gloves have sharp fingertips that make it easy to dig through dirt while gardening or working in the yard. They're also waterproof (so don't worry if it just rained), as well as cut resistant. One customer wrote, "The rubber part is supple yet thick enough to resist tearing, and the claws (love the claws) are perfect for digging in either wet or dry soil that is not too hard packed."

40. A couch pillow that holds your drinks nearby

This foam pillow does much more than provide some extra cushion, because it's made with built-in cup holders so your drinks are always next to you. There are three holders in total, including one that's shaped for your mugs. Plus, the pillow helps insulate whichever drinks it's holding.

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