The 5 best Apple Watch screen protectors

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While it’s tempting to start using your Apple Watch right out of the box, you’ll thank yourself down the line if you add a screen protector first. The best Apple Watch screen protectors are made of plastic or tempered glass and designed to fit your particular series and size.

There are two types of screen protectors: ones that stick directly to the screen and ones that are part of a larger case. Stick-on screen protectors prevent scratches and are barely noticeable, making them a great pick for anyone who likes a more understated look. However, cases offer more complete protection, guarding both the screen and sides of your watch face against bumps and scratches.

Most stick-on protectors are made from TPU, which is a durable plastic polymer that can be made very thin and clear. Full cases can be made from soft or hard plastics, but the screen protector area is usually made from TPU, PET, or tempered glass. Tempered glass is the best choice as it is more durable and scratch-resistant than TPU or PET, but when it breaks, it will shatter. PET, another type of type of plastic, is also scratch-resistant, but unlike TPU or glass, it can discolor over time.

Finally, like with Apple Watch bands, one of the most important things to check when buying a screen protector is the size and series compatibility. Protectors can be compatible with the newer 4, 5, 6, and SE series, or the older 2 and 3 series Apple watches. Some come in multiple size options, but others are only available in one size. If you have a different type of smartwatch, it’s best to look for a case that fits your specific brand, although some universal stick-on protectors may work.

If you want to keep your tech looking like new, here are some of the best screen protectors you can buy for your Apple Watch.

1. The best hard case with a tempered glass screen

  • Compatibility: series 4, 5, 6, and SE
  • Size: 40mm, 44mm

This Apple Watch case is the best way to protect your entire watch, not just the screen. The exterior of the case is made from PC material, which is a flexible plastic, while the screen portion is made from tempered glass to give you the best protection. It comes with a cloth you can use to wipe it down, or if you ever want to give it a more thorough cleaning, it can be easily snapped on and off without removing the watch band. This watch case is also available in multiple sizes and colors, so you can perfectly match it to your watch.

One fan raved: “VERY happy with this purchase. I bought a different case initially and found that it trapped moisture in whenever I sweat and work out or wash my hands. I had to take the wrist straps off multiple times a day to take the case off and dry the inside and then put it all back together. With this case, it snapped on super easy, it doesn’t affect The ability to use my screen or the functionality of the Crown. so far I’ve had no trouble with moisture being trapped on the inside and the case is still enough they don’t even notice it’s on there. I love it.”

  • Available colors: 3

2. The best stick-on screen protector

  • Compatibility: series 4, 5, 6, and SE
  • Size: 40mm

Another great stick-on screen protector option, this six-pack comes with installation spray, a squeegee, a microfiber cloth, and instructions, so you can easily put it on without bubbles. These protectors are made from TPU, making them scratch-resistant and able to self-heal minor dings. Each one has five layers to offer the maximum protection from scratches, fingerprints, and impacts. The set also comes with a lifetime warranty, and with six protectors for under $10, it’s a great deal too.

One fan raved: “I had several small scratches on the face of my new Apple Watch Series 4. The armor suit was recommended in a forum post to make the scratches less noticeable and provide protection. I was not sure if it would be worth it since I did not want a screen protector that would be seen. After applying the armor suit, the scratches are less noticeable and I do not notice the screen protector. Very impressed! When I replace the watch some day, I will install an armor suit right away! It was easy to install per the instructions.”

3. The best hard case that comes in lots of colors

  • Compatibility: series 4, 5, 6, and SE
  • Size: 44mm

Protect your 44-millimeter Apple Watch from scratches and more with this popular screen protector, which has over 22,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. It’s made with a PC plastic exterior and a PET screen protector, so it protects your watch from all angles. This case also snaps on easily, and you can keep it on when changing your bands or charging your device. The brand recommends not exposing your watch to water while it’s in this case.

One fan raved: “This was the first cover I ordered for my new watch. I wasn’t quite sure what my needs were. This cover was easy to place on my watch and easy to remove. I liked that the screen, as well as watch body, were protected. The screen cover is very responsive to touch, so no problems with using all aspects of control. I then ordered covers, by another company, to add some color. After receiving them, working with them I knew there is a difference. I highly recommend the Pzoz Apple Watch products. I ordered another, now I have both white and black. My only wish is that they make more color choices in their covers, with screen protection, as I would buy more. I love their products!”

  • Available colors: 7

4. The best budget case

  • Compatibility: series 4, 5, 6, and SE
  • Size: 38, 40, 42, and 44mm

This pack comes with eight screen protector cases in eight different colors, so you can swap them out depending on your mood. They’re made from TPU, which is only 0.3 millimeter thick over the screen to give you optimum control. These cases are not only scratch-resistant, but also have an oleophobic coating to prevent fingerprints and oil buildup. This pack is also a great deal as the price comes out to under $2 per case.

One fan raved: “Product just as described. Great quality, I like the fact that it does not interfere with the sensitivity of the watch. Fits perfectly and protects the watch. I would definitely recommend it”

5. The best plastic case for older watches

  • Compatibility: series 2 and 3
  • Size: 42mm

If you’ve got an older Apple Watch, this watch case is compatible with series 2 and 3 model watches, and it’s made from durable PC plastic and PET to keep your watch protected. It can be easily snapped on without having to remove your band first, and it comes in a variety of colors, so you can match it to your watch. However, it’s important to know that it only fits 42-millimeter watch sizes, and it is not recommended for use in water.

One fan raved: “As a nurse, I use my watch constantly! The cover and bumpers protect the sides and watch face. Clicked on easily, doesn’t let moisture fog up screen. Wipes clean easily! Can withstand harsh cleansers!”

  • Available colors: 5
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