43 cheap things on Amazon that make your car 10x nicer

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by Christina X. Wood
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I love my car and hope to keep driving it for many years because I spent a lot of time choosing it and a big pile of hard-earned money paying for it. But it’s not just that. A good, reliable car is a form of tangible freedom. I can go to the beach, out to dinner, or halfway across the country whenever I want to because I make sure that it’s always healthy and reliable. Taking good care of my car, tricking it out with some bling, and maintaining expensive-to-replace features like the paint and interior upholstery is fun and a good investment, especially when these 43 things on Amazon that make your car 10X nicer are so affordable.

It’s embarrassing to offer someone a ride in my car, though, if it’s littered with trash, disorganized, or smells like a wet dog, so I keep a handy trash can in there, make sure my stuff is organized, and — before I let a dog ride in the back — create a space that’s safe for the dog and my car.

Here are 43 ways to whip your vehicle into road trip shape while protecting your investment and tricking out your ride.

1. A big windshield shade so your interior stays cool

This reflective windshield shade opens up big to block sunlight from coming into your car but it folds up so small so you can stash it in a seat back pocket or underneath. It even comes with its own pouch. To install it, just pull it out of the pouch, open it up, and pull your visors down to hold it in place. Your car will stay cool — and the upholstery protected from UV damage — even in the blazing sun.

2. An in-car vacuum for fast cleanups when messes happen

It’s so easy to clean up a spill or tracked-in sand or dirt when you have this powerful vacuum in the car, ready to go. Plug it into the lighter and vacuum out the seat post snack or after a trip to the beach. There are three attachments (flathead, extendable, and brush nozzle), the cord is 16 feet long, and this bad boy gets nearly 101,000 five-star reviews.

3. This cleaning gel that makes fast work of details

You could pay someone a lot of money to detail your car or you could push this cleaning gel into that dirty cup holder, the air vents, and all the nooks and crannies, and let it pull away the dust, dirt, and debris when you pull it out. It’s fun, squishy and smells sweet.

4. A small fridge for cold drinks on the go

Plug this little fridge into the lighter and keep cold drinks on hand at all times without worrying about ice for a cooler. It holds six soda cans and also turns into a warmer with the flip of a switch so you could also use it to keep a hot lunch warm. It comes in five colors and gets 18,000 five-star reviews.

5. The spray cleaner that works on every part of the interior

This spray cleaner will make everything from the heads-up display to the upholstery spiffy clean with a quick wipe, and then it will protect those surfaces from the fading and discoloration caused by sunlight. Reviewers love this stuff, say it cleans anything off of the car’s interior, and give it 13,000 five-star reviews.

6. A tire inflator that’s always along for the ride

Keep this portable air compressor in the car and you will never get stuck somewhere with a flat. In just a few minutes, it will plump up your tire so you can drive on it and the touchscreen is easy to use. Just plug it into the lighter with the car running and take it from there.

7. This mitt that makes washing the car so easy

Pull this clever wash mitt onto your hand like a big, fluffy mitten and washing the car becomes super easy. It holds tons of water so you can work up a big head of lather and scrub the vehicle front to back. The microfiber fingers grab dirt and pull it away but are so soft and gentle they won’t hurt the finish.

8. An all-in-one touch-up paint to fix those scratches

A small parking lot mishap is all it takes to put a scratch in your otherwise perfect car but this touch-up paint will get rid of that quickly. It’s an exact match to your Ford’s color — just choose the right shade — and is both a color and a top coat at once. (It also comes in exact matches for several other popular car makers.) It’s quick and easy and over 8,000 people give it five stars.

9. A complete set of seat covers for a new look

If your seats are starting to look tired or you want to protect them from kids or pets, this complete set of seat covers — two front seat and one bench seat — are quick to install and come in 12 colors that will transform the look of your interior. They are machine-washable and over 10,000 people give them five stars.

10. This plastic restorer that makes your trim look awesome

When your black plastic trim starts to fade and make your car look old and beat, this simple and easy fix is all you need to restore it back to its original deep color. Rub the paste into the trim and within minutes it will be restored and protected from future sun damage by UV inhibitors. Reviewers are effusive and give it thousands of five-star reviews.

11. A 24-pack of microfiber cleaning cloths

Keep a stack of these excellent microfiber cleaning cloths in the garage for washing the car and a few in the trunk for on-the-road mishaps. There are two dozen here, they get 32,000 five-star reviews, hold lots of water, wipe without leaving a streak, and go right in the washer and dryer for cleanup.

12. This digital pressure gauge that fits in the glove box

This simple and quick air-pressure gauge will be right there in the glove box when your tires look low. Just snap it over the valve stem and press a button for an instant reading on its LCD screen. There’s a built-in light so you can do this even when it’s dark and it comes in three colors.

