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by Christina X. Wood
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Welcome to the new and improved reality that comes with a new year. If you're hoping to revamp your house and closet with new products, I have you covered. Maybe you want to try a different workout routine, go eco-friendly, eat tastier meals, travel, or just enjoy life a little more. Regardless of what's on your to-do list, I'm sure you'll get a ton of use out of these clever Amazon items in the new year and beyond.

If you want to exercise more, a fresh pair of running shoes can help — and if you're hoping to try some new craft beer, these bottle chillers will keep it all cold as you sip. There's even a memory foam travel pillow with a built-in hoodie that'll come in handy during your highly anticipated future vacations, along with smart plugs that'll help your home feel more futuristic than ever.

I know; I feel it. The '20s are about to roar (in a good way) — and these are the tools, accessories, solutions, and appliances that'll help you enjoy it all. Go ahead and shop around for products that you'll probably use for years and years to come.

1. This shredded memory foam pillow that molds to your shape

Solid memory foam gives firm support with just the right amount of give, which makes for a great mattress. But shredded memory foam is softer, more moldable, and allows air circulation, which makes it better for resting your head. This shredded memory foam pillow offers support without being too high, hard, or bouncy because you can shape it to fit you perfectly. Over 3,000 reviewers have written they sleep better every night with this under them.

2. An Amazon Echo for your car so you can upgrade your ride

You can bring any vehicle into the digital age by adding an Echo Auto to it. Once you connect it to your car stereo, smartphone, and in-car power, you can ask Alexa to play music, get directions, send texts, make phone calls (through the car's speakers), remind you of things, and lots more. Who needs a heads-up display when you have an artificial intelligence riding next to you?

3. This virtual reality headset that's seriously futuristic

Pop your smart phone into this virtual reality (VR) headset and take a trip to space, Paris, a futuristic zombie apocalypse, or even that hotel you are thinking of booking in Belize. This headset works with smart phones that support VR, and it's adjustable for customized comfort.

4. A precision gooseneck water kettle for better coffee

When you are making pour-over coffee, the difference between a good cup and an excellent one comes down to the water’s temperature and the speed at which you pour it. Both are hard to control with the wrong tool. This stainless-steel, gooseneck kettle with a built-in thermometer takes all the guesswork out of it and looks beautiful on your stove. The long neck pours from the bottom of the pot to make slow pouring easy and accurate and the temperature tells you precisely when the water temperature is perfect.

5. These handles that make it a little easier to do pushups

These handles will provide a better grip while you're doing pushups at home. They'll help take the pressure off your wrists and let you dip deeper into the bottom of your pushups — and they even rotate so that you can work more muscles as you exercise.

6. These running shorts with a hidden phone pocket

The eternal dilemma of where to put your phone when you go for a run is solved by the stylish under-layer of these shorts, where there is a hidden pocket. There are 14 color combinations to choose from and thousands of reviewers have written that they're comfortable, so you might want to stock up on this find.

7. The color-coded resistance bands for at-home workouts

This bag of resistance bands will help you get a workout at a moment's notice. There are five color-coded bands that show you how much weight they represent, along with a bag to store them in while they're not being used. Illustrated instructions are also included so you can quickly get started — even if you've never used resistance bands before.

8. This 4-pack of tall & skinny insulated beverage tumblers

Supply the entire family and anyone who comes to visit with a practical beverage container by keeping these stainless steel insulated tumblers on hand. They keep coffee hot for up to 6 hours and iced beverages cold for 12. They are tall and slim and easy to hold in your hand or drop into a cup holder and they come with lids as well as four straws and a skinny brush to clean them.

9. These wireless earbuds headphones with great sound

This pair of truly wireless earbuds — no wires to connect them to your device or to each other — have four microphones that are tuned to block out background noise so that when you take a call, your voice is crystal clear. When you aren’t talking, you can listen to music for 35 hours on a charge. They store in a case that charges them and are IPX7 waterproof.

