30 things that make riding in your car WAY more comfortable & fun

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by Christina X. Wood
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Ready to hit the road? Maybe there’s a beach that’s calling to you, a friend you haven’t seen in a while, a museum with an exhibit you just can’t miss, or a cuisine you can’t get at home. I can be talked into a road trip for just about any of those reasons (and probably a dozen more), because I love the freedom of the open road and a journey that takes me outside the day-to-day. But every road trip — and every commute, for that matter — involves spending a lot of time in the car. So, I found Amazon products that make riding in your car comfier and more fun.

Now that I’m used to having Amazon Alexa at the ready to turn on lights, play the music I want to hear, or answer every question that pops into my mind, I can’t go on a road trip without her. Fortunately, there’s an Echo Auto — so I don’t have to. And what about napping? When it’s not my driving shift, I want to sleep. And that can be pretty annoying in a car unless you install this simple headrest that cradles your napping noggin. Furthermore, when I arrive at my visit, museum, or restaurant, do I want to crawl out of the car seemingly disheveled, or do I want to do my hair and makeup in front of this lighted visor mirror? I think you know the answer to that.

There are many more of these items to help make your ride much sweeter, and you can find them right here.

1. A cooling gel steering wheel cover that chills your hands

When the sun beats through your windshield, the steering wheel can get hot — but this steering wheel cover is filled with a cooling gel so that the wheel is never too hot to touch. It’s also covered in a soft, plush microfiber that’s squishy and easy to grip. It looks cool, too.

2. The LED strip lights that’ll add color to your ride

You can easily amp up your ride that’s seen better days with these strip lights that install easily and emit the vibe you want. Stick them on with the included double-sided tape and transform any car’s interior from dull to vibrant. Choose from eight colors to illuminate the foot space and set it to pulse to whatever music you play.

3. The hooks that’ll keep your must-have items within reach

Place these unobtrusive hooks anywhere in your car’s interior — they stick to just about any surface — so you can keep your mask, sunglasses, keys, shopping bag, or whatever you need within easy reach. No more searching the floor for a misplaced mask or losing your sunglasses in the glove box. They are super easy to install, and you can use them at home as well.

4. This French fry holster for your cup holder

If you love to eat fries in the car, then you know what it’s like to scrape old, fallen fries up off the floor. This fry holder can prevent that from happening, because it turns your cup holder into a fry dispenser by creating a snug place for the container to sit.

5. The Echo Auto that lets you bring Alexa on the road

This little Echo Auto transforms your car into a smart, futuristic ride with voice control. Instead of fumbling with your phone, ask Alexa to make a call, choose some music, give directions, or recommend restaurants nearby. Since it connects to your Amazon Alexa ecosystem, you can even ask her to close the garage door or adjust the lights at home while you fly down the interstate.

6. This wide-angle mirror so you can see everything easier

This extra-wide mirror clips on over your own rear-view and expands the view behind you. Instead of hoping there’s no one coming up in your blind spot, this mirror will let you see on both sides so you can drive with more information available at a glance. It lets you see more of the interior behind you, too, so you can keep an eye on pets or kids.

7. A phone mount you can attach to the windshield

If you don’t have a place to mount your phone on the dash, this long-armed windshield mount is here to save the day. It suctions onto the windshield, so you can use it in pretty much any car— even those where you don’t want a permanent installation. The arm is long enough to bring your phone into view, and the clamps are super easy to snap a phone into (even when it’s in a case).

8. This head rest so you can snooze in the passenger seat

When it’s not your turn to drive, you want to sleep, right? But how can you do that when your head is bouncing on the window? Install these soft headrests into the passenger seat and you can snooze while your head rests — held up in a comfortable position on a soft, padded surface. Reviewers have written that it’s easy to install and makes car-sleeping easier and more comfortable.

9. The headrest hooks that give you a place to hang your bags

These hooks bring much-needed storage to the car, and all you have to do to install them is hook them over the headrest poles. Then, you’ll have a place to hang grocery bags, a purse, or a backpack or to create a full-on interior organization system. They’re also wrapped with leather to match your interior, so they’ll look like they belong.

10. This solution for removing unwanted odor in the car

If you spill water or leave a wet towel in the car, the musty smell can quickly overcome your small interior — but all you have to do is open a container of DampRid and set it down in the car. It’ll suck all the moisture out of the air, giving that mildew no place to grow while giving off the scent of fresh linens. This is a four-pack, so there’s one for the closet, too.

11. The purifier that scrubs the air while you drive

Plug this ionic air purifier into the cigarette lighter of your car, and it’ll glow a cool blue light to let you know that it’s generating negative ions that’ll grab and neutralize particles in the air caused by smoke, pets, and other things. It won’t emit a smell; it simply zaps the unwanted odor inside the car into oblivion. It also has two USB ports, so you can charge your phone from it.

12. This lumbar support cushion to help relieve back pain

This memory foam support cushion gives just the right amount of gentle support to your lower back so that your spine curves inward instead of slumping. It can fix any chair — but if you drive often, it can make your ride a lot more comfortable. Over 1,300 reviewers have given it five stars, with some people writing that it has the perfect amount of support.

13. An entertainment center for the back seat

Whether you’re driving with family or friends, a backseat organizer is probably a good idea. Attach this one to the back of either front seat (or both, if you buy two), and fill it with activities. It has tons of pockets and two cup holders — but you can even slide a screen into the clear pocket at the top so everyone in the back can watch a movie.

