Foxconn’s new car concepts prove it wants to make the iPhone of EVs

Foxconn debuted its Model B hatchback and Model V pickup EV concepts, furthering the electronics manufacturer's journey into EVs.

Foxconn's three EV concepts

iPhones are still the first thing that comes to mind when talking about Foxconn, however, the Taiwanese company is starting to dive deeper into the world of electric vehicles, releasing a total of three concept cars so far.

Recently, the electronics manufacturer revealed two more conceptual prototype EVs during its third annual Hon Hai Tech Day. Foxconn is adding the Model B, a crossover hatchback, and the Model V, an all-terrain pickup, to its list of future EVs.

The Model V pickup concept will have a double-cab, five-seat configuration.


Foxconn confirmed to Electrek that the pickup would be manufactured in Taiwan, Thailand, and the U.S. The Model V could be a solid alternative for U.S. customers considering North America is far and away the largest buyer of pickups. However, it may depend on what auto brand Foxconn decides to partner with, since it doesn’t want to be the company actually selling the vehicles.

Crossover or pickup? — According to Foxconn, the Model B hatchback was designed with a younger demographic in mind. It’s based on the company’s previous EV platform but with a couple of tweaks to its size and the body’s design. Foxconn says it’s focusing on reducing the Model B’s air drag to make it a much more efficient EV and is getting a drag coefficient of 0.26. So far, the Model B is expected to get a range of roughly 280 miles.

The Model B concept looks like a solid daily driver.


The details were a little less defined for the Model V, which Foxconn has only said will be a double-cab, five-seat configuration. The manufacturer did note that there would be intelligent technology based on sensors that would be placed on the pickup’s body. We’re not sure what technology Foxconn is planning for (potentially some automated driving), but it’s likely to help the Model V perform better in both urban and off-road environments.

Three EVs and counting — With the Model B and the Model V revealed, Foxconn is now up to three EVs that it’s currently working on. Before the hatchback and pickup concepts, Foxconn debuted the Model C concept. Since then, the company forged a partnership with the Yulon Group and rebranded the EV as the Luxgen n7. The rebranded Model C is expected to hit the road in the second half of 2023.

The Model C will be sold as the Yulon Luxgen n7.


As for the Model B and the Model V, Foxconn didn’t reveal any timelines for either conceptual EV. Still, the company is looking to get a total of five EV prototypes in two years’ time, so we can expect some more Foxconn EVs soon.

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