Jeep’s first all-electric vehicle won’t debut in the U.S.

The Jeep Avenger will come in a compact SUV form factor and will arrive in European markets early next year.

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A yellow Jeep Avenger electric SUV parked in nature

For its first fully electric car, Jeep wants to start by testing the waters in Europe. The automaker debuted the Avenger, a battery-powered compact SUV, at the 2022 Paris Motor Show earlier today.

We heard about Jeep’s plans for its first electric SUV back in March when the company teased two images. Jeep didn’t reveal any specs or details at the time, only confirming that it would release the EV in early 2023. Now, we have some actual specs on the Jeep Avenger, which seems to be geared toward driving around European cities.

The Jeep Avenger will make its debut in Europe in early 2023.


City-friendly Jeep — Jeep put a 400V electric motor into the Avenger, giving it 156 horsepower and 260 Nm of max torque. A 54 kWh battery powers the electric SUV, meaning there’s a roughly 250-mile range, or 340 miles when used in urban settings, according to Jeep.

It’ll take you three minutes to get roughly 18 miles of range when using DC fast chargers, which will also get you from 20 to 80 percent charged on the Avenger in 24 minutes. When using the less powerful AC charging, it’ll take you 5.5 hours to fully charge the Avenger. Jeep claims that Europeans only drive around 18 miles per day, meaning they likely won’t have to charge the Avenger that often.

The front-wheel drive SUV has 18-inch wheels, a 10.25-inch infotainment system, and level two autonomous driving. The Avenger will have some typical Jeep features like Hill Descent Control and Selec-Terrain where you can choose from six modes of driving to match driving conditions. To make it more off-road ready, the Avenger has a 20-centimeter ground clearance, a 20-degree approach angle, and a 32-degree departure angle.

As expected of Jeep, the Avenger will have offroading capabilities.


Electrifying car brands — This may be Jeep’s first fully electric offering, but its parent company Stellantis has been looking to electrify most of its brands’ vehicles. Stellantis brands like Dodge, Maserati, and Citroën have all been busy at work making their own EVs, as part of Stellantis’ overall electrification strategy.

The First Edition model of the Jeep Avenger is available for preorder.


As for the Jeep Avenger, it will make its way to showrooms early next year. Jeep is also offering a “First Edition” model available for preorder from today to November 30, which will be kitted with a larger infotainment unit, 360-degree parking sensors, and a Blind Spot system. However, Jeep didn’t reveal any pricing estimates for the Avenger or the premiere edition.

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