The 7 best magnetic charging cables

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by Lauren Moison

Whether you’re looking to limit wear and tear to your charging ports or just want an easy way to snap charging cords into place, the best magnetic charging cables come with a variety of connectors. As you shop, consider the cord length that’ll best suit your needs. You’ll also come across handy features like rotating hinges for optimal charging angles.

What to consider when choosing magnetic charging cables

First, consider the kinds of charging connectors (or tips) your devices require. Magnetic charging cables come with a variety of USB-C, micro USB, and Lightning connectors, but they vary in how many they offer, so your choice depends on how many different connectors you need. Additionally, many magnetic charging cable packs include cords of varying lengths, so you can use shorter ones on your desk and longer ones while you Netflix and chill.

Some other features to consider include whether the cable is capable of quick charging (which requires an output above 5 volts and 2.4 amperes) and if it offers flexibility in the charging angle of the cable — especially convenient when you’d like to use your phone or device while charging. Most magnetic charging cables have 360-degree rotating connections; however, only some have hinged heads that allow for an L-shaped attachment to your device, so you can use it in landscape mode while it charges. Finally, many of these charging cables come with LED light indicators that make them easier to find in the dark, and there’s a variety of cable colors to choose from.

Scroll on to find the best magnetic charging cables available on Amazon.

1. A 6-pack with 12 connectors for under $20

This six-pack of magnetic charging cables includes five standard 360-degree rotating cables and one L-shaped connector so you can more comfortably use your device while it’s charging. The wires are housed in a durable aluminum and braided nylon cable, and each one has an LED light ring around the end for easy access in the dark. You’ll get a variety of cable lengths ranging from 1 to 10 feet, plus 12 connectors, including micro USB, Lightning, and USB-C for all of your devices. The cords boast a maximum output of 5V/2.4A, which is well-suited for most phones and other devices, but they are not capable of fast charging.

A helpful review: “These magnetic charging cords are amazing! I can't believe how easy it is to charge my phone! I used to go through a charge cord a month, with the charging port plug-in wearing out. I have had these for several months now and still going strong! You leave the magnetic piece in your charging port for ease of charging, then just attach the cord when you need to charge. I have one cord in my room, and one in my car, and my husband has one in his office and car as well. My kids all have ones in their rooms as well. Many different charing port styles for different phones. Best purchase this year!! If these ever wear out, we will definitely buy again!”

Cables: 1 x 1 foot, 2 x 3 feet, 2 x 6 feet, 1 x 10 feet | Connectors: 4 USB-C, 4 micro USB, and 4 Lightning | Charging end: USB-A | Output: 5V/2.4A

2. This 4-pack of fast-charging cables

With a maximum output of 5V/3A, these magnetic charging cables support quick charging and data transfer for your devices. They’re available in either purple or black and feature two 3.3-foot cables and two 6.6-foot cables as well as three USB-C tips, three micro USB tips, and three Lightning tips. Two of the cables feature standard rotating heads, while the other two cables have hinged heads for the option to charge at a 90-degree angle. Each of these cables has a blue LED ring around the top and features overheat protection to keep your devices safe. Plus, a 12-month warranty is also included.

A helpful review: “love these cords. They are so versatile as I can use the same cord for my Kindle, iPad, and Samsung phone all having different charging ports. They are also great for vehicles as some cords when plugged in block buttons or dials. With these you swivel the cord and route it a different way, then grab your phone and go not worrying about unplugging. I have 2 sets of these and absolutely love them.”

Cables: 2 x 3.3 feet, 2 x 6.6 feet | Connectors: 3 USB-C, 3 micro USB, and 3 Lightning | Charging end: USB-A | Output: 5V/3A

3. A set with USB-C to USB-C cables

If you’re looking for the best magnetic USB-C cables, check out this set that supports quick charging with 20V/3A output. The two 4-foot cables can charge your MacBook, Samsung Galaxy/Note, iPad Pro, Nintendo Switch, and other devices with USB-C charging ports. However, they don’t feature a 90-degree charging connection like some other magnetic chargers do. These cables use a USB-C wall charger for power (the brand recommends using the one that came with your device), and a 12-month warranty is included. Color options include gray and blue.

A helpful review: “The cables are very [sturdy] and flexible. The magnets are small enough to fit into my Switch with case, and strong enough for normal movements. I charge my controller while playing and it does not loose or break at anytime. I use one for my Switch and one for my iPad, and it seems to handle the power output very well. The cable also works with my MacBook Pro 15’’, but the battery cannot stay 100% all the time because the cable can handle up to 60w while the MacBook Pro 15’’ requires 87w (They mention this in the product description). Overall, I like these cables.”

