Mind and Body

Daylight savings time: 5 reasons we should keep it forever

Never change the clock again.

heart of a star

What a fusion breakthrough means for the future of clean energy

Scientists are now one step closer to true, self-sustaining nuclear fusion.


Climate crisis: 6 resilient cities using infrastructure to beat the heat

This is what we should be doing.


Hidden atmospheric rivers in the sky are fueled by climate change

Some of Earth’s largest rivers are in the sky.

Fueled by solar

Solar car: Tesla’s hidden history revealed

Xiaofan Zhang explains why the future is looking bright for electric vehicles.

Lunar Panels

These Moon-bound boxes turn sand into solar energy

A startup wants to send solar panel factories to Earth’s deserts. Then, the Moon.

Musk Reads

Tesla shareholders battle CEO Elon Musk over $2.6 billion SolarCity deal

Elon Musk goes to court; The Boring Company digs Florida; Musk plans a new factory.


One animal destroying the planet could also be critical to saving it

The cow’s foul stomach could fix our plastic waste problems — here’s how.

Space Science

5 ways space science is bettering life on Earth

Future of work

To meet new worker demands, bosses need to think like Airbnb hosts

These radical designs could make for greener workspaces and happier employees.

Plastic Problems

“Vegan spider silk” and 4 other sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics

Goodbye, plastic straws.


Tesla Solar Roof is “solving the wrong problem,” ex-Powerwall head reveals

Arch Rao, former head of the Tesla Powerwall team and CEO of Span, is sounding the alarm.


Scientists solve an 80-year-old paradox about the Sun

Everything is weird on the Sun, where things are not where you’d expect.


Climate change: 4 storage systems that may help fulfill Elon Musk’s dream

Renewable energy sources like wind and solar are intermittent. Storage systems could be the answer.

truck yeah

Driving the all-electric big-rig future

Freightliner gave me free rein to drive a bunch of prototype trucks around an LA parking lot. Here's what I learned.

Battery Powered

Elon Musk’s plan to tackle climate change missed one crucial element

Climate change will make things worse for U.S. electric grids. There's a way out.