10. A tool that helps you easily shave your back

If you're trying to remove hair in hard-to-reach places (specifically on your back), it'll be simple with this long-handled back shaver. It'll help you access the spots behind you, thanks to a long handle that's comfortable to hold. It also works wet or dry, folds for storage, and is loved by over 8,000 back groomers.

11. This beard apron that catches pieces of hair as you shave

You'll never get back all that time you've wasted cleaning up the mess that shaving and DIY haircuts leave in the bathroom — but you can prevent that mess from ever happening again. Put this bib around your neck and suction the two remaining corners to your mirror, creating a big beard diaper. Then shave or trim away. All the clippings will be captured before it lands on your sink.

12. These whitening toothpaste tablets made with coconut oil, fresh mint, & more

Here's a new, efficient way to brush and whiten your teeth at the same time: Chew these minty, activated charcoal tablets until they work up foam in your mouth. Then, brush your teeth like you normally would. They're made with ingredients like coconut oil, tea tree oil, and peppermint — and there's no plastic in this process since the tablets come in a reusable metal tin.

13. The bamboo toothbrushes that's not made of plastic

These elegant toothbrushes will look lovely in your bathroom. And, because they are made of bamboo instead of plastic, they're way better for the environment. The bristles are charcoal-infused to help clean and whiten your teeth, and there are six in this package.

14. The moisturizing face lotion made with hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, & more

This natural moisturizer is loaded with peptides, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, shea butter, botanical antioxidants, and more that can help restore your skin's elasticity and while nourishing your complexion. Plus, the scent is so mild that it smells like almost nothing.

15. This suitcase with a built-in cup holder in the back

If you've ever tried to wrangle luggage and a cup of anything through an airport, you know that this roller bag with a cup holder is long overdue. The cup holder retracts, and there's also a USB port and phone holder so you can charge your tech while running to make your connection.

16. A memory foam travel pillow with an integrated hood

The next time you fly or ride along on a long drive, you'll be the one sleeping soundly. This memory foam neck pillow brings comfort to upright sleeping by cinching snugly for neck support while giving your head a soft place to rest. Pull the fuzzy, integrated hood up for warmth or tug it right over your eyes to block out light.

17. These bottle-chilling sticks so your beer is always cold

What do you do when your beer is warm? If you own these beer chiller sticks, you don't have to be sad. You can just drop one into the bottle, snap it on tight, and drink ice-cold beer immediately. The beer travels through the super chiller so that even warm beer is cold by the time it gets to your mouth.

18. The air fryer that lets you cook without the use of oil

You can cook a lot more than french fries in this sleek air fryer, and you'll love being able to quickly turn raw vegetables into crunchy, fried goodness with almost no oil or mess. It has a beautifully simple interface, holds 2 quarts of food, makes crispy snacks in minutes, and comes in six gorgeous colors.

19. A pizza stone for anyone who's trying to up their homemade pizza game

If your homemade pizzas aren’t coming out crisp enough, you need to set them on this 15-inch diameter, black ceramic pizza stone when you put them in the oven. The stone heats up quickly and crips up your crust by cooking your dough from below on a super hot surface — the way they do in a pizza parlor. The ceramic is coated to make it durable and to prevent smoke. It comes with a pizza cutter.

20. These comfortable compression socks with arch support

If your legs are easily tired — or if you're concerned about blood circulation while flying, driving, or sitting — these light compression socks can help. They're designed to apply slight, constant compression, offering increased blood circulation throughout your legs. They also have arch supper along with footbed cushioning.

21. A kit that helps you grow an herb garden in your window

If you grow an herb garden within reach of your food preparation area, you'll probably be more likely to add fresh herbs to everything you cook. This herb garden kit has everything you need to start a complete herb garden on your windowsill, including reusable pots with a slick drainage system, seeds, markers, and fertilizer. Just add water.

22. The latest Amazon Echo for streaming, smart home setups, & more

The latest Amazon Echo is a slick globe of helpful AI, as well as a terrific little speaker that you'll probably use every day to turn lights on and off, ask for answers and advice, play games, listen to music, and everything else. It's also available in three colors: charcoal, glacier white, and twilight blue.

