37 genius hacks that can save you a ton of money

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by Christina X. Wood
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Whether you’re saving up for a big expense or just looking to cut down everyday costs, it feels like a big win when you find genius hacks that can save you a ton of money. For instance, even when I’m on a budget, I’m not willing to give up good coffee and fine wine — but with an easy-to-use coffee maker and a vacuum pump that keeps wine fresh, I can keep enjoying my favorite things while saving some dough. If you want to do the same, I’ve pulled together a list of products that’ll help you save money in all areas of your life.

So, what can these genius products help you with? Let’s start with that slow drain in the bathroom. Sure, you could call a plumber to get that fixed, but the smart money is on owning a clever and cheap tool that makes it easy for you to fix it in seconds. And did you know that food waste costs the average American household about $1,866 per year? That’s a lot of cash to take out with the trash. But there are products to help you avoid waste, like produce savers and reusable food storage bags, to name a few.

If you’re ready to discover other ways to save, read on for more genius things that your bank account will love.

1. This spatula that gets to the last drop inside jars & bottles

What if getting the last drop out of every jar was easy? You’d save a small fortune, right? Well, this little spatula is the answer. It’s less than an inch wide and flexible, with a long handle, so it gets easily into the bottom of condiment, lotion, peanut butter, and any other kind of jar you have, so you can stop throwing away the products you paid for and use them up instead.

2. A tool that gets all the toothpaste out of the tube

Stop arguing over whether the toothpaste is “empty enough” and save money, too, by putting your toothpaste tube into this squeezer tool. To squeeze out the paste, just turn the key. You’ll save money by using all the toothpaste without struggling — but the best part might be that the toothpaste stands up tidily on the counter. Each pack contains two squeezers, and you can choose from five colors.

3. These drawer liners that make produce last longer

Line the produce drawer with these genius anti-mold pads and stop throwing away expensive produce. They cushion the drawers to prevent bruising, allow air circulation to stop produce from getting moldy, keep the drawers clean, and bring a pop of color to the fridge. Just cut them to fit your drawers. Also great: Over 1,400 people give them five stars.

4. A set of reusable food storage bags so you can stop buying plastic

If you want to reduce single-use plastic waste and save some money, these BPA-free reusable food storage bags are an excellent solution. Each pack comes with four large and four medium bags, and they have flat bottoms so they’ll stand up and save space in the fridge and freezer. Plus, the bags are leakproof and easy to wash.

5. The silicone lids that cover bowls & containers

Skip an annoying step — and avoid buying plastic containers and plastic wrap — by stretching these silicone lids over the bowl or container you’re already using instead of moving food to a storage container. The set includes six sizes, ranging from small enough for a soup can to big enough to cover a serving bowl. You can even cover the cut part of a fruit or vegetable with these and skip the container entirely.

6. These bamboo towels that replace paper ones

There is no doubt that a roll of paper towels is convenient, but the cost — both to your wallet and the planet — may be high. These bamboo ones are just as handy but you can keep reusing every towel you pull off the roll by throwing it into the wash and adding it to your rag bin. They are stronger and more absorbent than paper, too.

7. This smart power strip that monitors usage

Plug your devices into this smart power strip and you can protect them from surges and control them with Alexa, Google Home, or Cortana and the Kasa smartphone app. Not only does this power strip feature six smart outlets and three USB ports, but it also helps you identify the energy vampires in your house. If you see something is sucking down power, you can turn it off right from the app. Each plug in this strip is controlled individually.

8. A draft stopper that keeps the heat and AC inside

When you lose air conditioning or heat through the gap in the bottom of the door, you are losing money with it. Bugs and noise can get through that gap, too. But it’s easy to fix the problem with this insulated draft stopper — just stick it to the bottom of the door. It cuts easily to size, is flexible, and will save you so much money. Choose from four colors: white, gray, brown, and black.

9. These wool dryer balls that can replace fabric softener

Want to stop spending money on fabric softener and dryer sheets? Use these eco-friendly wool dryer balls instead. They’re reusable, all-natural, and so easy to use. Just toss them in the dryer with your clothes and they can reduce wrinkles and shorten drying time by fluffing the laundry as it rotates. Each pack contains six.

10. This upside-down lid that helps get all the product out of bottles

Switch the lid of your honey, lotion, or condiment with these clever ones that have a tripod stand, allowing you to turn the bottle upside down so gravity works to help get all the product out. They have a pop-top, so nothing spills out, and there are four sizes in each kit to fit just about any bottle you have.

