Grand Theft Auto 6

Rockstar Games' beloved crime series is still going strong since the 2013 release of Grant Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online, but reports make it clear that GTA 6 is in development. So what's next for one of gaming's biggest franchises?

Project Americas

'GTA 5' casino heist teaser may fuel 'GTA 6' location rumors

Could this be a 'GTA 6' easter egg?


Newly surfaced 'GTA 5' Easter egg fuels "Project Americas" sequel rumors

Rockstar has done this before with past games.

rock(star) on

GTA 6's "Project Americas" leak might've been confirmed by GTA 5 Online

Could this be the sign of an upcoming announcement?

hey now, you're a rockstar

GTA 6 "Project Americas" leak seemingly hinted at in Rockstar’s Instagram story

Was this just a harmless repost or some kind of legit teaser?

Vice city

Rockstar report confirms GTA 6 and hints at bold “Project Americas” scope

A complex new report on the culture at Rockstar Games has been released, and it comes with good and bad news.

Game Theory

GTA 6 "Project Americas" could resemble FF7 Remake in one exciting way

And it would be for the better.

Let it snow

Rumored GTA 6 Project Americas hint promises a "snowstorm of cocaine"

Vice City, here we come.

Fan fiction

GTA 6 concept could reveal a drastic change to the map

Could Rockstar's next open-world crime adventure be this massive?

Vice City

GTA 6 map leak seemingly confirms "Project Americas" rumors

Could this be the return of Vice City?


GTA 6 map leak reveals a surprising “Project Americas” location

Could this unexpected city be a part of GTA 6's massive open-world?

Vice City

GTA 6 map leak debunked, but there's still hope for "Project Americas"

There's still hope for the return of Vice City.

GTA 6 Theories
Game Theory

It's finally time to take the Grand Theft Auto series to outer space

It's time for Rockstar to take a more out-of-this-world approach to its crime series.

Game Theory

GTA 6 could learn 1 crucial lesson from Nintendo's biggest game of 2020

What if GTA 6 ran in real-time like Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Game Theory

GTA 6 missions need to borrow 1 idea from the new GTA Online heist

More options, please.

Game Theory

GTA 6 needs to adopt 1 immersive Cyberpunk 2077 feature

Rockstar needs to hone in on character customization.

Game Theory

GTA 6 on Xbox Series X and PS5 needs to include 1 crucial PC feature

Give GTA console players mods.

Game Theory

GTA 6 needs to adopt this simple but immersive AC Valhalla feature

GTA 5 was cutting-edge for 2013, but now Rockstar could learn a few things from its competition.

Game Theory

GTA 6 would be an unstoppable force if it stole this Fortnite feature

It's a natural evolution of the series in several ways.

Game Theory

GTA 6 needs to adapt 1 crucial system from Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Turn the "Nemesis System" into the Rival System.

Game Theory

GTA 6 needs to make 1 retro change to GTA Online

GTA 5 was practically begging for this feature.


One Red Dead 2 feature could make GTA 6 more lifelike than ever

San Andreas had it, so why shouldn't GTA 6?


GTA 6 should borrow 1 key element from the Godfather trilogy

Rockstar's next entry in the GTA series should be nothing less than epic.

Log in

GTA 6 needs to transform this hilarious GTA 5 detail into a next-gen feature

LiveInvader and Bleeter need to become more than just jokes.


GTA 6 could emulate this absolutely brutal element from Last of Us 2

The next GTA installment should be the most brutal.

Flip the script

GTA 6 could revitalize the beloved franchise with one simple change

GTA is in need of a new type of protagonist.


GTA 6 needs to borrow 1 destructive feature from the Battlefield series

No matter how badly you total your car, the Los Santos streets remain unscathed.


GTA 6 needs to borrow this unique system from Red Dead Online

Rockstar should take a hint from its cowboy title.