23. A Tile tracker that can help you find frequently lost items

This Tile starter kit comes with a fob for your key chain, pet, or anything else you want to keep track of, as well as a credit-card sized Tile that fits in your wallet. If you lose your wallet or keys, tap the Tile app on your phone to locate them — and if they are close enough to be connected via Bluetooth, set off the Tile's internal alarm so you can quickly locate them.

24. This decorative box that hides all your cable clutter

This cable management kit can turn the cluttered bunches of plugs and power strips into tidy cord collections within an organized box with a bamboo top. The power strip goes into the box with everything plugged in, and you can organize all the wires with the six cord clips, ten cable ties, and one cord sleeve.

25. A wallet that sticks to the back of your phone

Stick this RFID-blocking wallet to the back of your phone so that you always have a bit of cash, a credit card, and your ID with you. You aren’t likely to go anywhere without your phone, right? The folio style wallet comes in four colors, snaps closed, has three card slots and an ID slot, and works with most phone or cases.

26. A slick looking cutting board that goes in the dishwasher

If you are looking for a cutting board that you can put in the dishwasher to sterilize it after you have used it to cut raw meat, this big, sleek black, high-density polypropylene cutting board is a good looking option. The 18” by 12” surface area gives you plenty of room to work, it looks good on the counter, and it can handle the soap and hot water of the dishwasher.

27. The reusable notebook you can use forever & ever

This pocket-sized, dot-grid notebook has a super power: Once you jot your notes, you can send them online to Google, Dropbox, Evernote, Slack, iCloud, email, and more. After they've been virtually sent and stored, you can wipe the pages clean and use them again. The pen and wipe are included.

28. A fitness tracker and heart rate monitor that's less than $30

For the price of lunch and a coffee, you can have this waterproof watch that tracks your steps, heart rate, sleep patterns, and more. It even delivers all of your phone notifications to your wrist (along with phone calls, which you can answer on the spot). There are even five color options to choose from.

29. This shoe polish that'll make your leather kicks glisten

To keep leather supple and soft, you have to moisturizer it. This shoe polish is loaded with waxes, oils, and pigments that return your boots, shoes, bags, or jackets to their soft, elastic youth while erasing scuffs and scratches. Just rub a small amount into the leather and be amazed.

30. These smart plugs so you can automate all your appliances

Do you want to turn a lamp on or off without getting up? And wouldn't it be pleasant to wake up every morning to the smell of brewing coffee? All it takes is a one of these smart plugs to connect anything you plug in to your Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or phone. They won't hog the whole outlet or break the bank, but they will let you set timers and automate everything.

31. A pillowy cup holder with room for so much more

When you're chilling on the couch watching a movie, you want a drink and snacks with you, right? But where do you put it so it's all within reach and not spilling on the furniture? This soft cup holder sits right on the couch with you to organize everything and keep the beverages upright. It's also weighted, so it stays put and has deep slots to hold all your must-haves.

32. These thermal gloves that work with your touch-screen tech

Don't freeze your digits off out there. Sometimes the right layer can be the difference between cozy and functional, l and these thermal gloves are the perfect waterproof combination of both. They have grippy palms and are able to absorb sweat while protecting you from wind and cold. Perfect for bike riding and excellent for cold morning runs, they will also work with your touch screen.

33. This phone mount that fits in your cup holder

No room on your dashboard for an in-car phone mount? This clever phone holder uses one of your cup holders instead, which is often the only available space in a truck. The base expands to fit pretty much any cup holder, and a long articulated arm puts your phone where you can see and tap it. Your phone snaps into the side and bottom clips, and a quick-release button makes retrieving it super easy.

34. These soft-as-silk sheets with over 180,000 reviews (seriously)

These microfiber sheets might be polyester, but they're spun like silk from threads that are impossibly thin and fine. That's why these sheets are super soft on your skin and also gentle on your wallet. They are so affordable, in fact, so you can have them in several of the 44 gorgeous colors and patterns.