11. A vacuum sealer for preserving food in the freezer

Whether it’s a fish you caught or a big package of meat you purchased, you can store it in the freezer and prevent freezer burn with this little vacuum sealer. It’s small enough to store easily, has clear directions and indicator lights, and comes with a starter pack of sealing bags.

12. This soda maker that saves money and cuts down on recycling

If you love beverages with bubbles, this soda maker can save you a small fortune and eliminate a lot of cans and bottles from your recycling. Just attach a standard CO2 cartridge (sold separately), fill the bottle with water, and push the button to create bubbly water for your cocktails, juices, and more.

13. A container that keeps onions fresh for longer

Go ahead and cut that onion, even if you only need one slice. If you have this onion keeper (that also looks like an onion) you can use the rest another time. The BPA-free container helps keep cut onions fresh and reduces onion odor in the fridge. It’s a clever idea that gets around 2,500 five-star reviews.

14. This container that helps prevent avocados from turning brown

Air is the enemy of avocado, at least after you cut its skin. That’s why this avocado storage container is designed to keep air away from the green fruit in much the same way the skin did before you removed it. Just stretch it over the exposed fruit, put it in the fridge, and your cut avocados will last so much longer.

15. A reusable Keurig pod that works with your favorite ground coffee beans

Fill this reusable Keurig pod with your own ground coffee and you can have all the convenience of a single-serve K-cup with none of the waste and expense. The BPA-free pod fits most Keurig machines and has two fill lines for cup and travel mug brews. And instead of throwing the spent pod away, you can just wash this one and use it again.

16. This clever tool for making razor blades last longer

Razor blades are expensive but you have no choice but to chuck them when they become dull and start to nick your skin. Or...actually, you do. Run the razor — any kind — over the silicone surface of this razor blade sharpener a few times to restore sharpness, so you can get many more shaves out of each razor.

17. A wine-saver pump that keeps the bottle fresh

Once you expose wine to air, it starts to lose its flavor and aroma. This is no big deal if you drink the whole bottle in an evening, but what if you only want one glass? Put one of the stoppers that come with this clever wine pump in the bottle and remove air by pumping until you hear the click. You can drink the wine tomorrow or even next week and it will be just as fresh as when you opened the bottle.

18. This moldable glue you can use to repair anything

Got a broken shoe, leaky sink, or frayed headphones? This moldable glue can fix all that and more. The non-runny glue is pliable and sticky for about thirty minutes after you open a package. Mold it into whatever shape or connection you need in that time, then let it set overnight. It adheres to everything from ceramics to fabric and creates a durable fix.

19. This light switch with a built-in motion sensor

Leaving the lights on by accident can cost you money over time. Instead of reminding everyone in the house to turn them off, automate the lights with this motion-sensor light switch. The lights will turn on only when it’s dark and someone moves into the room, and they switch off automatically after a few minutes when the room is empty. You can also use the rocker switch to turn them on and off as needed.

20. These reusable cotton pads that work with your sweeper

Those disposable sweeper pads are convenient, but they are pretty expensive for something you just throw away. These reusable cotton mop pads fit over your standard Swiffer sweeper and they’re suitable for wet and dry use, so they can grab dust and you can use them to mop the floors. Instead of throwing them out, toss them in the wash and use them again. There are two in this pack so there is always a clean one.

21. A set of covers for fruits & vegetables

Instead of throwing out that half of a lemon, onion, or other fruits and veggies, place one of these silicone covers on the cut edge and pop it in the fridge. You don’t have to waste dishes, keep track of plastic containers, or use plastic wrap. These covers are reusable and washable and there are four sizes to fit everything from a lime to a big bell pepper.

22. This kit that makes it easy to fix damaged wood furniture

If you can color with crayons, you can fix your damaged wood furniture with this set of markers and crayons. Use the crayons for deep scratches or dings and the markers for blemishes and scuffs. Just pick the color that matches, such as cherry, maple, or oak, and watch the scratches disappear as you draw over them.

23. These suction pullers that can quickly fix car dents

A dent in your car can cost a small fortune to repair at a body shop, but you can use these suction-cup dent pullers for DIY repairs. It’s super easy to do — just suction the tool onto the dent and pull. The rubber suction cup is soft, so it won’t damage the paint.