13. A universal car paint for a perfect paint job

Whether you are retouching a scratch, the original paint is disintegrating, or you did a major paint job on your car, this universal paint is the final touch to give your car professional shine and finish. A variety of colors are available, and more than 18,000 people give it five stars.

14. This power supply so you can plug in whatever you have

When you travel with a laptop, cell phone, and other devices, they will want power at some point, and this power adapter will give it to them right in the car. Plug it into the lighter and it converts that power source to two 110 volt AC power plugs and four USB plugs so everyone in the car can charge up, no matter how long the road trip or what gadget they have.

15. The quick fix for that ding or crack in the windshield

A stone hit the windshield at 55 miles per hour and now you have a ding. Or there is a small crack you are afraid will spread into a bigger one. You don’t have to replace the windshield every time something like this happens because this repair kit is everything you need to make that ding or crack invisible and stop it from spreading. It comes with everything you need, including directions.

16. This storage space that’s exactly where you need it

Where do you put your bag, wallet, water bottle, and other essentials when you are driving? Instead of tossing them into the back seat to fly around, install this organizer between the two front seats so you have a dedicated place for a backpack and several pockets for water bottles, wipes, and other in-car necessaries.

17. These pockets that tap that gap for storage

Install these two pockets between the front seats and the center console and give yourself a handy place to stash sunglasses, phone, hair ties, and whatever else you need to have on hand. They also stop you from dropping anything in that gap between the seats so they save enormous frustration and prevent you from driving while hunting around under the seat.

18. A pair of tire wedges so your RV doesn’t roll

Set these brightly colored wedges under the wheel of your RV when you hitch it up so it doesn’t roll frustratingly and dangerously away from you. These are bright yellow so you can easily find them and see if you remembered to remove them and designed to handle chucking on level ground. Over 10,000 people give them five stars.

19. The back seat organizer that puts everything in its place

Clean up the car while keeping lots of entertainment and snacks within easy reach for your back-seat passengers with this organizer that attaches to the back of the front seats. A clear pocket on the top is the perfect place to put a tablet for back-seat viewing and eight more pockets hold beverages, toys, and snacks. This is a two-pack so both back seat areas are covered.

20. These genius hooks that attach to the head rest

Snap these hooks onto the front seat head rests and give yourself a quick and easy hook to hang grocery bags, a purse, backpacks, and more. You will hardly notice them till you need a hook and then it will be right where you need it.

21. The wipers that install Rain-X on your windshield

Rain-X is a brilliant substance that causes rain to bead up and fly off the windshield even before the wipers squeegee it off. It also prevents ice from forming on the windshield. But it’s a chore to coat the windshield with it — or it was. These wipers do the job for you, wiping the rain away while installing Rain-X onto the glass. Reviewers love this and give it an impressive 44,000 five-star ratings.

22. A MagSafe phone mount that’s also a wireless charger

Upgrade your in-car phone mount by clipping this high-tech charger and mount into the vents because once you do, you can just touch your MagSafe-encased iPhone to the mount and it will stay put while recharging wirelessly. It rotates 360 degrees so you can position the phone at the angle you like and plugs into the lighter.

23. This dashboard phone mount that looks terrific

Stick this classy little phone mount to your dash — it’s adhesive on the bottom — and set your phone into the slots. There is a tray for your earbuds or other small items and it holds your phone securely where you can see it for navigation and grab it when you get out of the car. Nearly 12,000 people give it five stars.

24. A handy table that snaps into your steering wheel

Whether you are road-tripping or want to do a bit of work while waiting to pick the kids up at school, this desk that snaps cleverly into your steering wheel to make a dining or work surface is must-have. It’s big enough for your meal or laptop but slides under or between the seats for quick storage.

25. These window shades that keep sun off your baby

Stick these simple sun shades to the windows and keep those harsh rays from blinding or burning your baby or pets — or even yourself and whoever is riding with you. They use a simple cling technology so installing them is just a matter of pressing them to the window and reviewers love them, giving them nearly 18,000 five-star ratings.

26. This trunk organizer that has thought of everything

With straps that hold it securely while you drive, strong handles for carrying it loaded, a heavy-duty fabric that holds up to whatever you throw in there, three interior compartments and lots of exterior pockets, this trunk organizer will take your in-car storage to the next level. When not packed full, it folds up to a slim and easy-to-store package.

27. A transmitter that connects your phone to the stereo

Plug this clever FM transmitter into your car’s lighter and connect it a free FM channel and you can now listen to the music on your phone through the car speakers. You can also take calls and see who is calling on the LCD backlit display. It puts two USB charging cables right where you need them, too.

