The 6 best radio headphones you can find on Amazon

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by Rachel Dunkel
Best radio headphones
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If you want to listen to your favorite FM or AM stations on the go without relying on cell service or Wi-Fi, the best radio headphones are a useful all-in-one piece of audio equipment. They are available in styles that go over, on, or in your ears, and they offer varying levels of noise reduction. Whether you’re looking to use your radio headphones to play music or listen to the news in a loud location or on relatively quiet strolls about town, there are options to suit your needs.

The availability of AM stations, the number of preset stations you can program, and an LCD display are variable across radio headphone models, so consider which specs are most important to you before purchasing. Some models also offer aux input to listen to music from external devices, while other headphones even offer Bluetooth capability for greater versatility. You’ll also want to consider is if you’d prefer to use traditional batteries or opt for a pair of rechargeable headphones, which comes down to personal preference.

If you’re looking to use your radio headphone in a workshop, on a job site, and in other situations where you want to listen to music over the sound of a lot of background noise, consider options that offer hearing protection, both to prevent hearing damage from excessive noise and allow you to hear the radio better. When it comes to hearing protectors, the CDC estimates that 10 decibels (dB) of noise reduction will be suitable for most industrial work situations, and the over-ear headphones that offer noise protection below are rated well above that. If you don’t need hearing protection, on-ear radio headphones or a handheld radio with included in-ear headphones are a lower profile option.

No matter your needs, here are some of the best radio headphones so you can listen to music and talk radio on your own personal device.

1. These battery-operated radio headphones with Bluetooth


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Lots of preset stations
  • Audio assist feature
  • Noise reduction


  • No aux input or LCD screen

In addition to AM and FM compatibility, these popular over-ear radio headphones are equipped with Bluetooth so you can choose to listen from the airwaves or your phone. It also offers 24 dB of hearing protection for time spent working in noisy environments. For anyone who tends to have a difficult time operating gadgets, 3M’s headphones have “audio assist technology” to help you set them up, which one reviewer described as “really helpful and allows you to use all options without taking the headset off.”

One reviewer wrote: “Excellent quality, best headphones radio that I have ever used. I live about 60 miles from Philadelphia, this FM radio picks up all my favorite stations. I use these headphones every week for 90 minutes and have not yet replaced the batteries. This set of batteries have been in place for a month or more. The Bluetooth hooked up with out any problems, and prompts every time that I turn it on. Especially nice is the voice prompt, that informs you what radio station that you’re listening too. There is no guest work in fine tuning a station. This radio set is very high quality and shows no signs of wear. It is comfortable and I recommend it for all people that work both in and outside.”

Style: Over ear | Noise reduction: Yes (24 dB) | LCD Display: No | Radio: AM/FM | Programmable stations: 50 | Aux input: No | Bluetooth: Yes | Powered by: Two AA batteries (not included)

2. A pair of budget-friendly radio headphones


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Rechargeable battery


  • No AM radio
  • No noise reduction
  • Only one preset station

These on-ear radio headphones won’t provide hearing protection, but they come with an aux cord, which means you can plug them into other devices you’d like to listen to music from. While the headphones only have one available preset station, they feature a simple LCD screen, are rechargeable (they come with a USB charging cable), and come in at at just under $20.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought two pair for my sister and i to use at the drive in movies- i was nervous about them but WOW, did they deliver! We saw a double feature and they made it through both movies (over 4 hrs) without fading even a tiny bit! AND they still had plenty of charge remaining. Fit is comfy too, even after a few hrs of use. Def recommend.”

Style: On ear | Noise reduction: No | LCD Display: Yes | Radio: FM only | Programmable Stations: 1 | Aux input: Yes | Bluetooth: No | Powered by: Rechargeable battery (USB charging cord included)

3. These radio headphones from a popular tool brand


  • Made by a trusted tool brand
  • LCD screen
  • Noise reduction


  • Not that many programmable stations

To accompany their line of power tools, DeWalt has a pair of noise-reducing headphones to provide both hearing protection and entertainment while working. Navigate the eight programmable stations (AM or FM) with the built-in LCD screen, or plug the over-ear headphones into your phone with an aux cord to listen to music from your phone.

