The best wireless chargers for multiple devices

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by Anne Loreto Cruz

Picking out a wireless charger that works well with all your devices can be a dizzying task since there are seemingly endless options to choose from. The best wireless chargers for multiple devices are constructed with several coils and offer at least 15 watts of power.

Most phones and other devices that charge wirelessly use Qi wireless charging technology. A copper coil within the wireless charging pad creates an electromagnetic field which transfers power from the charger to the device. Some hubs that are designed to charge both Qi-compatible devices and a smartwatch at the same time, which can be helpful since even some Qi-enabled apple watches need specific smartwatch chargers. Keep an eye out for the number of coils on the wireless charging pad. More coils mean more charging surface area, which makes it easier for you to naturally align your device without searching for a sweet spot.

Two other factors to consider are the cable and brick that come with the charger, which determine how quickly your devices will charge. More wattage allows for faster charging, though iPhones will top out at 7.5 watts, and most Androids max out at 10 watts. The number on the charging brick indicates the total wattage across all your wireless charging devices, so if the total output of your charger is 15 watts, it will easily charge both an iPhone and Airpods. As for cables, DC cable connections are a bit less versatile than USB-C, but both are good options.

With all of this in mind, here are four of the best wireless chargers for multiple devices — and they're all available on Amazon.

1. The best overall

  • Coils: 3
  • Cable type: DC
  • Max wattage: 20 watts

This Qi-certified wireless charging pad and stand from iOttie looks great on either a nightstand or desk to keep all your devices powered up and within reach. The tilted stand makes it possible to charge your phone while watching videos or conducting video calls hands-free, and the three coils are situated so you can charge your phone in either portrait or landscape mode. The small flat pad can charge a second phone or accessories like earbuds, and the rubberized pad prevents items from slipping.

Soft charging indicator lights let you know your devices are charging, and they dim with ambient light sensors at night. The included DC input cord and brick max out at 20 watts, which is enough to quickly charge both of your devices simultaneously. The fabric on the tilted stand gives it a luxurious feel, and it comes in three neutral colors. This charger only works with Qi-enabled devices, so it won’t charge most smartwatches.

One reviewer wrote: “I'm surprised how fast this charges my Samsung phone and my Galaxy earbuds thanks to the high power wall adapter. I had used other wireless chargers before and didn't like the charging speed or the angle it stands but this stands in the perfect angle. Would recommend who needs a reliable wireless charger for both phone and earbuds.”

  • Available colors: dark grey, light grey, navy

2. The runner-up

  • Coils: 5
  • Cable type: USB-C
  • Max wattage: 18 watts

Choetech’s Dual Wireless Charger is a great option for someone who travels frequently, since the flat pad design easily slides into a backpack or suitcase, and the USB-C cable and brick can also be used to power other devices. The charging pad itself is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices (but not all smartwatches) and has five overlapping coils, making it easy to place and charge multiple devices without having to search for a sweet spot.

A smart chip and ventilation gaps help keep your devices cool and prevent overheating while charging, and the chip provides surge and short-circuit protection as well. The charging brick and cable max out at 18 watts, which is enough to quickly charge two iPhones or a Samsung phone and accessory. This option is also powerful enough to wirelessly charge through cases up to 5 millimeters thick. The biggest drawback to this style of charger is that you won’t be able to see notifications or watch videos while charging like you would with a stand.

One reviewer wrote: “I’m extremely happy with this charger, it’s one of the faster wireless chargers I’ve used and works for two phones at a time without slowing down and it’s actually big enough for the two phones . I like that there’s a light in front that shows when your phone is being charged. The rubberized material on top is also a nice touch so that your phone won’t slide around on top of it.”

  • Available colors: black, white

3. The best for the Apple Watch

  • Coils: not specified
  • Cable type: DC
  • Max wattage: 30 watts

This three-in-one charger from Mophie is the perfect hub for Apple devices. The certified Apple Watch charger keeps your watch in nightstand mode, which eliminates the need for a separate alarm clock next to your bed. Any Qi-enabled phone can easily charge on the right side of the pad, and the recessed square on the left holds wireless charging earbuds directly on the center of the coil. This option can power up your devices quickly using either of its flat charging surfaces, with a maximum 30-watt output. Reviewers love the clean aesthetic of this charger, which comes in both matte and polished finishes.

One reviewer wrote: “I’ve had this wireless charge pad for over a month now and it is operating like a charm! It works with my iPhone XS Max, my Apple Watch series 4 and also with both AirPods Pro and series 2. It’s very easy to put together and use (straight forward). The only change I would introduce/recommend the manufacturer is to replace the charging transformer for a type C to type C cable with its corresponding 30W charging block. Aside from that little detail, the pad is one of the few Qi certified charging pads out there in the market that actually works as advertised! Way to go Mophie!”

  • Available colors: black, polished black

4. The best for the Samsung Galaxy Watch

  • Coils: 6
  • Cable type: USB-C
  • Max wattage: 25 watts

This flat-pad design wireless charger from Samsung is compatible with Qi-charging phones and devices, but also has an extra spot specifically designed to work with Galaxy smartwatches. You can charge up to three devices at once with this charger: two phones and a Galaxy watch, or a phone, earbuds, and a Galaxy watch.

The six coils make it easy to place your devices without having to search for a connection, and the pad is fast-charging compatible with a maximum output of 25 watts across up to three devices. There are helpful display lights at the bottom of the pad that indicate the status of your device’s charge.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought the Trio charger and I love that I can charge 3 devices at once. I can now charge my phone, airbuds, and watch at the same time. It is fast charging and it has a light indicator for each spot so you know when the device is finished charging. It starts off red and turns green when it is finished. The watch holds in place perfectly and doesn't fall off. So far, no complaints on this very effective charger.”

  • Available colors: black, white

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