The 5 best computer speakers under $50

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best computer speakers under $50

When it’s time to upgrade your computer speakers, you don’t have to drop a few hundred dollars on a sound system. If you know where to look, the best computer speakers under $50 can still be a significant improvement when compared to the ones your computer came with. That said, before you purchase speakers in any price range, you should consider the sound quality and connectivity.

When your budget is this low, you probably won’t need to get into advanced specs like drivers and radiators — but you shouldn’t have to settle on quality, either. Reviewer feedback will save you some serious time and effort here: If past buyers can’t stop raving about the clarity, the richness, the volume, and the value, it’s probably a solid indication you’ve found a great budget speaker.

Next, consider how the speaker is going to hook up to your computer — and keep in mind that “power” and “connectivity” are two different things. (For example, a USB speaker might get its power from your computer’s USB port, but the sound probably doesn’t transfer through there, and you’ll still need to hook it up using a 3.5-millimeter audio cord, also often called an auxiliary, aux, or headphone jack.) Most speakers use a 3.5-millimeter aux cord for sound, though some also connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. The sound quality with Bluetooth will likely be inferior to using a wired plug, but it might be a worthwhile compromise for portability and convenience. Plus, all the Bluetooth units below can also be used with an aux cable so you can switch back and forth.

These computer speakers come in all different designs, from Bluetooth satellites and USB-powered pebbles to gaming soundbars and even a four-piece sound system, but they all have two things in common: They produce surprisingly great sound quality, and they’re less than $50.

1. The overall best computer speakers under $50

Technically, these Logitech stereo speakers come in one cent under budget, but according to their 4.5-star overall rating, they’re worth every penny. They’re Bluetooth for wireless use — though you can also use a 3.5-millimeter cable — and each speaker has both full-range audio as well as bass to provide rich sound. Finally, the on-speaker controls are easy to use and, according to multiple reviewers, the sound quality is “excellent” despite the reasonable price tag and small footprint.

One reviewer wrote: “I've recently ‘redesigned’ my desk space motivated by my first custom PC build. Decided to change it all up. [...] The sound quality completely fits my needs. Loud, full sound with enough base to make my desk vibrate. Felt like more than what I paid for.”

2. The $20 fan-favorite speaker

It’s hard to ignore something that has more than 50,000 reviews and an overall rating of 4.6 stars. Available in your choice of black or white, these Creative Pebble speakers pack a serious punch — especially considering how small and inexpensive they are. They won’t cost you more than $20, but they create a loud, clear sound that effortlessly hooks up to your computer via a 3.5-millimeter cable. (Since they get their power through your computer’s USB port, you don’t need to worry about proximity to an outlet.) They also measure just 4.4 inches in diameter, so they’re one of the most space-savvy and portable options around.

  • Power: USB
  • Connectivity: 3.5mm cable

One reviewer wrote: “During my research for some good, budget-friendly laptop speakers these were featured on nearly every single site. At around $20, I figured it couldn't hurt to check them out. I'm so glad that I did.The sound quality is wonderful. What impressed me the most was the bass.”

3. The best computer soundbar

Soundbars give you a dynamic, immersive audio experience, but since they’re designed to sit underneath your monitor, they do so while taking up minimal space on your desk. This computer soundbar has two speakers inside for high-quality sound, as well as anti-magnetic technology to reduce static. Just plug it into your desktop’s USB port for power and connect to the sound via Bluetooth 5.0 or a 3.5-millimeter jack. Plus, it even has RBG lighting for ambiance while gaming, listening to music, or watching movies.

  • Power: USB
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 or 3.5mm cable

One reviewer wrote: “Very impressive sound. I really just needed something that was louder than the built-in rear-facing monitor speakers that I was using. I watch a lot of movies, on-line presentations, and listen to music. When I plugged this in, it sounded great and I liked having a physical volume control.”

4. These speakers with cool RGB lighting

These Redragon Anvil speakers look awesome without the dynamic lighting — they have clean angles and a brushed exterior — but their six touch-controlled RGB modes make them a gamer favorite. When you power them up via USB port and connect them with a 3.5-millimeter cord, the sound is powerful and the bass is clear. Finally, the on-speaker controls are easy to use and backlit for dark environments.

  • Power: USB
  • Connectivity: 3.5mm cable

One reviewer wrote: “Impressed with the sound quality for the price. They can go very loud and still sound good. I usually keep it around 40% volume when I play games. The RGB is an awesome [addition] to my PC setup!”

5. The best sound system with a subwoofer under $50

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a well-rounded sound system for an incredible price, the Cyber Acoustics sound system is the way to go. This option comes with four pieces: two dual-driver satellites, a substantial subwoofer, and a control pod that lets you customize the volume and bass, not to mention make your music private with a headphone jack if you so choose. You can easily connect the whole thing using a 3.5-millimeter cord, but its powerful sound is especially well-suited a computer.

  • Power: AC
  • Connectivity: 3.5mm cable

One reviewer wrote: “I really like these speakers. I have them attached to the computer in my home office, and the speaker system is the right size for this room. They have a deep, rich sound with enough treble so I can easily understand the lyrics. Overall, I think this system has an excellent sound for the price, making it an excellent value.”

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