24. A set of colorful coils that protect your cables

The inch of wire that meets the charger or headphone end on your electronic cables takes a lot of stress. It bends when you use them, store them, or plug them in. If you snap these colorful coil protectors around those high-use areas, they will last longer. You could also use these to color code your cables so it’s easy to find the right charger in a bag. And since this is a 24-pack, you can protect all the cords you own.

25. This water repellent that protects your shoes

Spray this water repellent on leather and fabric boots and shoes and it quickly creates a waterproof finish that keeps moisture from seeping through, getting your feet wet, and damaging your shoes. It protects the leather from water spots and damage and helps your footwear last through all kinds of weather.

26. A spray that protects fabrics from stains

If you have fabric furniture and worry that someone will spill on it, protect your couch — and your relationships — by spraying it with this stain guard. It creates a finish that repels liquids so you have time to clean spills up before they leave a stain. Also great: It’s odorless, non-flammable, and safe for indoor and outdoor use. Plus, it’s earned almost 2,500 five-star reviews.

27. The clever fix for your sagging couch

If that vintage find or much-loved couch you can’t part with is sagging in the seat, you don't have to scrap it or spend a fortune to have it re-stuffed. Just insert this firm foam under the cushion, inside its zippered case, to restore firmness to the seat. It’s easy to cut to fit and reviewers write it brings comfort back to an aging couch.

28. This genius tool that clears your drains

These plastic snakes are a must-have if your drains tend to slow down. Just feed one into a drain that’s not clearing and the reverse barbs grab the hair that’s probably clogging it up. When you pull the snake back out, the hair comes with it, clearing the drain.

29. A sweater comb that takes pills right off

Keep this simple comb handy for when you don a sweater and realize it looks shabby. That shabbiness is mostly likely just pilling, which this fine comb takes off in a couple of swipes. Just give that sweater a bit of grooming and it will look great again. According to reviewers — and there are hundreds of five-star reviews — this bit of DIY is well worth the time and money.

30. These blue apples that save your produce

Ethylene gas is emitted by fruits and vegetables, causing the food to ripen and spoil more quickly when they are stored together in the fridge. These blue apples contain a packet that absorbs and neutralizes ethylene gas and slows down this natural process. Just drop a blue apple in your produce drawer to keep food fresh much longer.

31. A bag sealer that keeps snacks fresh

Keep cookies, chips, candy, and other snacks fresh with this bag heat sealer. The compact tool heats up to reseal food bags, preventing your snacks from going stale. Just plug it in and close the end of the bag in the corrugated sealing mechanism — it couldn’t be easier.

32. This easy-to-use silver jewelry cleaner

All you have to do to clean your sterling silver jewelry is dip it in this silver cleaner, rinse it off, and dry using the included polishing cloth. The cleaner removes tarnish easily so you can stop putting silver jewelry back in the box until you have time to deal with it — just clean as you go. Hundreds of people give it five stars.

33. The quick way to make great coffee anywhere

The Aeropress is a quick and simple way to make excellent coffee. The steep time isn’t as long as a French press, so the coffee tastes smoother, and you can brew right into your cup so cleanup is easier. And since it’s small and portable, it’s easy to pack for camping trips and other travel.

34. This scratch remover that restores the paint job on your car

Got scratches and swirl marks on your car? All you have to do is rub this scratch and swirl remover on the included sponge and apply it to the wear and tear on your car’s once-lovely finish to give it a refresh. Reviewers are impressed with how well this product works, giving it over 15,000 five-star reviews.

35. A piggy bank that counts as you save

If you doubt that you can save a lot of money simply by dropping your spare change into a jar, this hard-to-break digital piggy bank is here to prove it to you. It keeps a tally as you add money so you can see how much is in the jar, which is encouraging and helps kids learn math. After you empty the jar, just reset the display to start over.

36. This super secure piggy bank even adults can’t open

If you put money into this stainless steel piggy bank — bills as well as coins — you can’t get it out until you destroy the box, so it’s great for stashing away a significant amount of money without dipping into your savings. Reviewers note it takes some serious elbow grease to quit on your money-saving goals, with one writing the box is “super heavy duty and you CANNOT get money out.”

37. A breadbox that’s expandable

This bread box expands up to 11 inches to keep all your favorite baked goods fresh — plus, you can collapse it as the loaf gets smaller to save counter space. There’s also an adjustable air vent so you can set your desired amount of ventilation, which is helpful if you put baked goods away while still warm. Reviewers love it, giving it over 2,300 five-star reviews.

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