35. The running shoes that'll make you excited to jog

You know what'll help snap you out of that bad mood? A brisk walk or a run! Lace up these comfy kicks, which boast leather-trimmed fabric uppers and charged midsoles made from compression-molded foam, and get a bit of motivational assistance from your shoes. They come in 23 colors and have almost 17,000 five-star reviews.

36. This genius mop with a bucket that spins it clean

Bring your cleaning method up to date with this modern mop and bucket set. The mop holds tons of water and is shaped to reach into crevices and corners. A hinge where the handle meets the head lets you get the mop flat to go under furniture and appliances, and the hydraulic handle spins to efficiently empty the mop head into the bucket, which can be easily drained.

37. This organizer for your massive hat collection

If you have caps and hats cluttering every surface of your home, it's probably time to rein them in by giving each of them a place and putting them all in it. Hang this vertical organizer from any closet rod and it creates hat-sized cubbies for up to ten hats. Your hats will be easy to find when you need protection and always safe from getting crushed. Mesh pockets on the sides are great for storing hair accessories and other small sundries.

38. The one hanger that organizes all your belts

Transform the small space that one clothes hanger takes up in your closet into an efficient and easy-to-use storage area for your entire belt collection. This molded plastic design lets you slide your belts in and hang them from the buckle, making it easy to find the belt you want and to put your belts away.

39. A clever spot to keep sunglasses in your car

Keep a pair of driving sunglasses in your car and you will never find yourself blinded by the glare and without shades. This ring sticks to your dash and holds one pair of sunglasses within easy reach. It retracts when not in use and will help prevent you from losing your glasses when your hands are too busy to stash them as the sunsets.

40. This vegan charcoal floss in a bamboo container

Everything about this all-natural floss is better than drugstore plastic floss, if you ask me. The floss itself is made from biodegradable bamboo charcoal fiber covered in beeswax that's infused with peppermint. The dispenser is reusable and biodegradable (and also made from bamboo). You get one container and two 55-yard rolls of floss.

41. These beeswax food wraps that are reusable

Just like with plastic wrap, you can cover any dish, wrap a sandwich, or wrap up a half of a lemon or tomato with this beeswax food wrap. It holds firmly, adheres to any shape, and shouldn't leak. Unlike plastic wrap, though, you can reuse each sheet for a year and toss it knowing that it's eco-friendly.

42. A multitool that looks just like a key on your chain

Add this key to your keychain to unlock beer bottles, screws, cans, and more. It looks like a key, but it's more than 16 tools in one. There's a bike spoke key, a screwdriver tip that works on straight, square, or Phillips screws, a bit driver, and more. It's also made out of stainless steel that's extremely durable.

43. This heated beard straightener that comes with moisturizing beard balm

Once a day is all it takes with this heated beard straightener, which comes with beard oil and balm. You won't have to worry about unwanted frizz or dryness, because one treatment will help calm and nourish your strands. It heats up within seconds — and when you brush with it, the tool transfers negative ions into your hair to help straighten them.

44. The press that you can make delicious stuffed burgers with

A cheeseburger with the cheese on the inside is a culinary delight, and it's easier to handle on the grill. This press makes creating stuffed burgers fast and easy while keeping raw meat off your hands. Fill the bottom with meat, and then press it down to create a space for toppings — cheese, jalapeños, mushrooms, whatever — and add more meat on top. Then, press it all down and toss that tidy burger on the grill.

45. This minimalist razor stand for a tidier bathroom

That mug you are using to hold your toothbrush, razor, and bathroom clutter isn't as tidy as you thought it would be, right? This weighted stand does one thing well: It holds your razor (or toothbrush) upright so it dries, and it looks modern. It also drains through the bottom, is slightly angled, and has a non-slip rubberized base.

46. A mirror that won't fog up in the shower

Tired of shaving and washing without actually seeing what you're doing? Suction this fogless mirror to the wall of your shower so you can see clearly while shaving or washing your face. There's a hook for your razor, and the powerful suction cup holds fast. Not to mention, the mirror rotates easily to the angle you want. This thing is guaranteed not to fog up.

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