28. An excellent foaming car wash

However you wash your car — with a couple of buckets or a hose with a spray nosel — this foaming car wash will get rid of grime, road dirt, and whatever else happened while being gentle to your car’s finish, metals, glass, and plastic, and it adds a protective shield that prevents swirls and fading. It comes with the microfiber wash mitt, too.

29. This comfy steering wheel cover that looks awesome

Give your hands a break by installing this cushy steering wheel cover that resists heating and feels soft in your hands. It’s easy to install by warming it up and stretching it over the wheel and it comes in six color combinations that look great in your interior. Over 21,000 people give it five stars.

30. A collection of wipes for every part of your car

Keep these wipes squirreled away in your car so you can detail the dash at red lights and clean the windows whenever they look dirty. There are three types — protectant, cleaning, and glass cleaning — that will take your car from dull and dirty to sparkling just by grabbing one and wiping.

31. This set of interior lights that set a mood in your ride

Install these lights — just peel and stick — under the dash and seats and plug them into the lighter and now wherever you go you can rock whatever mood takes you. Set them to a cool blue as you roll down the road or blast some tunes and make multicolored lights dance to the beat. There are 16 million colors, they turn on and off with a simple control, and you can change the mood from the phone app.

32. These adorable coasters for the cup holders

Sometimes the little things make all the difference, as with these two coasters for the cup holders in your car. They add a homey and stylish vibe to your car’s interior and make it possible to clean any spills that happen simply by removing these — there is a finger notch to make this easy — and rinsing them in the sink.

33. An organizer for your registration & insurance

The moment you get pulled over is not the time to attempt a glove compartment organization. Put all your relevant papers into this orderly holder so you can easily reach in there and pull out everything you need without stressing. It has clear sleeves for registration, insurance, and whatever else you need to carry, comes in six colors, and says what it is right on the front.

34. This scratch remover that erases water sports & swirls, too

It is startlingly easy to remove that scratch that happened in the parking lot or the swirl that’s making your car look old simply by applying this scratch remover and using the included buffing pad to polish it away. Over 18,000 people love the results and give it five stars.

35. These blind spot mirrors that make changing lanes easier

Once you get your rear mirrors adjusted correctly, you can give yourself even more clarity on what cars are approaching in the next lane — on either side of the car — by sticking these blind-spot mirrors to the upper, outside corner of both mirrors. It’s so much easier to change lanes when you don’t have to pray you will survive every time.

36. The gap filler that stops you from losing things

When your phone drops between the seat and the center console, you have to dig around under there hunting for it. But what else have you lost under there without even noticing? This pair of gap fillers fit into that gap and stop the drop. They are nearly invisible once installed and move with the seat so you will never have to fiddle with them. Reviewers give them 28,000 five-star reviews.

37. A handy trash can to keep the car clean

Hang this folding trash can over the seat back or center console, line it with a grocery bag or small trash can liner for easy emptying, and it will be easy to keep your car clean. It holds almost two gallons of trash and folds up small when you aren’t using it.

38. The back seat cover that keeps your car safe from the dog

Line the back seat area with this complete coverage seat cover and create a dog zone for the pup so that your upholstery and the front seat areas are safe. It’s waterproof, tough enough to stand up to dog claws, and covers every bit of the back so that when you remove it and the dog, your car is clean and undamaged.

39. A dash cam so you have a record of what happened

This dash camera starts recording when you start the car and keeps a continuous record of everything it sees on the SD memory card you put into it, so that if the insurance company needs proof or you want to prove you saw a wild buffalo, you have it. It records at 1080p so you can see license plate numbers and other details.

40. These exterior lights for a space-age transport

Install these slick strip lights on the undercarriage of your car and when you roll into town, your entrance will be like the opening credits of an action film. Four light strips attach with adhesive, clips, cable ties and screws. Once installed, choose from 32 colors and seven scenes to create whatever space-age look you can imagine.

41. This spray wax that brings out the shine on your paint job

This spray-on exterior wax polish makes your paint shine — even if your car is headed toward “classic” territory, and it’s a lot easier than applying standard wax. It’s a hydrophobic ceramic coating that repels water, too, so it will keep your car looking clean and shiny a lot longer than just washing it will. Over 40,000 people give it five stars.

42. An Amazon Alexa for your dashboard

The Echo Auto is the fastest, cheapest, and slickest upgrade for your car because in just a few minutes, you can go from having a car that’s not at all connected to one that lets you turn the light off in your bedroom while you are flying down the interstate. Plug it in, connect it to your phone, and use your voice to do everything from playing music in the car to controlling your home.

43. The lights that flash your brand when you open the door

Picture this: You pull up to a meeting with a client, get out of your car, and your logo flashes on the ground at your feet because you have this custom door light installed. Maybe that logo is a funny saying, your favorite cartoon character, or your company logo. Just upload it, wait for delivery, and stick it to the bottom of your car door.

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