14. A backup camera that shows what’s behind you

Install this little backup camera over your rear license plate and wire it into your in-car radio’s display with the included cables, and you’ll be able to see what’s behind you when you back up. Many reviewers have written it is simple to install; there are just two plugs, and the image of what’s behind you looks great. It even has lights so you can see at night, along with helpful parking guides.

15. This humidifier and scent diffuser for your car

This cute little humidifier and essential oil diffuser plugs into the auxiliary power outlet and lets you diffuse pleasant scents into the car to help create calmness and focus (or simply to make the interior smell delightful). The bendy arm lets you position it where you want it, and it has two USB plugs for charging electronics.

16. A squishy goo for cleaning air vents, cup holders & more

This cleaning gel is strange but effective. Squish it into crevices, corners, and tiny spaces, and it’ll pick up all the dirt in there while holding onto it. You can use it over and over until the color turns dark. It’s also great for cleaning keyboards and electronics — or anything with small, hard-to-reach corners. Plus, it smells like lavender.

17. The gap fillers that catch things between the seats

Fit this gap filler over the seatbelt and between the seat and center console and you will never drop your phone, loose change, food, or keys down there again. It’s very difficult to retrieve things once they fall down there, especially when driving, so consider this a safety, as well as an anti-annoyance, device. There are two so it fixes the front row.

18. A lighted in-car vanity mirror for your visor

If you want to be able to put on some makeup or fix your hair while on your way to an event, this lighted mirror that attaches to the visor will make that so much easier and time efficient. Plug it in via USB, choose from the three light colors, and dial up the brightness to where you need it. You’ll be able to see clearly on the 10-inch-wide mirror.

19. A steering wheel table for eating or working in the car

You can pull over and eat dinner in comfort with the help of this in-car desk and table. Store it under or between the seats — and when you grab a meal and don’t want to go inside the restaurant, pull it out, snap it into your steering wheel, and eat in comfort in your car. It’s also handy for getting work done between meetings.

20. This sun shade that helps keeps the interior cool

Pop this big sun shade into the windshield whenever you park in the sun, and your dashboard, steering wheel, and seats will remain at a bearable temperature. Plus, all the materials that make up your car’s interior should last longer without fading or cracking. The outside of the sun shade is highly reflective, and it’s designed to fully fill the entire window when open (and store in its own case when closed).

21. The sauce holder that keeps ketchup handy

If you like to eat fast food while rolling down the road, this sauce holder will put the ketchup and other condiments within reach of your fingers and fries. It’s designed to hold all the four most common condiment cups you typically get with fast food, and it clips onto the vent grates so the ketchup is within easy reach. It also washes easily.

22. This travel ottoman for lounging in the backseat

If you’re on a road trip and lounging in the backseat of the car, putting your feet up and relaxing is a treat. This inflatable ottoman is ready to cradle your legs in soft comfort at the right height whenever there’s downtime. It comes in its own travel case, and it’s covered in a soft fabric.

23. A tube that sends air conditioning to the back of the car

If everyone in the back seat is crying that it’s too hot, you need this AC vent tube. Just attach it to the AC vent on the dash and hand it to anyone in the back — or string it from the interior. Your friends can cool down and the dog can get a blast of chill. It works when it’s cold out, too, so you can warm up the people in the back.

24. These car coasters that are stylish & dry

Add a bit of flashy décor to your vehicle while keeping things tidier by dropping these stylish coasters into each cup holder. They look great and help catch the sweat that comes off to-go drinks so you don’t have to spend so much time cleaning out those hard-to-reach crevices.

25. The Febreze vent clips that smell so fresh

If the interior of your car has an unwanted odor you can’t eliminate, these ventilator air fresheners can help. Clip one to the vent, open it all the way, and turn on the car. The air coming through the vent will activate it, and the scent will come out. These have gotten almost 2,000 five-star reviews for bringing powerful freshness to the car.

26. These fluffy seat belt covers that feel awesome

If you buckle up while wearing short sleeves, the edge of the seatbelt can create uncomfortable friction against your skin. Fortunately, this can be easily resolved with these fluffy seatbelt covers made of synthetic sheepskin. Attach them with the Velcro closures and buckle up. They feel nice against your skin and come in six colors.

27. An inflatable bed for the back seat

This inflatable bed transforms the back seat into your home away from home by filling the foot area with the specially designed legs and turning all the seat space into an even, flat surface. Whether you’re on a long drive and need to sleep for a couple of hours, want a backup plan for your travel accommodations, or just like to have options, this spare bed is good to have on hand. It comes with an electric air pump that plugs into the car.

28. These seat covers made to keep your pup comfortable

This back seat cover creates a sturdy nest in the backseat for the pup, even if your dog is huge. It attaches to the head rests, has anchors that push between the seats for extra stability, and is backed in rubber so that it doesn’t move around. It’s also waterproof and sturdy enough to survive big paws. There are two built-in pockets for the leash and water bottle.

29. A folding cover to help protect your back bumper

Unfold this guard pad over the back bumper of your SUV, hatchback, or truck and it’ll help protect the finish from dings as you load and unload cargo or let the dog in and out. It attaches easily with tie-down hooks and folds up for storage.

30. This vacuum cleaner built specifically for the car

The easiest way to always have a tidy car interior is to clean in between rides. But dragging the house vacuum out to the car makes that unlikely. This in-car vacuum let you quickly snag a spill when it happens, and reaches into crevices and under seats. Over 74,000 people have given it five-star ratings.

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