Cables: 2 x 4 feet | Connectors: 2 USB-C | Charging end: USB-C | Output: 20V/3A

4. A 3-pack available in 4 colors

This set of magnetic charging cables comes with three 6.6-foot cables and is available in black, red, purple, or blue. Each of the cables in this set can be used straight or at a 90-degree angle thanks to the hinged magnet heads, and they can spin 360 degrees, so you’ll never have a twisted cable. They come with three USB-C connectors, three micro USBs, and three Lightning connectors, and they have a small LED light indicator on the front of the cable. You’ll get 3A quick-charge compatibility with this set, too.

A helpful review: “This is the perfect charge cord. It flexible but not thin or cheap nor is it thick and bulky [...] No more cord binding when charging while using my phone. The full rotation is great and no loss of connection. I leave my magnetic port in and have no fear of it falling out.”

Cables: 3 x 6.6 feet | Connectors: 3 USB-C, 3 micro USB, and 3 Lightning | Charging end: USB-A | Output: 3A

5. This set that comes with 4 Lightning connectors

If you have mostly Apple products, you may like this magnetic charging set that comes exclusively with Lightning connectors. The two 6-foot cables and four magnetic Lightning connectors are compatible with iPhones 5 through 12, as well as the iPad Pro, Air, and Mini. While the listing doesn’t include the maximum output, it does mention fast charging — and reviewers confirm it too.

A helpful review: “Supports fast charging. Strong magnet. Reliable and durable. Better than magnetic cables I have purchased before. Been using this for two months and I’m satisfied with this purchase. I highly recommend this to iPhone users.”

Cables: 2 x 6 feet | Connectors: 4 Lightning | Charging end: USB-A | Output: Not listed, but capable of fast charging, according to the brand

6. A 5-pack of cables with hinged heads

To accommodate a variety of devices, check out this five-pack of charging cables that come with 12 connectors, including four micro USB tips, four USB-C tips, and four Lightning tips. The set includes several cable lengths, each with a hinged magnet head for optimal charging angles. However, the 5V/2.4A output does not support fasting charging — but the set does come with a 12-month warranty against defects.

A helpful review: “I LOVE the hinge and long cord for my phone bedside. Little light is a neat bonus for finding cord in dark. I actually think these charge well at a decent speed.”

Cables: 2 x 3 feet, 2 x 6 feet, 1 x 10 feet | Connectors: 4 USB-C, 4 micro USB, and 4 Lightning | Charging end: USB-A | Output: 5V/2.4A

7. A pack of 7 cables so you’ll always have one handy

To replace every charging cord in the house, check out this set of seven charging cables that includes options ranging from 1.6 to 10 feet. You’ll have a connector for multiple devices with four USB-C, four micro USB, and four Lightning tips. All of the cables can be hinged and rotated for the optimal charging angle, they feature LED indicator lights, and you’ll get an output of 5V/2.4A — so these cords won’t support fast charging, but they're suitable for most phones and devices.

A helpful review: “The cables are heavy duty, with strong magnets. The selection of plug ends allowed me to change over all my cords, so it doesn't matter what type of plug my device started with, now they're all the same - magnetic!!! A big time saver and hassle eliminator.”

Cables: 1 x 1.6 feet, 2 x 3.3 feet, 2 x 6.6 feet, 2 x 10 feet | Connectors: 4 USB-C, 4 micro USB, and 4 Lightning | Charging end: USB-A | Output: 5V/2.4A

Also consider: An extra set of Lightning tips

If you have single-prong cables (such as the ones sold in this set) and just want some extra tips for your Apple devices, pick up a pack of these Lightning connectors. Each one has a little arrow on the top to indicate which side should be up when inserted, and the brand offers extra micro USB tips and USB-C tips as well.

A helpful review: “I wanted some extra magnetic charging tips and bought these. There seems to be universal compatibility between manufacturers as long as you get the kind that just has a metal ring on the back, and one center pin. The only thing to watch out for is that on iPads the charging only works when you install the magnetic adapter one particular way. If you insert it upside down, then it doesn’t charge. So be sure to try it first, and if it doesn’t seem to be working, then flip it over and try again. Very cool charging system.”

Also nice: A MagSafe-compatible charging pad

Compatible with MagSafe cases, iPhones in the 12/13/14 series, AirPods, and AirPods Pro, this wireless charger uses a magnetized plate to connect to your device and deliver a charge without having to insert anything into the charging port. The charging cable is just under 5 feet long and has both USB-C and USB-A charging ends to connect to your adapter (which should be at least 18 watts, per the brand). You can choose between blue, silver, black, and purple color options, and while this one doesn’t come with a wall charger, the brand also offers a bundled set that includes an adapter.

A helpful review: “You can not beat this product for charging your IPhone and earbuds. The magnet on the back of the phone Connects to charger on the first try every time.”

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