People Love New the Volkswagen Arteon's Design

The Volkswagen Arteon is more than meets the eye, but right after its debut, the internet could only judge it for its looks. And boy, does it look good. Volkswagen revealed the hyped Arteon on Monday at the Geneva International Motor Show, showing off the five-door fastback to an audience of reporters and auto execs.

The Arteon is loaded with VW’s top-of-the-line internal controls and software, including the Active Info Display system, predictive beam controls on the headlights, and a cruise control system that can read local speed limits and adjust the car accordingly so you don’t get busted. It also looks really, really nice — almost sexy, according to some commenters.

“This car is beautiful,” said YouTuber user Jayron77, right after VW put out the Arteon’s world premiere video. The next commenter was less subtle.

“Volkswagen you fine as hell send nudes,” wrote YouTuber David T.

We might not have nudes of the Arteon yet, but VW has put out plenty of gratuitous promotional material showcasing the car’s clean lines and gleaming finish.

Described as “sporty elegance meets spacious comfort,” the Arteon is supposed to go fast (on a carbon-emitting, planet-destroying internal combustion engine, unfortunately) while giving everyone in it enough leg room to keep their expensive pants uncreased, assumedly.

Not sure about the gold/ mustard color, but apparently that does it for some people. 


It’ll have a range of engines, starting with a 1.5-litre TSI ‘Evo’ engine and ending with a 276 BHP 2.0-litre TSI. Most publications expect the Arteon to be priced similarly to the Passat CC, the slightly-nicer version of VW’s flagship sedan, at around $34,500 or a bit more.

Here’s what the interior looks like, which is probably as close to nudes as we’ll get.

Treating cars like sexual objects is a really weird thing that people do, if you ask me. 


Autoblog reports that the car may debut in the United States as a 2019 model, appearing at auto shows in New York and Chicago in 2018.

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