One reviewer wrote: “Great radio with hearing protection. We use them while mowing and doing any work using lawn equipment. Just what we expected! Great service!”

Style: Over ear | Noise reduction: Yes (25 dB) | LCD Display: Yes | Radio: AM/FM | Programmable Stations: 8 | Aux input: Yes | Bluetooth: No | Powered by: Two AA batteries (not included)

4. These headphones with Bluetooth & a long-lasting rechargeable battery


  • Rechargeable with long-lasting battery
  • Bluetooth capability & aux input
  • Noise reduction


  • Some reviewers have been critical of overall sound quality

Not only do these rechargeable radio headphones have hearing protection, but they are also equipped with Bluetooth so you can wirelessly listen to audio from your phone when needed. The headphones can run for 40 hours on a single charge and come with everything you need to get started and keep things organized: a USB charging cable, aux cord, and carrying bag. Some reviewers have been critical of the sound quality, and another pair on this list might be a safer bet if you’re looking for high-quality sound for listening to music — but that may be a trade-off you’re willing to make for a conveniently long-lasting battery. It’s also available in two colors.

One reviewer wrote: “Great for landscaping work. Love that I don’t go through a ton of batteries. Lasts several days on a single charge. Easy to use. Perfect for what I need.”

Style: Over ear | Noise reduction: Yes (25 dB) | LCD Display: Yes | Radio: AM/FM | Programmable Stations: 10 AM & 10 FM | Aux input: Yes | Bluetooth: Yes | Powered by: Rechargeable battery (USB charging cord included)

5. A pair of radio headphones with multiple ear pad options


  • Choice between two ear pad materials
  • Come in multiple colors
  • Some pairs are under $50
  • Noise reduction


  • Bulky if you don’t need hearing protection

This pair of over-ear radio headphones offer great hearing protection and come with two interchangeable kinds of ear pads: foam or gel. They also come with an aux cable for plugging your headphones into other devices, and you can snag them in four different colors.

One reviewer wrote: “After returning 3 different brands because the volume was not adequate while operating my back pack blower I ordered these and they're great! Lots of volume. In addition they have a digital display, favorites settings and they're gray which blends in nicer! :) Easy to use. Good value too!”

Style: Over ear | Noise reduction: Yes (25 dB) | LCD Display: Yes | Radio: AM/FM | Programmable Stations: 10 AM & 10 FM | Aux input: Yes | Bluetooth: No | Powered by: Two AA batteries (not included)

6. A compact radio & headphone set


  • Under $20 for the set
  • Small and lightweight
  • Lots of programmable stations


  • No noise reduction

Though not technically “radio headphones,” this pocket radio (which is about the size of a credit card) comes with a pair of corded, in-ear headphones and offers an easy solution for taking your tunes on the go. The radio is rechargeable and also comes with a lanyard and USB charging cable. Plus, it can also be paired with any 3.5-millimeter headphones you already have and love.

One reviewer wrote: “It's really good to get back to the basics. I really like technology but sometimes it just doesn't work correctly when trying to stream from my phone, but this gem works every time all the time without interruption and that makes it perfect for what I use it for in my daily life. Another plus is it's very lightweight and reliable with a fair battery charge. You can pre set stations and lock all buttons to prevent mistakingly changing stations. It's not wireless but that's ok I enjoyed wire air buds long before wireless came along. Most of all the sound is good quality too.”

Style: In ear | Noise reduction: No | LCD Display: Yes | Radio: AM/FM | Programmable Stations: 58 | Aux input: Yes | Bluetooth: No | Powered by: Rechargeable battery (USB charging cord included)

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